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Corporate Email

The HSE provides all students with a university e-mail address (automatically generated).

To enter your e-mail box please visit the webpage.

Your login: first letter of your name + your surname@edu.hse.ru.

Initial password:  Edu + number of your student ID card (no dots, slashes, etc.).

After your first login, the system will ask you to change your password.

During your stay at the HSE all emails and notifications from instructors and faculty study offices will be sent to your HSE e-mail address. Please check it daily.

Additional information about university email service:

  • If you have forgotten or lost the password, please contact the faculty/department study office to recover the data.
  • If you don’t know how to set mail forwarding to another mailbox, follow the instruction
  • If you can’t send or receive mails to your mailbox xxx@edu.hse.ru, please contact the faculty/department study office and ask managers to send the request to HSE university email support.
  • If you would like to learn more about the features and settings of your email, please see the webpage
  • If you need to set up university email service on your phone or other mobile device, follow the instruction.

Opportunities offered by HSE e-mail addresses for students:

1.      Univocal student identification in all HSE information systems, since the algorithm of creating e-mail addresses prevents any duplication and serves as the basis for all integration processes between systems;

2.      Confirmation of student status when obtaining access to various internet services, which may be granted to students on beneficial terms. For example, students can get subscriptions for various academic databases with an HSE e-mail along with a good discount or free of charge;

3.      Microsoft provides all students the opportunity to use all Office 365 applications for free (e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Sway, OneNote, etc.), as well as 5Gb of space in OneDrive. As of today, all students may also use the Yammer social network, which is an integrated part of Office 365;

4.      All students can download the latest version of Microsoft Office (available for Windows and MacOS), while students of the Faculty of Business and Management (School of Business Informatics), Faculty of Computer Science and MIEM can access Microsoft DreamSpark and use various Microsoft software products on beneficial terms. More detailed information is available on the IT Office website;

5.      HSE student e-mail doesn’t have a limited period of use, so all HSE graduates may continue using it to get notifications on various university events;

6.      Access to the hse.ru Wi-Fi networks without limitation in terms of connection speed or session duration.

How HSE e-mail addresses can be used to access HSE services:

1.      HSE student e-mail acts as a login to LMS, the university’s internal system, which includes lists of available subjects in the curriculum, online academic records, and other HSE academic services. More detailed information is available here;

2.      University e-mail addresses allow students to access the online scheduling system in order to show individual schedules in a special module of the LMS system and the HSE RUZ mobile app, which is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The bot in Telegram is also authorized via student e-mail. More information on the online scheduling system is available here;

3.      Staff of study offices and other HSE departments send their notifications primarily via e-mails;

4.      Official requests to the university’s administration should also be sent via HSE e-mails.

All information about working with the HSE e-mail service is available in the Academic Handbook.



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