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Educational Programme
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Qinglong Liu
The Influence of Complex Thermal Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of Amorphous Materials
Metallic glass is a useful amorphous material with many industrial applications. How to

improve its mechanical properties and understand its microscopic process details are still

needed to be explored.

In this master thesis, we investigate how potential energy, stress overshoot, elastic modulus,

atomic displacement of metallic glass response to the external periodic thermal treatments

and different initial preparation cooling rates.

The whole works are computational, we use molecular dynamics (MD) simulation method

to perform all the tasks. MD simulation could provide some information that hard to do

experimentally. We found that in comparison with aged samples, thermal cycling treatment

leads to more relaxed states with lower potential energy. There is a non-monotonic relation

between external thermal amplitude and potential energy because of pre-melt of the metallic

glass samples. Also simulation results indicate an inverse correlation between the potential

energy and values of the elastic modulus as well as yield stress, as a function of the thermal

amplitude. The larger thermal amplitude always increase the atomic displacement, no matter

if the structure is stable.

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