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Supervisory Council

According to HSE Charter, the Supervisory Council includes representatives of the University's Founder, federal executive authority in charge of federal property management, and public representatives, including individuals with accomplishments in the respective domain.

The Supervisory Council may also include representatives of other state authorities and University staff. The University staff cannot exceed one third of the total number of the Supervisory Council members.

The term of office of the Supervisory Council is 5 years.

The University Supervisory Council considers:

  • Proposals of the Founder or Rector concerning amendments to the University Charter;
  • Proposals of the Founder or Rector concerning establishment or dissolution of the University's branches, opening or closing of its representative offices;
  • Proposals of the Founder or Rector concerning reorganisation or dissolution of the University;
  • Proposals of the Founder or Rector concerning withdrawal of property allocated to the University on the right of operational management;
  • Proposals of the Founder or Rector concerning the University becoming a party in other legal entities, including contribution of cash or other property into the charter/pool capital of other legal entities or other transfer of such property to any other legal entities in the capacity of their Founder or member;
  • Draft financial plan;
  • Draft reports on the University's operations and use of its property, and on execution of the University's financial plan, as introduced by the Rector;
  • Rector’s proposals on transactions with property which the University is not authorised to dispose of independently pursuant to the Russian legislation;
  • Rector’s proposals concerning major transactions;
  • Rector’s proposals concerning related party transactions;
  • Rector’s proposals concerning selection of credit organizations where the University may open bank accounts;
  • Audit of the University’s annual accounts and approval of an audit company;

    Executive Secretary:
    Tatiana Larkova
    Phone: +7(495) 628-5861
    Email: tlar@hse.ru


Vadim Vinogradov

Dean of the Faculty of Law, HSE University

German Gref

Chairman of the Board & CEO of Sberbank

Mikhail Zadornov

President and Chairman of the Board, VTB24 Bank

Sergey Kiriyenko

First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation

Yaroslav Kuzminov

Academic Supervisor, HSE University

Alexey Likhachev

Director General of ROSATOM

Anastasia Rakova

Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development

Dmitry Chernyshenko

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation

Svetlana Chupsheva

General Director of Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects

Alexander Shokhin

President of HSE University

Vadim Yakovenko

Head of the Federal Agency for State Property Management