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Vladimir N. Zuev

  • Vladimir N. Zuev has been at HSE University since 2003.

Education, Degrees and Academic Titles

  • 2013
  • 2011

    Doctor of Sciences*

  • 1981

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD)

  • 1977

    Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.
* Doctor of Sciences
A post-doctoral degree called Doctor of Sciences is given to reflect second advanced research qualifications or higher doctorates in ISCED 2011.

Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2023, 2022, 2020

Courses (2023/2024)

Courses (2022/2023)

Courses (2021/2022)

Courses (2020/2021)

Courses (2019/2020)


Academic Supervision

for a degree of Candidate of Science

Гуща Н.В. Финансовые рынки стран Юго-Восточной Азии

Employment history



Zuev Vladimir


Надпись: CURRICULUM VITAE, 2022 Zuev Vladimir


e-mail: vzuev@hse.ru


Надпись: Contact: e-mail: vzuev@hse.ru v  



Education: Moscow State University of International Affairs (MGIMO, RF Foreign Office) Excellency Diploma, 1972-1977.

University of Sorbonne, Paris, France, exchange student 1977.         

Foreign languages: English, French.









Scientific degrees: 1981, PhD in Political economy and International Economics (European studies), thesis: ‘UK direct investments in the EU’; 2011, RF AS Degree, Doctor in Political Economy and International Economics (European studies), “The EU Supranational mechanism”.



Present position:

from 2003 - Professor at National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow;

from 2015 - Head, Global governance & Regional Integration Section, World Economy Dep., HSE;

from 2017 - Academic Director of the International Trade Policy Joint Master program with WTI, Bern University and Kiel Institute of World Economy.



Former contracts or memberships / academic research positions: Counselor to Foreign Trade Minister, 1986; Centre Internationale de Formation Europeenne, Nice, France, Council member, 1987–2013; Monasch University, European studies Centre, Australia, member, 2010-14; Eurasian Development Bank, Scientific Board member, 2013-16; WTO expert for Regional Trade Policy Courses (RTPCs) for government officials from WTO Members or Observers, 2018-21.

- Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), RF Academy of Sciences, 1980-2003; Head of the EU research Department, 1988 - 2003; Chair Head on Global economic governance and European Integration, HSE, 2005-15; research stay at IIASA, Laxemburg, Austria.



Lecturing: (ad hoc and regular basis): National Research University (HSE), MGIMO (RF Foreign Office), National Economy Academy of the Government of Russia, St. Petersburg State University, Tomsk State University, State University in N. Novgorod, Pablo Olavide University and Sevilla University (Spain), Munich (Germany), Aosta (Italy), Bregenz and Laxemburg (Austria), Prague for European University (Check Republic), Rennes University (France) as Professeur invitee (6 months); Lucerne University (Switzerland), 1 month at Cannon Institute (Japan); Stanford University (USA) Guest Professor 2014-17; Bordeaux University, Sciences Po, guest Professor 2014-16; Regular lectures all over EU for CIFE, Nice, 1991-2022;

Selected topics for lectures: Global economic governance (trade, finance, energy), New Regionalism, EU institutions and policies, Russia – EU economic links, RF trade policy.

Current regular courses: Course on energy geopolitics Summer Academy, HSE 2017-2021; Course on international trade, 2020-21, Berlin, CIFE; Course on Russia – EU economic links for HSE Summer Academy 2021; Course on the EU economic policies for the HSE Master; Course on International Organizations for joint LSE (London) – HSE (Moscow) bachelor Program; Russian economy in transition, course for the Kent University and an e-course at Coursera.ru


Lecturing award: Russian Ministry of Education and Science 2014 medal awarded with a title of ‘Excellency in Russian Higher Education’, Best HSE Research supervisor 2010.


 Надпись: Lecturing award: Russian Ministry of Education and Science 2014 medal awarded with a title of ‘Excellency in Russian Higher Education’, Best HSE Research supervisor 2010.







Missions and grants: multiple missions, case studies and policy briefs on international issues (visit to the EU Commission and the ULB (Universite Libre de Bruxelles) to prepare Soviet Union recognition of the EC, Brussels, 8.11.89, J.W.Maslen, Vanden Abeele; 2016 study on the prospects of links between EU – EAEU, IIASA (Vienna) –EADB, 3 years; 2018-20 Eurasian Commission grant for a study on the EAEU reforms; 2019-20 Eurasian Commission grant on the EU experience for digital transformation in EAEU; EAEU grant - «Экспертная поддержка подкомиссии по экономической интеграции Правительственной комиссии по интеграции в рамках сотрудничества с ЕАЭС с учетом стратегических задач долгосрочного развития Союза и повышения эффективности участия в нем России»; 2021 EAC grant for Energy policies in the EU; Member of the High level Group of experts in a project “Multilateralism at stake: Europe, global powers, regional organizations and UN system reform" with M. J. Rodrigues and M. Telo 2021; EAEU grant for the analysis of the EU support for the European companies 2021-22.



