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‘I Am Very Happy to Graduate from the Best University in the Country’

‘I Am Very Happy to Graduate from the Best University in the Country’

© Daniil Prokofyev/ HSE University

International applications to HSE University are open until August 10 for graduate programmes and August 15 for undergraduate programmes. Every year, the university attracts a large number of international students to its Russian and English-taught programmes. HSE News Service spoke to a student currently enrolled at HSE University and a recent graduate about their experiences and impressions.

Bhaskar Kayathwal (India), Master’s in International Business (Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs), Class of 2021

I got to know about HSE University while I was researching Russian universities to apply to after I did my Bachelor’s of Business Administration in my hometown. It wasn't long before I got to understand that HSE is one of the most reputable and prestigious universities in Russia, while having a very diverse international student body. MiB programme is a highly reputed practice-oriented programme. The fact that I would have the opportunity to be in one of the biggest business capitals of the world was quite overwhelming and made me decide that this is what I want to pursue. 

The application process was not very complicated. There were certain things that did act as a barrier, but it was purely because India and Russia have different documentation systems when it comes to handling the degrees and diplomas one gets.

My first adaptation to Moscow was a very interesting and scary experience. Coming to a whole different country with a different culture makes one doubt themselves. I would say I even had a slight culture shock when I came here, but after a while I adapted pretty easily, and it all went away. My programme is in English language, so I was under the pressure that if I want to stay in Russia, I must learn the language.

There was a language barrier in the beginning, but I taught myself the basic things, and I had excellent help from some very good friends which I am grateful for

My Russian is enough to survive and live in Russia, but not as good as I want it to be. I want to speak very well and be very fluent at it, but since my course was in English and I was always busy with work, I couldn't find much time for it. I taught myself how to read and write Russian, so now I can communicate in broken Russian, in a way that other people will understand what I am trying to convey, but I still have a long way to go.

I loved all the time I spent at HSE University. It is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life

There were a lot of ups and downs in this journey, but I am glad it went this way, I would not be who I am if there were not any challenges. The most challenging thing for me in studying was adjusting to the Russian system of education. After a while I got used to it and it became more interesting rather than difficult. Then another challenge that came up was balancing studies with work. I was working a 9-hour job every day and combining that with studies almost every evening and finishing assignments and meeting deadlines became particularly difficult when I was in my 2nd year.

Some of my favorite professors were Vladimir Zuev, Irina Kratko, Fedor Vassilyev (my research advisor), Dimitri Khokhlov, Vladimir Lissniak, and Alla Dynko. In my opinion, all of these professors are very knowledgeable in their respective fields, and they also have a particular way of making students understand the concept, so I very much admire and look up to them.

My favorite subjects were - Doing business in the European Union, International Entrepreneurship, International Business Negotiations, and Digital & traditional channels in International Advertising.

  • Doing business in the EU - This course was particularly interesting because European Union is an entity that always intrigued me, being one of the biggest economies in the world. I always wanted to study about it and understand how businesses and organizations work within.
  • International Entrepreneurship - This course was taught to us by our Academic Supervisor, Dr Irina Kratko. She is strict as most will agree but also very intelligent. She has multiple businesses in the USA, which made me realize that she is one of the most knowledgeable person I can encounter, so I wanted to learn as much as I can from her, keeping in mind that I will have my own businesses someday.
  • International Business Negotiations - Negotiating a deal is one of the cores of any business. This course helped me understand the basics of it and how it can be helpful in different cultures and scenarios.
  • Digital & Traditional channels in International Advertising - This was one of my favorite subjects to study. It focused on the practical part of international advertising, while keeping Moscow and Russia in mind. It was very interesting to learn this course from our professor who is involved in international marketing and advertising himself. 

The most valuable experience I learned at HSE University was discipline

I realized that discipline involves doing something even when you don't want to; it is committing to your goals and having enough patience and perseverance to tell yourself that the hard work we put in, will always pay off one way or another, and it always comes back to us in good and unexpected ways. 

