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+7 (342) 200-95-52
Address: Perm, 37 Gagarina Bulvar, room 205
SPIN-RSCI: 4193-0897
ORCID: 0000-0002-9866-9137
ResearcherID: AAR-2067-2020
Scopus AuthorID: 55973031600
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T. V. Bukina
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Marina A. Zavertiaeva

  • Marina A. Zavertiaeva has been at HSE University since 2008.

Education and Degrees

  • 2019

    University of Vigo

  • 2017

    HSE University

  • 2013

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD) in Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit
    HSE University
    Thesis Title: Intellectual capital as a determinant of companies" investment attractiveness

  • 2010

    HSE University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.

Awards and Accomplishments

Young Faculty Support Program (Group of Young Academic Professionals)
Category "New Lecturers" (2011-2012)
Category "Future Lecturers" (2010)

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Behavioral Economics (Bachelor’s programme; Faculty of Management; 3 year, 1, 2 module)Rus


  • 2022

    XXIII Ясинская (Апрельская) международная научная конференция по проблемам развития экономики и общества (Москва). Presentation: Do politically connected companies better deal with economic policy uncertainty to raise corporate investments?

  • 2021
    11th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference. Presentation: Does board social capital matter for corporate risk-taking on emerging markets?: Evidence from Russia
  • Analytics for Management and Economics Conference (AMEC) (Санкт-Петербург). Presentation: Corporate investment, ownership and economic policy uncertainty: the case of Russia
  • 9th International Conference on Applied Research in Economics and Finance. Presentation: Does directors’ social capital deal with economic policy uncertainty to raise corporate investments?
  • 2017
    International Conference on Applied Research in Economics (iCARE 5) (Пермь). Presentation: CEO appointment in crisis: does a stock market recognize personal human capital
  • XVIII Апрельская Международная конференция по проблемам развития экономики и общества (Москва). Presentation: Networks of directors on Russian boards: the hidden part of the corporate governance iceberg
  • Соседи по науке (Пермь). Presentation: Влияние разнородности команды на результат (на примере киберспорта)
  • 2016
    Networks in the Global world 2016 Conference “Multiple Structures and Dynamics: Applications of Network Analysis to European Societies and Beyond” (Санкт-Петербург). Presentation: Networks of Boards of directors in Russian companies
  • 2015
    International Conference on Applied Research in Economics 2015 ( iCare 3) (Пермь). Presentation: The influence of managerial self-confidence on the results of the investments in innovative activity


Research projects

  • July-September, 2009 – Examination of economic and regulatory rationale tariffs for water and wastewater services to customers of Dobryanka in 2010
  • October-December, 2009 – Draft report of the results and main activities of the Federal Migration Service of the Perm region for the next fiscal year and planning period. 
  • November, 2009 – Comparative analysis of the quality of higher education in a global knowledge economy.
  • November, 2011 - Grant of HSE Fund for Educational Innovation "Creation a library of tests based on the LMS"
  • January, 2013 - December 2013 - Research grant of HSE Academic Fund "The changing role of companies' intangibles over the crisis". 


- Economic theory (1st year of bachelors) 2010-2011, 2011-2012 years;

- Long-term planning of company financial performance (4 year of bachelors) 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013 years;

- Insurance (3 year of bachelors) 2010-2011, 2011-2012 years.

- Investment analyses (4 year of bachelors) 2012-2013 years.


