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HSE Day is a Tradition

HSE is one of those rare universities open to everyone. Literally, everyone. In order to help people gain a better understanding of the university, HSE began hosting HSE Day in 2012, and the event has taken place every autumn since. Thanks to this celebration, anyone interested is able to immerse themselves in HSE's fascinating university life.

On September 8, the Higher School of Economics is again welcoming guests to Moscow’s liveliest and most exciting location – Gorky Park! For the entire day, the park is transformed into a huge university campus where thousands of people gather to socialize, play sports, relax, and become familiarised with everything the university has to offer.

Muscovites and visitors of the Russian capital are given the unique opportunity to take a peek at life at HSE and participate in an entire array of themed events.

HSE Day offers such a wide range of different cultural activities and other forms of entertainment that anyone will be able to participate in something that they find interesting. The more active attendees can visit various sporting activities carried out by the HSE Extreme Sports Club, among other organisations. Those looking for more relaxing activities can practice their calligraphy or attend various lecture series. And for the fashionistas and hopeless romantics, HSE Day will offer a real live fashion show and a game called Love HSE. The cherry on top, however, is a concert by HSE Day’s headliner at the Green Theatre. This is all just part of the extensive programme that HSE has in store. This celebration will not only entertain and inspire you, but it will allow you to become a part of the large HSE family.

How to Participate

There is open and free entrance into Gorky Park for HSE Day 2016. We want everybody to have the opportunity to enjoy the cultural activities and participate in sports competitions at the event.

Place and Time

We hope to see you on September 8, 2016, at:

9 Krymsky Val, Gorky Park.

The event begins at 2:00 p.m and will finish at 22:00.

HSE Day Programme


It is here, at HSE Day, that freshmen get a sense of what the university is like and become a part of it all. Through various activities such as the ‘Freshmen Quest,’ a meet and greet with different student organisations, and different open-door activities for the university’s programmes of study, HSE will become a new home for incoming freshmen.

14:00 — 19:00 HSE Open House

The Higher School of Economics is among Russia’s top-ten universities. There are over 27,000 students, 3,400 instructors, and over 70,000 alumni.

HSE Day is the only day of the year when we bring together students, alumni, instructors and friends of the university, and display our 34 bachelor’s and 97 master’s programmes. In addition, participants are able to get a glimpse of HSE student life, become acquainted with all aspects of life at the university, and have some fun in the park. HSE Day is a place to meet new people, realise your creative ambitions, share your experiences, gain new knowledge, and feel like you are part of the university as a whole. The celebration is also an excellent opportunity to select an educational field of study that might determine your professional destiny next year.

14:00 — 19:00 Student Organizations Tent

The range of student organizations at the HSE is so broad that even the most experienced first-year will find something they like – from intellectual games, creative workshops and KVN to extreme sports club, volunteer organization ICEFOutreach, or professional development camps and schools. Even the most unbelievable of student endeavours can be turned into a student group; HSE gives everyone the opportunity to organize his or her own club!

HSE Day will introduce you to various student organizations in Student Organization Tent #HseStudLife. HSE can also look forward to different interactive games and a rich programme prepared by HSE students themselves.

Start time 14:00. Quest for first-year undergraduate students (in Russian)

The quest will be conducted in Russian for all HSE freshmen. It’s a good way to get to know how HSE works and how studies are organized.

17:00  Matriculation ceremony (for first-year undergraduate students)

Science and Technology

This HSE Day event is perfect for those whose mind is geared more towards science, technology, and numbers than the humanities. The HSE Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics (MIEM) has partnered with the HSE Lab and the HSE School of Psychology to present a brain-computer interface, robots, some of the newest applications, and a host of other technological wonders that participants will be able to try out at the event.

HSE MIEM Laboratory

MIEM will also unveil some of the scientific developments made by students, including an application for an optical gesture recognition system, virtual reality glasses for smartphones, a ‘smart’ cardiograph, two autonomous robots (robot tank and robot-Arduino), and software for processing thermal imaging. Everyone will get the chance to try out these innovations.

HSE School of Psychology Laboratory

Visitors will be able to take part in eye-tracking experiments in which the coordinates and movements of one’s eyes are determined after certain visual stimuli are displayed. In addition, guests will be able to interact with a brain-computer interface, which is a technology that allows you to send commands to a computer without moving whatsoever. Lastly, guests can experiment with image-inverting glasses and learn how to control their pulse with the help of a ‘Pulse Boss’ device.


