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I. Arzhantsev
A. Ukhanaeva
M. Shcherbakova
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Irina Plisetskaya

  • Irina Plisetskaya has been at HSE University since 2014.


  • Development and tracking of the faculty’s budget;
  • Analysis of the faculty’s finances and operations;
  • Aid in the drafting of the faculty’s development programme;
  • Coordination and inspection of the procurement of goods and services for the faculty’s departments;
  • Coordination of financial operations of the faculty’s commercial educational programmes;
  • Coordination of the faculty’s financial committee operations;
  • Development of the faculty’s staffing plan in coordination with department heads;
  • Organization of the faculty’s business and government relations;
  • Liaising with the university’s administration, legal services, financial departments, and other HSE departments with regard to the faculty’s development, administration and finance;
  • Assistance in the formation of project teams to carry out research and applied projects;
  • Organisation and execution of contracts for research, as well as services commissioned by companies and provided by the faculty staff;
  • Executive Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Faculty of Computer Science;
  • Member of the organizing committee at International Data Analysis Olympiad - IDAO;
  • Member of the organizing committee at Machine Learning in High Energy Physics Summer School – MLHEP.



Degree in Applied Information Science in Economics
Siberian Federal University

Faculty of Computer Science to Become First HSE Department with Own Endowment

On April 26, the HSE Academic Council approved a charter for the creation of a Board of Trustees at the Faculty of Computer Science. Board members include senior executives from Yandex, JetBrains, SAS, 1C, and Sberbank. The endowment will be used by the faculty to fund long-term projects.