Conferences: panel speaker and participant at numerous conferences in Russia and abroad: 2012 AIF in Japan; G20 preparation Summit 2013; Free Berlin University 2015; Brussels ULB 2017, Berlin, CIFE 2021, etc.



Major publications list: More than 3500 pages of publications in Russia and abroad in books and journals on different international topics, mostly on regional integration and the EU, trade and global governance, including six individual books:

- Regional Integration and Supra-nationality. Moscow: Magistr, 2014, 288 pp.;

- Phenomenon of the EU supranational mechanism. Moscow: HSE publishing house, 2007, 254 p.;

- EU-Russia energy dialogue. M.: Lukoil, RSPP, 2007, 47pp.;

- “Britain and the European Community”, Nauka, 1986

- Global Economic Governance, Editor and author, Magistr, 2014, 500pp.

- Global Economic Institutions, Editor and author of six chapters, 2016, Moscow, Magistr, 573pp;

- EU: nucleus of European integration, in book “In from the cold”, Westview Press, 1992;

- Chapter on the EU-Russia relations in History of the European Integration (1945-1994) /Editor M.Emerson, 1995, – 308pp.;

- Consequences of the EU enlargement in a book “EU enlargement to the East”, M.: Nauka, 2003;

- Institutions in the EU in: Economy modernization and institutions, M.: HSE, 2005, book 1;

- Chapter “EU as a model for global governance”, book: The EU in the G8. Promoting Consensus        and Concerted Actions for Global Public Goods. Ed. J.Kirton, M. Larionava, Ashgate, 2011-12;

- Chapter “EU – Russia energy relations” in “Energy and Environmental Challenge” /Ed. L.Wylie/ P.Wynand. Brux: Peter Lang, 2011, - 417 pp.;

- Zuev V. Supranational Mechanism in Integration Theory. Mirovaya ekonomika i mezhdunarodnye otnosheniya, 2011, No 4, pp. 30-38. https://doi.org/10.20542/0131-2227-2011-4-30-38

- Economic instruments of Russian external policy, co-author, chapter in: Non-military instruments of the Russian external policy: regional and global mechanisms. Ed. M. Braterskiy, M.: HSE, 2013, pp. 78-113;

- Methodology of classification and evaluation of the forms of regional integration. Eurasian Economic Integration. 2014, N3 (24), pp. 25-43;

- Regional integration impact on global value chains. Economy & Entrepreneurship 2015, T6, N3;

- WTO Doha Round after Bali – a new phase in the Global Trade Regulation. International Economics, M.: 2015, N2, pp 53-63; 

- Zuev V., Bislimi F., Josie J., Momani F. A., Taras D. et all. Education and Skills Development in the Context of Forced Migration. G20 insights, Germany, April 2017, Berlin. http://www.g20-insights.org/policy_briefs/education-skills-development-context-forced-migration;

- Zuev V., Ostrovskaya E., Frolova E. Sustainable economy: Do not use the Debt Widely. International Organizations Research Journal, 2017 vol.12 No.4;

- Zuev V., Ostrovskaya E. Socializing global economic governance: introducing a financial transaction tax // European Review. 2018. Vol. 27. No. August. P. 686-703;

- Zuev V. Eastern Partnership Countries between Two Models of Regional Integration (Hard vs. Soft Choice), in: The European Union and the Eastern Partnership: Security Challenges. ECSA Moldova, 2018. Ch. 8. P. 149-165;

- Zuev V., Nevskaya A. Governing the gaps in Global Banking in Accountability for Effectiveness in Global Governance. Ed. Kirton J., Larionova M., Routledge, 2018, 290pp.;

- Zuev V. Formatting the EU- EAEU links. In: В поисках новой архитектуры многополярности: международное сотрудничество ЕАЭС: докл. XXI Апр. междунар. науч. конф. по проблемам развития экономики и общества, Москва, НИУ ВШЭ, 2020 г.