HSE Lab is a professional community of young engineers and designers who are creating an entire array of electronic devices and other unique gadgets. The Laboratory will carry out a series of workshops on prototyping and introduce visitors to its various projects. At the event, an engraver will be used to produces souvenirs with HSE’s logo, while a 3D printer will print fun and useful objects and demonstrate what this kind of printing is capable of. In addition, visitors will be able to watch as a 3D scanner produces models of real people and the BatOn supercharger charges smartphones in just a matter of seconds. For the children who attend the event, the Lab will hold a workshop so they can create art pieces out of whatever materials are on hand.

Guests will also become familiarised with ShockTrack, a wireless device used to monitor the state of a boxer’s head during a fight. Visitors will also be able to check out the TRY.FIT robot, which can create a 3D scan of the inside of a shoe, as well as a personal 3D printer by 3DPrintus.ru and a large-object 3D scanner.


Since 2013, the university has been holding free and open lectures at various locations around Moscow, presenting knowledge in a format anyone can understand. From film to marketing, anthropology to game design, the topics of the lectures are always diverse, but they are still able to uncover the innovative aspects of specific issues, and they sometimes shed light on entirely new areas of science. As part of the Higher School of Economics’ Open-Air Lectures, HSE Day will feature an entire series of informative talks in both Russian and English.

HSE Guest Lectorium (IN RUSSIAN)

Each year, famous businessmen and public figures give lectures at HSE Day. This year, we have prepared a particularly rich and interesting lecture series for HSE’s guests. More details, as well as a schedule of the lectures, will be posted soon on HSE’s website, so keep an eye out!

14.00 Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

15.00 Isaak Kalina, Head of Moscow Education Department

18.00 German Gref, President, Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank


16.30 Dmitry Abramov "Design Thinking"

17.00 Anatoly Novozhilov "Guerilla Marketing"

17.30 Alexander Kulikov "BIG Data and business"




This year, 2016, is the Year of Cinema in Russia. Because of this, Associate Professors Vitaly Kurennoy, Alexander Pavlov, and Kirill Martynov will talk about film genres such as documentaries, feature films, and shows. They will also talk about other film-related phenomena and discuss some of film’s philosophical parallels with reality.

14:00 - Lecture by Alexander Pavlov, Associate Professor at the School of Philosophy

15:00 - Lecture by Kirill Martynov, Associate Professor at the School of Philosophy

16:00 - Lecture by Jan Levchenko, Professor at the School of Cultural Studies

17:00 - Lecture by Vitaly Kurennoy, Professor at the School of Cultural Studies


Each year HSE welcomes new colleagues – Ph.D. holders from the world’s best universities – who join the university through the international recruiting programme. HSE continues the tradition of public lectures at HSE Day, and holds HSE Open Talks in English. Academics from all over the world representing the most diverse disciplines will discuss their research and talk with the public.

14:00 - Lecture "Fighting Corruption in the Middle Kingdom: How President Xi Jinping's Anti-Corruption Campaign Changes"

Lecturer - Michael Rochlitz, Assistant Professor at the School of Political Science

14:30 - Lecture "Data Science for Nature exploration"

Lecturer - Denis Derkach, Senior Research Fellow at the Laboratory of Methods for Big Data Analysis

15:00 - Lecture "Monumental Connections: Art and Friendship between the USA and the USSR during the Great Depression"

Lecturer - Angelina Lucento, Research Fellow at the The International Centre for the History and Sociology of World War II and Its Consequences

15:30 - Lecture "From Linear to Circular Economy: The Electronics' Potential"

Lecturer - Natalia Milovantseva, PhD

16:00 - Lecture "What is Philosophy?"

Lecturer - Andrew Haas, Associate Professor at the School of Philosophy

16:30 - Lecture "Innovative Behavior and Public Service Motivation of Russian Civil Servants"

Lecturer - Tim Jaekel, Assistant Professor at the School of Public Administration

17:00 - Lecture "The Digital Turn: How Computers Change Our Life (And How Philosophy Helps Us to Understand It)

Lecturer - Stefan Hessbrüggen-Walter, Assistant Professor at the School of Philosophy

17:30 - Lecture "Russia's Challenge: A Declining Power's Quest for Status"

Lecturer - Andrej Krickovic, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs



Networking is a way of effectively solving some of the most complex tasks, whether in the realm of business or personality, in a social environment. This might be among friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. The main thing is to trust your environment and build solid relationships with people. HSE will allow you to immerse yourself into in a comfortable social atmosphere, solve tasks, and learn about various so-called life-hacks, all while finding friends along the way, interacting with books at the Library, or analysing business issues with HSE Business Incubator.

HSE Business Incubator

HSE Business Incubator was set up by young entrepreneurs to help students launch their business projects.

