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+7(495) 772-9599
Address: 12 Malaya Pionerskaya Ulitsa, room 554
ORCID: 0000-0002-0634-5857
ResearcherID: Z-3443-2019
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A. V. Meshcheryakov
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Leonid Bazhanov

  • Leonid Bazhanov has been at HSE University since 2017.



Lomonosov Moscow State University


Book Федотов М. А., Апресян Р. Г., Бажанов Валентин Александрович, Бабурин С. Н., Керимов А. Дж., Любимов А. П., Тедеев А. А., Жукова О. А., Ключарев Г. А., Козловский В. В., Кудряшова Е. В., Островская Е. П., Пружинин Б. И., Чубаров И. М. Доклады кандидатов в члены РАН, баллотировавшихся по секции философии, политологии, социологии, психологии и права в 2022 году. М. : Новые печатные технологии, 2023.

HSE Art and Design School Announces Competition Results, Explores the Art of Photography, and Opens New Exhibition

The HSE Art and Design School held three important events in the run-up to the New Year’s holidays: announcing the winners of the second season of the international HSE Creative Open competition, hosting the final lecture of the October–December open lecture season, and launching the Diploma22 graduation project exhibition at the HSE Art Gallery.

HSE Opens New Modern Art Gallery

The HSE Art Gallery is the first of its kind among Russian universities. The gallery is expected to become a space for established contemporary artists and students to work together and share their experiences with one another. They will be able to not only present their works at the gallery, but also participate in the creation of exhibitions.