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Mozhgan Samadi

  • Mozhgan Samadi has been at HSE University since 2021.


BA course: 'Modern Middle Eastern Societies: Gender, Culture and Religion'

BA course: 'Cinema in Iran'

BA course: 'Persian Language'

  • PhD in Russian Studies

  • 2014-2019: PhD research at the University of Manchester, UK. Title: Women and Martyrdom in Soviet War Cinema of the Stalin Era

    2005-2007: MA (with Distinction) in Creative Writing, Moscow Maxim Gorky Institute of Literature and Creative Writing, Russia

    1996-2000: BA in The Russian Language and Literature, Azad University, Tehran, Iran

Postgraduate Studies

University of Manchester, UK

PhD in Russian Studies

Thesis: Women and Martyrdom in Soviet War Cinema of the Stalin Era

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Modern Middle Eastern Societies: Gender, Culture and Religion

taught in English

Modern Persian


Literary publications

Authored Books (in Persian)

- A collection of stories Havva (London: Handsmedia, 2014), 166 pages.


- A novel Bogzar khodam basham (London: Handsmedia, 2014), 610 pages.


Published Translations (from Russian into Persian)

- Ilya Erenburgh, Ottepel, roozegar-i ab shodan-i yakhha [The thaw] (Tehran: Borj, 2020), 188 pages.

- Victor Rozov, Zendegan-i javid [Forever alive] (Tehran, Afraz Book, 2019), 120 pages.

- Alexander Vampilov, Shekar-i morghabi [The Duck Hunting] (Tehran: Markaz, 2018), 122 pages.

- Alexander Vampilov, Khodahavezi dar zhuan [The Farewell in June] (Tehran: Markaz, 2018), 90 pages.

- Mikhail Bulgakov, Aparteman-i Zoya [Zoya’s Apartment] (London: Handsmedia, 2014) - censored in Iran by the Ministry for Islamic Guidance of Iran, 158 pages.


- Ilya Erenburgh, Ottepel, zaman-i ab shodan-i yakhha [The thaw] (Tehran: Kalagh, 2013), 244 pages.

- Aleksey Arbuzov, Salha-yi sargardani [The years of wandering] (Tehran: Golmehr, 2013), 134 pages.

- Alexander Vampilov, Pesar-i bozorg [The Elder Son] (Tehran: Markaz, 2011), 118 pages.

- Alexander Vampilov, Valentina [Valentina] (Tehran: Markaz, 2011), 112 pages.

- Alexander Vampilov, Ghaziye-i metranpazh [The Metranpazh case] (Tehran: Markaz, 2010), 64 pages.

- Aghaye putin kist? [Who’s Mr. Putin?], ed. Natalia Gevorkian (Tehran: Degar, 2001), 230 pages.

A list of my translated works published in Iran can be found on the Book City Website: https://shahreketabonline.com

Employment history

2021-present: HSE University, Moscow

2012-2022: University of Manchester, UK

2014-2015: University of Oxford, UK

Timetable for today

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