There will be a ‘Start-up’ game for those who wish to learn more about setting up their own business. The game will be conducted in Russian.

Open-air Library

They say that it is best to read in the fresh air, and you'll have the chance to try this out at our open-air library! When you get tired of the noise from the sporting events, come to this corner for some intellectual relaxation. The library has a home-like atmosphere in which you can dive into your favourite books at a nice table among the stacks of books from leading Russian publishers.


'Reunion – Faculty Meetings' is a cozy place for students, faculty and graduates to informally meet and connect. This is a zone for intellectual discussion and recreation. Here you can join in a game of chess with HSE’s top professors or listen to presentations about the university’s most promising research projects, as well as chat with successful graduates and hear their career advice, all while you enjoy the sounds of jazz in the background.

Project presentations

15:00 – 15:15 Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design headed by Vicente Guallart

15:30 – 16:00 Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism for Moscow Urban Forum – 2016

16:10 – 16:30 Projects by Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism; research plans for 2017 academic year

19:30 – 19:45 Laboratory for Experimental Urban Design headed by Vicente Guallart

19:45 – 20:00 Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism for Moscow Urban Forum – 2016


17:00 – 17:30 HSE First Vice Rector Vadim Radaev

18:00 – 18:30 Deputy Head of HSE Business Incubator Mikhail Erman

Topic: «Innovation and Entrepreneurship at HSE. Opportunities for Graduates»

19:15 – 19:30 International Activity, Endowment and Education

  • HSE Vice Rector Ivan Prostakov. Topic: «HSE and Diplomacy of Knowledge»;
  • HSE Vice Rector Alexey Novoseltsev;
  • HSE Vice Rector Vladimir Samoylenko; 
  • HSE Vice Rector Sergey Roshchin.


This event will introduce not only students to one another, but entire countries as well. Here you will be able to drink traditional Russian tea with baranki, learn to dance the Lezginka and speak Moldovan, and become familiarised with the different cultures represented by the international students that HSE has brought together.

14:30 — 15:00 'The Whole World at HSE' Parade of Nationalities

Meeting people from different cultures often gives you a new understanding of yourself and the modern world, a world in which territorial boundaries and your nationality oftentimes do not stand in the way of friendly and professional collaboration, while language barriers are lifted thanks to top-notch education systems. You will be able to get a sense of HSE’s ‘globality’ and ‘internationality’ during its flag parade, where representatives of more than 20 nationalities will walk with their flags around Gorky Park, which is its own sort of Mecca for international tourists.

Russian Tearoom

Traditions of Russian teatime may not be as old as Chinese customs, but they are characterized by hospitality and cheerfulness. We invite all guests of HSE Day, especially our foreign colleagues and international students, to attend the Russian tea ceremony, a unique part of national culture.

Russian tea culture dates back to Russian nobles and merchants and will be demonstrated at the ceremony through a number of ways, including the whistling of the iconic samovar and the delicious taste of cakes and cracknels. The focus of the event will be international communication in the form of trivia and games dedicated to the Russian language and our rich culture.

HSE Chamber of Nationalities

The HSE Chamber of Nationalities is a student organisation that has been working on various issues for the last five years in order to achieve a constructive, intercultural dialogue and forge positive relationships among the different nationalities at the Higher School of Economics.

The Chamber carries out cultural events, fundraisers, round tables, and academic conferences, and the organisation even hosts film screenings. Participants in this event can expect to see workshops, musical activities, and competitions that will serve as an introduction to various cultural traditions from around the world.

Armenian Club

The club aims to familiarise participants with Armenian culture by teaching them the language, allowing them to communicate with representatives of different professional spheres in Armenia, and of course, participating in various fun activities. In addition, as part of the Armenian Speaking Club, you will be able to practice your Armenian and learn more about the country’s music and other cultural characteristics.

HSE International Student Association

Visitors of this event will be able to attend a class on dancing to Bachata music, which is native to the Dominican Republic. They will also learn to draw on their hands with Mehndi, and guests will take part in the Whole World at HSE team quest by collecting all continents on a single map.

Lastly, there will be a multinational ‘quiz’ throughout the entire day to test everyone’s knowledge of the geography, history, music, and other aspects of different cultures and groups from around the world.

International Street

International Street is a zone that introduces you to cultures and traditions from countries around the world, including Brazil, Moldova, China, Uzbekistan, Italy, Mexico, and more. Student representatives from these countries will talk about their national culture, teach guests simple phrases in their language, treat everyone to traditional dishes, and lead different cultural activities that everyone can take part in.