2014-2015 -bonus for academic activity
2013-2014 -bonus for academic activity
2012-2013 -bonus for academic activity
2013 - best teacher (seminars) of HSE Perm Campus (2013) (http://perm.hse.ru/quality_audit/news/87411080.html)


  • 5th European Conference on Intellectual Capital, Bilbao, Spain, University of the Basque Country11-12 April 2013
  • 4th European Conference on Intellectual Capital, Helsinki, Finland, Arcada University of Applied Sciences, 23-24 April 2012
  • Ninth International scientific-practical conference on economic development in the modern world, Ekaterinburg, Ural Federal University, 20-21 April 2012
  • Scientific and practical conference with international participation "Current issues and modern technology of financial management in the development of innovative economy", Perm, PNIPU, 5-6 April 2012
  • Eurasia Business and Economic Society in 2011, Zagreb, Croatia, University of Zagreb, 13-15 October 2011
  • The 9th International Conference of the Faculty of Public Administration of Moscow State University "Public Administration in the XXI Century: Tradition and Innovation", Moscow, Moscow, 25-27 May 2011
  • 8th International Scientific Conference on Economic Development "Sustainable development of the Russian regions: a man and modernization", Ekaterinburg, Ural Federal University, 22-23 April 2011
  • III Russian Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Artificial Intelligence: philosophy, methodology, and innovation", Moscow, MIREA, 11-13 November 2009


  • Summer School "Structural estimation in corporate finance", Center for Monetary and Financial Studies, Madrid, Spain (September 2014)
  • Empirical Corporate Finance, NES (September 2013)
  • Summer School "Behavioral finance", Center for Monetary and Financial Studies, Madrid, Spain (September 2013)
  • 2-nd Summer School on Intellectual Capital  “The Changing Role of Intangibles over the Crisis”, NRU HSE Perm (July 2013)
  • "Reflective Practicioner", Filbright Program (май 2013 г. - июнь 2013 г.)
  • Structural Equation Modelling, НИУ ВШЭ (апрель 2013 г.)
  • English language courses for the certificate IELTS, HSE (December 2012-June 2013)
  • Academic presentation skills, Academic Writing Center, HSE (October 2012)
  • Contract theory, NES (September 2012)
  • Summer School "Intellectual capital: in search of the source of companies growth" HSE-Perm (July 2012)
  • Summer school on microeconometrics "Quantitative Methods of Public Policy Evaluation", GSE of Barcelona (June 2012)
  • Empirical industrial markets: assessment of production capacity and the cost function, NES (June 2012)
  • Academic Writing and related competencies, Academic Writing Center, HSE (March 2012)
  • Master class Academic Writing, Huizingh Academic Development (December 2011)
  • IV National Winter School on institutional economics, Institute of Economics of the Urals Academy of Sciences (December 2011)
  • Empirical applications of the theory of industrial markets, NES (November 2011)
  • Labor Economics, NES (November 2011)
  • Advanced econometrics, NES (September 2011)
  • English language courses for the certificate BEC Vantage (Business English Certificate Vantage), HSE (December 2010-June 2011)
  • Game theory, NES (November 2010)
  • Learning Management System tutors training course, HSE (April 2011)

Timetable for today

Full timetable

IDLab Workshop

Daria Usmanova presented the study "Impact of the Board of Directors on the relationship between CEO characteristics and earnings management". Co-authors of this research: Marina Zavertiaeva, Dmitrii Kirpishchikov, Anastasia Biserova.

IDLab Workshop

Marina Zavertiaeva presented the study "Bank-firm interlocking Boards: Does it help to raise financial resources?". Co-authors of this research: Dmitrii Kirpishchikov, Evgeniia Shenkman.

IDLab members at the 24th Yasin (April) International Academic Conference

The 24th Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development  (hereinafter the '24th Yasin Conference' or the 'Conference') was held at the HSE from April 4 to 14. As part of the thematic areas of the 24th Yasin Conference, the laboratory also made its reports on new research results.

Presentation at the Emerging Markets Conference 

Dmitry Kirpishchikov spoke at the GSOM Emerging Markets Conference 2022 (EMC 2022)

IDLab Workshop

Marina Zavertyaeva presented the results of the study "Uncertainty of economic policy and investments of Russian companies: the role of social capital of the board of directors"

IDLab Workshop

Marina Zavertyaeva presented the study "Measuring of the economic value added of human capital"

IDLab at the Yasin (April) conference

IDLab employees took an active part in the XXIII Yasin (April) International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development

IDLab at the AMEC conference, panel "Sustainability and value creation"

Dmitry Kirpishchikov presented the preliminary results of the study "Corporate investment, ownership and economic policy uncertainty: the case of Russia", conducted jointly with Marina Zavertiaeva and Iuliia Naidenova

IDLab members at the iCare conference

Dmitry Kirpishchikov presented the work "Does directors' social capital deal with economic policy uncertainty to raisecorporate investments?"

