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Library and E-resources

If you are unable to find an answer to your library-related question below, contact Natalya Ulanova by email.

How can I get textbooks at the library?

If you have just started studying at HSE, you should register at the library first. In order to do that, bring your passport, student card and one 3x4 cm photo to the library. After registering, you will get a reader’s card with a bar code (RFID mark), which is your personal ID. The reader’s card will be your pass to HSE libraries and reading halls, so please always have it with you!

While you can use any of the HSE library branches for reading and borrowing books, you can get your textbooks at only one of them – the one where your faculty is registered. If you study at the Faculty of Business Informatics, Faculty of Public Administration, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Law, or Faculty of Psychology, you can get your textbooks in the library on 33/5 Kirpichnaya Ulitsa. In all the other cases, your library address is 3 Kochnovsky Proezd.

The library compiles the set of textbooks in September for subjects in which instruction begins in September;

For subjects in which instruction begins later than September, students compile the set of textbooks independently through the use of the internet or terminals installed in all library branches.

The number of textbooks is limited due to HSE’s policy of forest protection and its activities in this field (Green HSE).

Textbooks should be returned to the library immediately after the end of the modules during which the subjects are taught. The last days of document return are as follows:

  • 1st module – November 15
  • 2nd module – January 25
  • 3rd module – April 15
  • 4th module – July 15

Students who break these deadlines without a reasonable excuse are fined 30 roubles for each day that each book is delayed. The fine is not obligatory, but without paying it, a student can no longer borrow books in the library.

How can I receive additional literature at the library?

Users can borrow further readings at the academic and fiction (except graduates) lending departments (3A Krivokolenny Pereulok). Documents lent as part of the academic and fiction lending departments can be chosen by users on open access shelves (the documents are marked with ‘A’ on the spine), as well as in the e-catalogue available online and on computers in all library branches.

Documents from the academic lending department are lent for 10 calendar days, no more than three documents at a time, with the opportunity to renew twice in person or by phone; documents from the fiction lending department are lent for 20 calendar days, no more than three documents at a time, with the opportunity to renew twice in person or by phone. The phone number is indicated on the back of the reader’s card.

Users who fail to return documents in one of the lending departments within the time limits lose the right to use other lending departments and reading halls until the documents are returned. They must also pay a fee for using documents past the deadline, unless they have a reasonable cause for delay, which is confirmed by a written reference. The amount of the fine is 30 roubles per document at the study lending department, and 50 roubles per document at the academic lending department. Please note that fines are charged for each day of delay.

What should I do if I lose my reader’s card?

If you lose your reader’s card, inform the library, bring your student ID (doctoral, post-doctoral student, or graduate ID), and get a new reader’s card. Duplicate reader’s cards are given out at any time free of charge.

Is there internet access at the library?

Yes, there is free internet access at the library, both WiFi and Ethernet. Free WiFi is available in all buildings where libraries are located (and, in fact, in all other HSE buildings). The name of the network is HSE. To use the internet on this network, register, open your browser, go to any address (for example, http://www.hse.ru), at which point you will be redirected to the authorization page. There you can enter login: hseguest, and password: hsepassword. Please keep this information confidential!

The Media Library is available at the Central Library (3A Krivokolenny Pereulok) and is equipped with computers that have internet access, as well as a scanner and a printer. Use of the Media Library requires registration. Access to social media and email services is prohibited at the Media Library.

What opportunities does the library offer?

The HSE Library is really one of the best Russian university libraries. Its collections are filled with recent study and research publications, as well as Russian and international periodicals. Numerous rare books can be found her to suit any interest. However, the abundance of printed materials is not the only source of pride at the library. The library keeps pace with the times and provides its readers with free access to the largest global databases of online resources (see the list of resources). Most of the e-resources are available via remote access; you can register for remote access here.

Your comfort is one of the library’s key priorities. You will find soft armchairs and chairs, good lighting and friendly staff in the reading halls. All the reading halls are equipped with electric outlets and free internet access, both wired and wireless.

All printed materials of the library are included in an e-catalogue, which is available from all computers installed at the library branches. This catalogue is also available online.

Do you have overdue items at the library? You can also check them online.

What is the Media Library?

The Media Library is a specialized computer classroom located at the Central Library (from the entrance to the left), which aims to provide access to online resources for users who do not have a computer. That is why, unlike in other computer classes, users are limited in their rights: social media and email websites are prohibited. The Media Library is also equipped with a scanner and a printer. Readers can print up to 50 pages a month for free (free paper can be received at the Media Library). Any library reader can register at the Media Library. Please contact the Media Library administrator to register there.

How do I receive a login and password to the library’s e-resources?

See the regulations here.

*Library Rules http://library.hse.ru/subdiv/Rules_eng.doc



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