I consider myself very grateful to have been a part of this journey with HSE University. It is more than just a university for me, the lessons I learned, the obstacles I faced, the good times and the bad times, I will not want to change any part of it. It is because of all of that, I am who I am today, and I am very happy to graduate from the best university in the country.

It would be unfair to say that there was one thing that amazed me about Moscow, there were several. The first would be the beauty of Moscow—it's a very extravagant city. One would get lost just while sightseeing and admiring how beautiful Moscow is.

Another thing for me was all the beautiful and kind people I met here

I was fortunate enough to become very good friends with some great people. Most Russians are very kind and warm when it comes to communicating or dealing with foreigners. Lastly, I would say that the opportunities that Moscow possesses are endless, at least speaking from a business perspective.

There is a lot to do and a lot to learn in this city. My favorite places in Moscow are Gorky Park, the Red Square, Sparrow Hills, Tsaritsyno Park, VDNX, and many museums around the city. I am very heavily involved in physical activity and sports, so most of the big parks are very attractive to me. There is also quite a bit of nature around this time of year, so it is perfect to relax after a long week of work and monotonous routine.

For now, my plans are to stay in Moscow. I am working at the moment and I have got my diploma as well. Five to ten years down the line, I would definitely want to be involved in business, perhaps of my own, in Russia itself. I want to live in Moscow for quite a significant period of time, while travelling around as much as I can, and applying those practices here.

Vinley Orutwa (Kenya), Bachelor’s of Economics (Faculty of Economic Sciences)

I learnt about HSE University - Moscow from the internet and decided to study at HSE because they accepted my scholarship application. What’s more, HSE University has a good position on university rankings in Russia and Europe. 

The application process was quite easy and direct as all the necessary information is on the HSE website. The adaptation took a while but it was simplified by the university providence of buddies and English speaking staff members.

I’m doing my bachelor’s in Economics. My favorite subjects are accounts, mathematics, and sustainability. I also like doing research. My plans for the near future are to graduate and apply for a master’s programme. The only challenge in my studies is the language barrier. Russian is a hard language. I can communicate and express myself but not perfectly.

The most valuable experience from HSE Moscow is the interaction with other students, teaching and non-teaching staff 

I live in HSE dorm No. 4. Life is interesting there as there are other students from different parts of the world. The facilities provided are sufficient and the living conditions are okay. I often cook for myself—‘пельмени‘ [meat dumplings] most of the time as it’s quick, delicious and easy to be creative with. On most weekends, I cook Kenyan foods or try new recipes, especially to do with wraps.

My favorite places in Moscow are the parks, especially the ones near Moscow river. I also enjoy traveling in the metro because there are many beautiful stations. Moscow City is my all-time favorite place to visit on any day. I also go to the gym at least thrice a week and occasionally with friends and play other sports like badminton.

HSE University welcomes applicants from all over the world and offers not only different levels of study, but also different formats in English and Russian, online and offline. International applicants can apply for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in a separate admissions process for foreign applicants and receive scholarships with full or partial tuition fee coverage.

When applying to a Bachelor’s programme, including five English-taught programmes in Moscow, it is possible to submit international certificates you have received in English and mathematics, such as IELTS, TOEFL, A-Level and other international exams and they will be recognized by HSE University, so taking entrance exams in relevant subjects will not be required.

Undergraduate applicants can test their chances of admission now by taking mock tests. Master’s applicants also have the opportunity to get a preliminary assessment of their portfolio and communicate with their programme of choice online.

To learn more about HSE University, its admission process, or life in Moscow, please visit International Admissions website, or contact the Education & Training Advisory Centre. The staff are happy to advise applicants and their parents via e-mail at inter@hse.ru, by phone +7 (495) 531 00 59, or WhatsApp +7 (916) 311 85 21, as well as on social media in Russian and in English: Vkontakte, Facebook, Telegram and Instagram.