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Regular version of the site

For students

Dear students,

Welcome to the HSE safety webpage.

The Security Office is the university’s key body responsible for regulations concerning labour and health protection. It is involved in:

1. Creating, developing and supporting security systems at HSE venues, protecting them from terrorism, theft and other criminal activities, acts of vandalism, natural disasters, and civic unrest;

2. Providing fire safety at HSE venues, organizing activities aimed at maintaining local warning systems, technical and other firefighting systems and facilities at HSE venues;

3. Organizing activities aimed at disaster prevention and relief;

4. Providing information security at HSE, including protection of commercial confidential information.

In all cases of threats to your own safety or that of other students at HSE venues or on nearby territories, please contact security staff at checkpoints in HSE buildings, or the building supervisor.  In all cases of emergency, call 112.

Learn more about what to do in an emergency that poses a threat to HSE students:

 Regulations on fire protection measures at HSE (PDF, 119 Кб)

 Regulations on evacuation from HSE buildings in the event of fire (PDF, 105 Кб)

 First aid handbook (PDF, 353 Кб)

 List of first aid posts at HSE (PDF, 320 Кб)

Safety Course for first-year undergraduate students

The main aim of the course is to introduce HSE students to key rules, opportunities and limitations, knowledge of which can help in studying successfully and without taking health-related risks.

The course includes five modules and a final exam (text).

Contents of the modules:

Module 1 – Getting to know HSE
  • Adaptation programme (on-site training)
  • Video course (long-distance course in LMS)
Module 2 – Getting to know the faculty (on site)
Module 3 – HSE academic environment (on site)
Module 4 – HSE information environment (on site + long distance)
Module 5 – Student safety in a big city (long distance)

All first-year undergraduate students are required to take this course during the first module of the academic year and pass the final test. If you have any questions about the Safety Course, contact your programme office.