ID Lab ONLINE Workshop

Marina Zavertiaeva presented the first results of a new study about the role of social capital of company directors in the relationship between the uncertainty of the country's economic policy and corporate investments. The study was carried out jointly with other laboratory members - Dmitry Kirpishchikov and Iuliia Naidenova.

The results of the research conducted by IDLab members were taken into account when discussing the potential format of the Russian Football Premier League

The article "Uncertainty of Outcome and Attendance: Evidence from Russian Football" was mentioned on the Russian Football Union website

Conference "Neighbors in Research"

IDLab members, as well as students writing course papers under their supervision, took an active part in the VIII scientific conference "Neighbors in Research".

ID Lab ONLINE Workshop

Marina Zavertiaeva, IDLab - Perm, presented the results of a new study of corporate governance in Russian companies

What is the role of board of directors in managing the company?

The research team of International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy at HSE, Perm has received the RFBR grant for preparing and publication review articles.

Analytics for Management and Economics Conference (online)

ID Lab members took part in organizing and conducting the section "Intellectual capital and performance" of the conference "Analytics for Management and Economics"

ID Lab ONLINE Workshop

Presentation of the idea of a new study on the relationship between differences in calendar and biological ages and individual productivity in football based on intellectual analysis of photos.

IDLab members took part in ONLINE conferences

This week researchers of IDLab took part in two sports economics confrences: 1st NAASE virtual conference and joint 4th Eastern Conference on Football Economics & 6th Western Conference on Football and Finance

VII Международная конференция «iCare»

IDLab members took an active part in the 7th iCare conference, which has become traditial for the HSE campus in Perm

Orientation Session for International Students at HSE Perm

On August 30, an adaptation event was held for newly arrived students who came to Perm from abroad to study. For the first time, HSE Perm's admissions campaign actively recruited students from Mongolia, Syria, Morocco, Ghana, Georgia, and Armenia. At the event, the freshmen met with the academic supervisors of their educational programmes, learned about the educational process, and received valuable tips for living in Perm and studying at HSE.

Congratulations with PhD defence!

The Department of Economics and Finance and IDLab congratulate Marina Zavertyaeva on the successful defense of her PhD thesis!

6 Reasons to Get a Master’s Degree at HSE Perm

The Academic Supervisors of six educational programmes offered at the Perm campus spoke to HSE News Service about the benefits of getting Master’s degree.

Economics of eSports

How GDP affects success in eSports

Marina Zavertiaeva presented a paper on the conference “Networks in the Global World 2016”

Marina Zavertiaeva presented preliminary results of her joint project with Felix Lopez-Iturriaga on the international conference “Networks in the Global World 2016” that was organized by Saint-Petersburg State University from 1 to 3 June, 2016. 

Marina Zavertiaeva, Petr Parshakov, Iuliia Naidenova and Dennis Coates presented their research projects at the international conference in New Orleans

The 85th Annual Meeting of the Southern Economic Association took place in New Orleans (USA, Louisiana) November 21-23, 2015. Marina Zavertiaeva, Petr Parshakov, Iuliia Naidenova, and Dennis Coates participated in the conference.

IDlab at the Conference in Zurich

Angel Barajas, Academic Superisor of the International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy, Professor at the University of Vigo, and research fellows of the laboratory Dennis Coates, Professor at the University of Maryland, Marina Zavertiaeva and Petr Parshakov took part in the 7th European Sport Economics Association Conference on Sport Economics that was held on August 27-28 in Zurich.