- Zuev V. International trade at a triple crossroads, in ‘Global Governance in Transformation’/Ed. by Pabst A., Grigoryev L., Springer Nature Books, 2020;

- Zuev V. Setting up a Global System for Sustainable Energy Governance in The Geopolitics of the Global Energy Transition, Ed. by M. Hafner and S. Tagliapietra, 2020, Springer.

- Zuev V. New format for the EU - EAEU relations and the Energy Charter Treaty. Co-author to the High level Expert group Report to the RF Government "In search of multipolarity: EAEU internationl standing", May 2020, HSE

- Zuev V., Ostrovskaya E., Vasilyeva E. (2021). The First Outcomes of the Vietnam - EAEU Trade in Services Agreement and New Negotiation Strategies, International Organizations Research Journal, vol. 16, no 2, (in English). DOI: 10.17323/1996-7845-2021- 02-09

- Zuev V. Chapter on RTAs in Global Trade for Palgrave book by Turku University, coming 2022


Professional Interests

Global economic governance, Regional Trade Agreements, European integration (institutions and policies); EU - Russia economic links, Russian economy

Timetable for today

Full timetable

‘Russia Is a Land of Openness and Possibility’

Lorenzo Trufolo graduated from Bologna University and is studying in the HSE International Preparatory Year ahead of his master’s studies in international trade at HSE University. In his interview, he talks about his studies in Russia, participation in academic conferences and competitions, and the challenges of living in Moscow.

Open Day of the Master's Program “International Trade Policy”

On April 1, 2022, was held the Open Day of the Master's program “International Trade Policy” of the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs of the National Research University Higher School of Economics.

‘I Am Very Happy to Graduate from the Best University in the Country’

International applications to HSE University are open until August 10 for graduate programmes and August 15 for undergraduate programmes. Every year, the university attracts a large number of international students to its Russian and English-taught programmes. HSE News Service spoke to a student currently enrolled at HSE University and a recent graduate about their experiences and impressions.

Online Meetups with International Summer University Professors

In the run-up to the HSE International Summer University, which will open on June 20, a series of special online meetups are currently held in association with HSE’s eLearning Office. The meetups give international students an opportunity to meet HSE University professors who teach courses during the Summer University programme. Registration for the final meetup, on June 11, is now open.

Alan Wolff, WTO Deputy Director General, gave a lecture

On December 3, Alan Wolff, Deputy Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO), gave a lecture on “WTO 2.0”.

HSE International Summer University in Full Swing

Every summer, HSE’s International Summer University attracts students, graduate students, post-docs, and professionals from around the world who wish to spend several weeks in Moscow to deepen their knowledge in a variety of fields. With the programme entering its second month, HSE News Service sat down with several students to talk about their impressions of it so far.

Vladimir Zuev Meets Representative of Kiel Institute for the World Economy

Vladimir Zuev, Academic Supervisor of the Programme, met Olivier Godard, Director of International Affairs of Kiel Institute for the World Economy. The meeting took place during Global Solutions conference held in Berlin on March 18-19. The conference was co-organized by Kiel Institute for the World Economy.

Participation of the master's program "International trade policy" in the WTO annual Public Forum 2018

Academic head and students of the “International trade policy” educational program took part in the WTO Public Forum 2018.

New publications of the academic head of the program

Two new publications of Zuev Vladimir Nikolaevich the academic head of the program were published in foreign editions.

Round table discussion: “Future world order: where are we going?”

On May 22 the Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs hosted the roundtable discussion with the delegation from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy dedicated to the future world order and the US-Russian relations.

G20 leaders should support international efforts on providing access to educational opportunities for refugees

Vladimir Zuev as a co-author of the paper presented the policy brief recommendations on the issue of “Education and Skills Development in the Context of Force Migration” at The G20 Think Tank Summit 2017 in Berlin.

Koen Berden met with the master’s students of International Trade Policy programme

November 14, 2017, Dr. Koen Berden, director of outreach and member of the Board of Directors of the World Trade Institute (WTI) in Bern, elaborated on all availiable to Russian students study opportunities in WTI, Switzerland.

'When You Come Here, You Learn to Disassociate Politics from Culture and People'

On August 15, the second HSE Summer University drew to a close. The number of participants in this year's programmer nearly tripled with 103 students coming from 15 countries. This included both independent students as well at five organized groups from Seoul National University, Seoul National University of Science and Technology, Miami University, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.

Korean Students in Moscow: Understanding Modern Russia

From July 4 to 25, the HSE Summer University welcomed thirty Korean students from the Seoul National University who had come to study Russian and learn more about modern life in Russia as part of SNU’s programme in Moscow.