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Language Proficiency
+7 (812) 644-59-11
Address: St. Petersburg, 123A Nabereshnaya Kanala Griboedova , room 409
Office hours
09.30-19.30Th 09.30-19.30
N. V. Smirnova
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Tatiana Zamiatina

  • Tatiana Zamiatina has been at HSE University since 2011.


  • 1996

    Degree in German Language and Literature
    St Petersburg State University

  • 1996

    Degree in German Language and Literature
    St Petersburg State University

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

2023 Smart LMS tools for discipline maintenance, (36 academic hours), HSE SPb

2023 Pedagogical design in higher education taking into account the requirements of the digital environment, (76 academic hours), HSE SPb

2022 Organization of students' project activities, (28 academic hours), HSE SPb

2022 Gamification in e-learning, (36 academic hours), HSE SPb
2022 Modern approaches to teaching (39 academic hours), HSE SPb
2022 Instructional design for e-learning (74 academic hours), Netology Ltd., Moscow
2021 Planning of learning outcomes and monitoring elements (38 academic hours), HSE SPb
2019 Organization of the educational process at HSE (36 academic hours), HSE SPb
2019 Digital equipment, e-learning applications and platforms.(38 academic hours), HSE SPb
2018 Modern approaches to teaching a foreign language (72 academic hours),KOIRO, Kaliningrad /Goethe Institut, Moscow
2017 Information technology support and processes for the teaching a foreign language (72 academic hours),KOIRO, Kaliningrad /Goethe Institut, Moscow

2017 Competences for educators and lessons design, (72 academic hours),KOIRO, Kaliningrad /Goethe Institut, Moscow

2017 Training technology for the Final State examination, (72 academic hours),Int. education projeckts, St.Petersburg 

2017  "Solutions for Effective Teaching"(16 academic hours.) Int. education projeckts, StPetersburg


German language teacher 

Distance learning coordinator

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