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Reinstatement FAQ

Who do I contact if I want to get reinstated?

Contact the study office of the faculty where you were studying before dismissal.

What documents do I need for reinstatement?

  • Passport
  • Request addressed to the Rector (indicating the date and reason for dismissal, number and date of the dismissal directive);
  • Either of the following: academic record, official transcript, grade book.

What is the permitted period for reinstatement?

Students dismissed on their own initiative may be reinstated within 5 years from their dismissal to the same place (state-funded or fee-paying) on which they were studying before dismissal .

Students dismissed by HSE (for unsatisfactory academic performance, violation of the Charter or Internal Regulations, agreement termination) may be reinstated within 2 years from dismissal only on a fee-paying basis and if there are any vacant places left .

At what point in the academic year can I be reinstated?

Students dismissed on their own initiative may be reinstated at any point during the academic year . If there are any discrepancies in the respective curricula, the year of study and module to which the student will be reinstated is determined by the evaluation committee.

Reinstatement time frames

Students dismissed for academic failure: at the beginning of the module/semester in which the failed course is scheduled to start .

Students who failed internship only: no earlier than two weeks before the internship period indicated in the common curriculum.

Students who only failed to choose a topic of a term paper or decided to change the topic and academic supervisor: no later than November 20 .

Students getting reinstated for the defence (or a retake defence) of a term paper only: no earlier than 2 weeks before the scheduled defence date. The term paper must already have been submitted to the department where the student’s academic supervisor is employed, and its content cannot be changed prior to the defence .

Students who failed a final state examination in any course or missed it for no valid reason: no earlier than two weeks before the scheduled date of the final state examination .

Students who failed the final interdisciplinary examination or missed it for no valid reason, failed the final thesis, or were not admitted to its defence: before the scheduled date of the final state examination, but no earlier than the start of the period allocated for thesis preparation in the effective common curriculum .

Students expelled for violation of HSE Charter and Internal Regulations or breach of the agreement for paid educational services: no earlier than the same semester/module of the next academic year from which they were expelled last academic year.

Students returning from an exceptional leave of absence are readmitted to studies on the day following the date indicated in the directive on granting the said leave.

Students returning from an exceptional leave of absence early are readmitted to studies:

  • on the date indicated in the medical certificate, if the exceptional leave was granted for medical reasons
  • on the date of submission of a readmission request to the study office, if the leave was granted on exceptional grounds

Who decides whether to reinstate students to HSE?

The faculty’s evaluation committee makes decisions on reinstatement of students previously dismissed from HSE. Reinstatement is enacted by the Rector’s directive on the basis of meeting minutes of the evaluation committee and the student’s request.

What is evaluation-based reinstatement?

Students may be evaluated on the basis of the submitted documents, interviews or any other mode determined by the faculty. The evaluation committee transfers the previously studied courses and determines the year of study and module to which the student may be reinstated. A special individual curriculum is drawn up for each reinstated student to account for any changes in the respective common curricula.

When is the reinstatement directive issued?

A directive on reinstatement to HSE is issued by the dean:

  • for students who get reinstated to a state-funded place – within 3 business days from the evaluation or from signing of the individual curriculum
  • for students who get reinstated to a fee-paying place – within 3 business days from the confirmation of payment made under the agreement

Can I attend classes before receiving the necessary documents (student ID card)?

The dean of the faculty may decide to admit the student to studies before receiving all the original documents.

Bylaws for further reference

The Procedures and Conditions for Reinstating Students Who Were Dismissed on the Initiative of National Research University Higher School of Economics or Other Grounds, and the Procedures for Re-admitting Students to Study after Academic Leave, Maternity Leave, Parental Leave, or Childcare Leave


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