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Educational Programme
Final Grade
Year of Graduation
Natalia Goncharova
Organization of Inventory Management in a Retail Fashion Store
Logistics and Supply Chain Management
(Bachelor’s programme)
Currently, small business is one of the key sources of economic growth in many countries, including Russia. This effect is achieved due to the fact that small businesses are a flexible and dynamically developing form of business development [16]. At the same time, small businesses are forced to operate in a highly competitive environment, as well as to deal with a number of significant restrictions on the part of big business and the state. Especially high competition is represented in the field of consumer goods and fashion retail, as this area of trade is largely influenced by the growing globalization. Small business is forced to look for sources of competitive advantage in the internal environment, including ways to find the most effective management of key areas of activity of any commercial enterprise – procurement and inventory management.

Thus, the relevance of this study is to find effective solutions in the field of procurement and inventory management, taking into account the specifics of small business in the fashion industry. The ultimate goal of forming proposals for improvement is to increase the profitability of the business.

The purpose of this work is to improve the efficiency of inventory management and procurement of small businesses, taking into account the specifics of small businesses on the example of the store St. Moritz.

To achieve this in the work necessary to perform a number of tasks:

1. Analyze the position of the store St. Moritz in the market, to analyze the competitive environment of the store, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the store; to identify possible points of growth;

2. To analyze the financial and economic activities of the store St. Moritz;

3. Conduct an analysis of the procurement activities of the store and the organization of inventory management of the store St. Moritz;

4. To analyze the theoretical aspects of current approaches to inventory management in retail trade, to consider the features of inventory management in relation to small businesses;

5. Create a list of activities necessary for the organization of inventory management in the store in accordance with the purpose of work;

6. Justify the feasibility of the implementation of the proposed activities for the store St. Moritz c by calculating the parameters of economic efficiency.

The object of the study was chosen fashion store St. Moritz, which can be attributed to a highly specialized small business facility.

The subject of the study is the activity of inventory management and procurement store St. Moritz.

The theoretical part of this final qualifying work consists of the works of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of procurement management, as well as automation of trading activities for small businesses.

This work includes an introduction, three main parts, a conclusion, and a bibliography.

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