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Admission to the programme is carried out according to the results of the portfolio competition.

Portfolio Assessment Criteria

CriteriaCommentsMaximum Points
Motivation Letter

The motivation letter is written in free form in English and must contain the following information:

1.The reasons why the candidate is going to continue studying on master program.
2.Why has the candidate chosen this master program? 
3.The overall assessment of the candidate’s professional development and educational trajectory.
4.What professional activity is the candidate going to practice after graduation?

It takes into account the completeness of the answer to the questions expressed in the letter of the purposefulness of the candidate, a reasonable desire to choose this profile 

10 points
Previous Education Diploma with honors - 5 points5 points
Experience in media, in the field of creative industries

Publications in mass media and/or creative projects. The materials in various formats can be presented in this section (texts, video works, multimedia projects, various forms of infographics, etc.) 

a.Publications (not more than 10) with the ability to identify authorship, publication, date of publication, in digital form (links, scans);
b.Creative projects in the field of the information visualization in digital format and  accompanying note to them with a brief description of the project and a link to the project on the Internet;
c.TV and radio materials must be shown in a digital format with the accompanying note to them with a brief description, the airing time and a link to the material on the Internet.
d.Internet projects can be presented as accompanying notes with a brief description of the project and a link to the project on the Internet.

If the candidate held a post in the editorial office or in a project which wasn’t connected with the publications, the candidate should attach a letter from the head describing the term and type of work performed by the candidate.

Duration of professional experience – up to 10 points
Quality of publications materials or work in general – up to 10 points

Significance of an organization – up to 5 points
25 points
Scientific activity

1.Published articles, theses, conferences reports (in scientific journals, conferences books, etc.) are provided as scans with the ability to identify authorship, publication and date of publication;
2.Symposiums and conferences programs with the included reports of the;
3.Certificates of participation in scientific events (conferences, symposiums, etc.);
4.Letters from the laboratories confirming the candidate’s participation in collective research projects, etc. indicating the volume, type, nature of the work, certified by the leadership of the laboratories.

Level of publication – up to 5 points

Participation in scientific– up to 5 points
10 points
Scholarships, certificates, other achievements 

a.Certificate of scholarships;
b.Documents confirming specialized academic competitions;
c.Certificates confirming participation in internships, refresher courses, trainings in educational institutions and other organizations, etc.;
d.Foreign languages proficiency certificate;
e.Confirmation of Russian language proficiency (good and excellent grades for Russian as a foreign language in the diploma, certificates of language courses, etc.);

Scholarships – 5 points

Additional education documents, certificates about victories and participation in specialized, promotion of public activities and volunteering, etc. – 5 points
10 points
RecommendationsTake into account the presence of recommendations from representatives of science and industry, as well as the importance of recommending authority in the industry.10 points
Interview with the candidate in English

The interview is in English about the candidates’s achievements, understanding of professional media environment, awareness of current events and news context, knowledge of key media and media industry professionals.

1.English language proficiency - 10 points
2. Understanding the Media Environment 10 points

3. Ability to analyze, reason, argue, defend the point of view - 10 points
30 points
  Total points: 100 

Motivation Letter