Ethnic Corner

A special relaxation zone where you can lie on a mat and meditate during various creative workshops. At the Ethnic Corner, guests will be able to create something beautiful with their hands and have an overall relaxing time. There will be kite-making, henna designs (mehndi), and wreath making with artificial flowers.


The HSE School of Design will introduce guests of HSE Day to students’ own creations and the creations of real designers. HSE fashion students will debut some of the industry’s newest innovations during a fashion show, and as a souvenir, guests will be able to take home a designer tee with a silk-screen print.

Fashion Show

The fashion show ‘Future Present Continuous’ organized by students will take place in Gorky Park on HSE Day. During the year, our students experimented with forms and styles based on recycling and deconstruction. The show will consist of several parts, each organized by students in different years of study.

Second-year students will open the show. They will present their models from the ‘Recycling’ project. Then, third-year students will demonstrate their mini-collections inspired by various subcultures.

Our fourth-year students have prepared a capsule collection of three outfits based on their research of ethnic clothing styles. They worked with design objects as form sources. The results include such unlikely combinations as a Georgian costume and a piano, and a Yakut costume with a car.

In addition, Master’s students and graduates of HSE’s Fashion programme provided by the Faculty of Continuing Education will also present their collections. JuiceMUA, a team of makeup artists and hair stylists, will develop the style of show. Models from the Lilas Model Management agency will also take part.

Open air workshops: Screen Printing in the Air

Guests of this event will become familiarized with the art of screen-printing, which is nearly a thousand years old. Participants will also take part in a competition and receive a tee shirt with a print created right at the event.


Green HSE is one of the strongest movements at the HSE, and the group hopes you join! The team takes part in serious activities such as lowering energy consumption at the university and looking for heat leakages. Come talk with the ecology experts and learn that HSE, for example, does not throw out metal scraps, but recycles them, or that the school regularly collects paper waste. To make things more fun, an interactive area is being organized with master classes and competitions for all that are interested!

At the Green HSE space, you’ll learn how to sort waste quickly, easily and properly as part of the Recycle Game. For your participation, you will be given a beautiful hand-made eco-bag as a present. After you get to know Green HSE, you’ll never be confused by colour-coded waste bins thinking about where you should put a used battery or plastic bottle.

You’ll also be able to take part in the ‘Who are you in the Red Book?’ game, where you’ll have a chance to paint your face as one of the animals in the Red Book (the Red Book is Russia’s list of endangered species). Those who come up with the best face-paint designs will receive gifts from Green HSE.


We invite all visitors to take a memorable journey to HSE Land, an active zone and creative platform for student organizations. This is a huge area of sports, fun, and new friends. There is an entire amusement park at HSE Land, and events include mafia games, an intense dance off, speed dating, and even poetry night!

Love HSE (Speed dating)

Falling in love in five minutes? It’s possible! HSE Day is an excellent opportunity for two lonely hearts to find one another! Speed dating is a modern way to get to know someone quickly and ask them any question in a tête-à-tête. Come to Love HSE and take part in fun competitions, listen to great music, and maybe, meet the love of your life! Or just make some great friends along the way.

Mafia and Unimafia

The beloved game of mafia will become a university-wide event on HSE Day. Participants can register to play before the event by signing up for a spot and selecting which format they would like to play (registration opens at the beginning of September, so please keep an eye out for any announcements). There will be two variants – the classic mafia, as well as a university mafia called Unimafia, which features real HSE characters and locations. This game was specially developed by HSE students in 2014 and has become an integral part of the event.

Poetry Night

Here you will be able to create and help others create. This is your chance to be a poet and a listener, a critic and a member of the audience. This is one of the celebration’s most popular events and allows participants to battle it out in verse. We hope to see everyone who wants to dive into the limitless world of poetry or those who simply want to support participants, socialize or just relax and spend their time in an atmosphere of creativity surrounded by the power and beauty of word!

Quest (in Russian)

The plot of the quest: it is exam week – seven days of studying, exams, quizzes, presentations, and defences. Everyone is tired and could fall asleep right where they are sitting, but you were the unfortunate one – you fell asleep during an exam. After a small nap, your brain isn’t functioning whatsoever. What will you do? The questions seem unfamiliar and you begin to panic. But you know that the upperclassmen have hidden hints around the auditorium, you just have to find them and solve all of the questions on the test! Can you do it? For 2-4 participants.

14:00 – 16:00 Dance Battle

One of HSE Day's most notable events – Dance Battle – will take place on HSE stage. This is a lively project that will excite all dance fans. It will be a team contest. Come watch them light up the dance floor! A panel of professional judges will determine the winners. More information (in Russian) in VKontakte: VK.


