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Monday, February 26

Mini-course: Advanced statistical methods. Vladimir Spokoiny (HSE, Russia/Weierstrass Institute, Germany)

Open Lectures of the Faculty of Computer Science: 'Hard Instances for SAT algorithms' by Navid Talebanfard (Czech Academy of Sciences) and 'Betweenness, Convexity and Lattices' by Laurent Beaudou (Université Clermont Auvergne)

Tuesday, February 27

Mini-course: Advanced statistical methods. Vladimir Spokoiny (HSE, Russia/Weierstrass Institute, Germany)

Book by HSE Arts and Design School Wins Award

'Cast-iron Logic of Russia', a book prepared by staff and students of the HSE Arts and Design School, has won the national award in the ‘Best Books and Publishers of the Year’ competition.

‘HSE Rapidly Created a Good Reputation for Itself Because of Its Strong Students’

Vladimir Avtonomov, Academic Supervisor at the HSE Faculty of Economic Sciences, spoke on economic studies in Russia, his way in research and his decision to join HSE.

HSE Students and Staff Donate 87.3 Litres of Blood

On January 25th and 26th, the traditional Donor Day took place at HSE. The building on Shabolovka welcomed donors from all over the university, and over the two days, nearly 200 students and staff members donated their blood. This is 40 more donations than last year.

Prime Minister of Belgium: ‘The EU Is a Project Concerning the World and Stability’

On January 31, Belgium’s Prime Minister, Charles Michel, gave a public lecture at HSE on how the EU has developed, what lies in store for Europeans, and the future of Russian-European bilateral relations.

Maintaining German-Russian Relations: It’s The Only Option

On January 17, the German Ambassador to Russia, Rüdiger von Fritsch, gave an open lecture at HSE entitled, ‘Russia, Germany, Europe – Where To From Here?’ HSE gives you an overview of his main ideas.

‘The Digital Revolution is the Key Trend in Education’

As part of the Gaidar Forum organized by RANEPA, an open discussion took place on the key trends in education. HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov spoke about what Russian education will look like in 5-7 years, how artificial intelligence will change the school, and what reforms are necessary right now.

How Can We Bring Universities and Businesses Together?

Closer cooperation between Russian universities and companies could lead to a technology breakthrough for the Russian economy. Yaroslav Kuzminov discussed possibilities for such collaboration, and the obstacles associated with it, at the Gaidar Forum at RANEPA.


New Year’s presents collected by HSE students and staff as part of the Open Your Eyes project have been delivered to special needs children at orphanages in the Tver and Vladimir regions.

Live Pages App Gets New English Translation of ‘War and Peace’

An English-language translation of Lev Tolstoy's War and Peace is now available on the Live Pages mobile app. Students at HSE's Linguistics and Philology Schools were involved in developing this project.

'Robots Won’t Take over the Fields that Involve a Lot of Intellectual Work'

In the latest edition of Success Builder, HSE alumna Olga Filatova, who is currently the Vice President for HR and Education at Mail.Ru Group, explains the ins and outs of hunting for talent nationwide, and she also talks about what it’s like to work in the United States and whether jobseekers’ social media accounts are important.