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More than 50 kg of Recyclables Collected by HSE Students on Pokrovka

Green HSE and HSE Outreach organised a collection of recyclables and a bookcrossing event

© Daniil Prokofyev/ HSE University

From April 17th to 20th, an environmental campaign organized by the Green HSE and HSE Outreach took place in the university building on Pokrovsky Bulvar. Students and staff were able to recycle various houshold items, as well as giving a second life to clothes and books. The recyclables were transferred to Moscow environmental centres, the clothes were sent to the Second Wind Foundation, and books to the bookcrossing point next to room G518 on Pokrovsky Bulvar.

Olga Kireeva

Co-Head of the Green HSE

We are glad that we were able to collect so many materials for recycling. When organizing the campaign, we tried to choose the type of things that almost everyone has at home but which, at the same time, cannot be recycled everywhere. We are delighted that not only students, but also university staff participated in the event.

Green HSE believes that these campaigns are important, as they show that it is not as difficult as it seems to recycle everyday items. It is also important for us to show that many different materials can be recycled, not just the standard plastic, glass and paper. For future promotions, we will try to expand the list of recyclables we accept.

The students collected more than 50 kg of recyclables, which were then taken to collection points for the ‘Sobirator’ and ‘Sborka’ eco-centres, while clothing was passed on to the ‘Second Wind Foundation’.

In total, the following items were collected:

— 15.5 kg of appliances

— 15 kg of batteries

— 5 kg of light bulbs

— 1.7 kg of receipts

— 700 g of toothbrushes

— 2.5 kg of stationery

— 700 g of blister packs

— 2.8 kg of water filters

— 6.3 kg of electronic cigarettes

— 2 kg of rechargers

— 1.2 kg of type 7 hard plastic

— 8 kg of clothing

— plastic eggs, contact lens containers, printer cartridges, wine corks and DVDs

You can keep up to date with future campaigns on the Green HSE official page on Telegram and VKontakte.

April 28