Every cool university has to offer sports. After all, in order to do well in school, support one another, and be successful, you have to be in good shape – and not only physically, but emotionally as well. Guests will get a sense of HSE’s positive energy during light games and activities in the sports zone at HSE Day.

Extreme Zone by HSE Extreme Sports Club

Extreme Zone is an event for those who love the most unusual forms of sports and leisure. Each participant will be able to prove themselves at an ‘extreme park’ by riding bikes, skateboarding, and longboarding at a special location designed for street sports. It’s all about being active in whatever way possible!


14:00 – 17:00 Competitions: skateboarding, longboarding, scooter riding, roller skating, biking, aggressive roller skating

17:00 – 19:00 Free skating

14:00 – 19:00 Master classes: skateboarding, roller skating, simple tricks on scooters, mountain bikes, balance boards

16:00 – 17:30 Team relay

17:30 – 18:30 Graffiti contest

14:00 – 19:00 Slacklining

Football, volleyball, basketball, and table tennis

Here participants of HSE’s sporting events will be able to show their stuff during football, volleyball, basketball, and table tennis competitions. They will also be able to learn how to hit correctly with a paddle, or of course just root for players during the games.

Human Foosball Match 'Against Illiteracy'

Human Foosball match ‘HSE against Illiteracy’ is like the classic game of table football, but played on field with real people.

Performances by Various HSE Sports Clubs

HSE not only gives students a top quality education, but it also provides them with the opportunity to grow in other areas, sports being just one example. On HSE Day, you will become familiarized with various sports activities and clubs that you will be able to sign up for on the spot. Guests will also be able to watch performances and master classes by teams in sports such as wushu, rhythmic gymnastics, wrestling, martial arts, capoeira, and yoga.


You can entertain yourself all day with sports, food, and dancing, but music always has the last word. It is what sets the mood at an event, and it is thanks to music that HSE Day is so memorable and full of emotion. At the Azhurnaya Rotunda, guests of HSE Day will be able to watch special musical performances, while the event’s headliner will be giving a large concert at the Green Theatre.

HSE Choir Performance

The HSE choir, Force Majeure, began in 2005, and 2016 will represent a special anniversary for the group. Over the last decade of its existence, the choir has won countless awards at Russian and foreign festivals, and it was given the Golden HSE award in the Student Initiatives category for its many successes and achievements. The 2015-2016 season marked a new era for Force Majeure that members of the choir are calling Force Majeure 2.0. The group now has practically all new members and is planning to experiment considerably with its repertoire and style and to prepare for new competitions, concerns, and developmental activities. The choir is now open to not only students and alumni of HSE, but to friends from other universities who love to sing and create as well.

15:00 — 17:00 Open-Air music with Alina Rostotskaya & Jazzmobile

The world first learned of Alina in 2009 when she took home the grand prize at the first Moscow Jazz Vocalist Competition, and in 2010 she was already performing with her own ensemble at one of Russia’s most prestigious jazz festivals, Jazz in the Hermitage Gardens. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the singer is one of the brightest and most popular jazz stars in Moscow. She became a finalist in the Big Jazz project on the Culture channel, and she took home a prize at the Riga Jazz Stage in Latvia from maestro Raimonds Pauls, earning not only the public’s love but recognition as ‘master’ as well. Alina is one of the headliners at the Usadba Jazz Festival, and her debut album FLOW was recently released by the label Igor Butman Music Group.

17:00 — 19:00 Open-Air music with 1/2 Orchestra

This event features a performance by long-time HSE friends 1/2 Orchestra, a Moscow-based, new-generation orchestra consisting of brass and percussion instruments. We will not hear classical music at this year’s event on September 8, but instead hip-hop, funk, fusion, avant-garde jazz, and other interesting music that the group composed themselves. Lovers of the club life will also appreciate the group’s electric sound, which is their latest experiment.

Participants of the group call their style ‘new age brass,’ and for them the stage is not just a club platform, but it can also be a law, roof, or boat. In our case, however, the Gorky Park embankment and the Azhurnaya Rotunda will serve as 1/2 Orchestra’s stage.

20:00 — 22:00 Concert at the Green Theatre

The characteristically warm and moving end to this year’s HSE Day consists of an open-air concert at the Green Theatre for students, alumni, and staff of HSE. Who do we have to look forward to this year? Whose songs will we dance, and possibly cry, to? We are maintaining the suspense for now, but all of the details will be announced very soon, so keep an eye out for announcements on HSE’s website and social media!