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+7(499) 152-0821
+7(495) 772-9590 доб. 22772
I. Arzhantsev
A. Ukhanaeva
M. Shcherbakova
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Irina Plisetskaya

  • Irina Plisetskaya has been at HSE since 2014.


  • Development and tracking of the faculty’s budget;
  • Analysis of the faculty’s finances and operations;
  • Aid in the drafting of the faculty’s development programme;
  • Coordination and inspection of the procurement of goods and services for the faculty’s departments;
  • Coordination of financial operations of the faculty’s commercial educational programmes;
  • Coordination of the faculty’s financial committee operations;
  • Development of the faculty’s staffing plan in coordination with department heads;
  • Organization of the faculty’s business and government relations;
  • Liaising with the university’s administration, legal services, financial departments, and other HSE departments with regard to the faculty’s development, administration and finance;
  • Assistance in the formation of project teams to carry out research and applied projects;
  • Organisation and execution of contracts for research, as well as services commissioned by companies and provided by the faculty staff;
  • Member of the organizing committee at International Data Analysis Olympiad - IDAO;
  • Member of the organizing committee at Machine Learning in High Energy Physics Summer School – MLHEP.



Degree in Applied Information Science in Economics
Siberian Federal University