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Alexander Milkus

  • Alexander Milkus has been at HSE University since 2017.


  • 1991

    Degree in Journalism
    Institute of Youth of the VLKSM Central Committee and USSR Goskomtrud

  • 1986

    Degree in Labour Economics
    Odessa Institute of National Economy

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2020/2021)

Media communications in education (Mago-Lego; 3 module)Rus


Book Пинская М. А., Бысик Н. В., Косарецкий С. Г., Милкус А. Б. Поверх барьеров: истории школ, работающих в сложных социальных условиях / Сост.: С. Г. Косарецкий, М. А. Пинская, Н. В. Бысик, А. Б. Милкус; под общ. ред.: М. А. Пинская, С. Г. Косарецкий. М. : Издательский дом НИУ ВШЭ, 2019.

Timetable for today

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HSE Co-organises Floating University

Floating University is a national project to help students and young scientists immerse themselves in Earth science research and undertake an expedition aboard a research vessel. However, anyone interested in taking part must first go through the training and selection process. For those who dream of going on a scientific voyage, there is a winter school co-organised by HSE University.

HSE Study Findings: 74 Percent of Teachers Who Did Not Employ Online Resources Now Use Them

A large-scale study conducted by the HSE Laboratory for Media Communications in Education found that the situation with online education is better than was first thought when schools had to switch to Internet-based learning to help stop the spread of coronavirus infections.

Alexander Milkus, Laboratory Head at HSE, to Chair a Public Council at the Ministry of Education

A public council for the independent evaluation of the quality of education conditions has been created at the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. Alexander Milkus, Head of the HSE Laboratory for Educational and Youth Journalism, has been unanimously elected as its chair.