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Postgraduate course 2023/2024

Academic English Writing

Type: Compulsory course
Area of studies: Postgraduate Studies
When: 1 year, 1 semester
Mode of studies: offline
Open to: students of one campus
Instructors: Svetlana Malyutina
Language: English
ECTS credits: 2
Contact hours: 24

Course Syllabus


The course is intended to provide PhD students with theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills necessary for publishing academic papers in English. The course includes three components: (1) theoretical topics on academic writing (e.g., tips for writing specific sections of the article, useful resources for academic writing, etc.); (2) hands-on practice of English (working on common difficulties in academic grammar and vocabulary); (3) hands-on practice of writing academic texts.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • To gain an understanding of academic article structure and content
  • To gain an understanding of the article submission, review and revision processes
  • To improve the level of English and avoid common mistakes in academic vocabulary and grammar
  • To improve the student's own academic text (e.g., section of an article)
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • To compare the requirements of different academic writing genres
  • To use resources available for academic writing (reference managers, useful websites, etc.)
  • To organize one's writing activities in a productive way.
  • Is able to properly organize the Introduction section of an academic article
  • Is able to properly organize the Method section of an academic article
  • Is able to properly organize the Results section of an academic article
  • Is able to properly organize the Discussion section of an academic article
  • Is able to select an optimal journal for submitting the manuscript
  • Is able to write a cover letter for article submission.
  • Is able to organize the necessary files and navigate the manuscript submission process.
  • Is able to write an article review as a peer reviewer
  • Is able to respond to comments of peer reviewers
  • Is able to edit one' manuscript and make changes requested by reviewers.
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Academic writing genres and resources
  • Academic Writing Productivity
  • Writing journal article sections
  • Submitting the paper to a journal
  • Peer review
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Evaluation of participation
  • non-blocking Academic English Test
    A short test (<15 min) covering grammar and vocabulary of academic English that has been studied and practiced in class
  • non-blocking Evaluation of a paper section
    Evaluation of the student's paper section draft (Introduction/Method/Results/Discussion/abstract) brought to class for discussion.
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • 2023/2024 1st semester
    0.25 * Academic English Test + 0.5 * Evaluation of a paper section + 0.25 * Evaluation of participation


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