Students established the HSE Theatre in 1997. The primary goal is to teach students the basics of acting. All of our live performances are the result of developing one’s inner potential. We work to develop in students their imagination, creativity, attention, memory, oratory skills, and ability to work with others.


  • Acting lessons
  • Live performances
  • Participation in official HSE events


About the Theatre

HSE Theatre was established in 1997 by Andrew Vershinin. The Theatre School of acting has existed since 1999.

Our principles

Theatre is like a drug. Once someone comes to us and understands that acting is their calling, they won’t ever leave us.

The key principle of our Theatre is to develop one’s acting skillset and one’s ability to work in a team toward a common goal. At the Theatre School, we teach acting by training a student’s voice and fostering a student’s attention, memory, their ability to work in a team, and their creativity.

The first year of study typically ends with the Class Concert, which is performed by our students. Here students present different artistic performances (parodies, clown, plastic, and rhythmic performances, etc.).

Students who study with us for more than one year can also participate in plays.

The teachers and students involved in the Theatre are the most important part of the organization. Every autumn, the Theatre accepts new students into its family. We warmly welcome newcomers into our family.

Rhythm of life

The schedule of classes and rehearsals is flexible and depends on students’ schedules. However, classes themselves are highly structured and intensive. We aim to work on acting, oration, and stage movement at least three days per week.

How to Join Us


20 Myasnitskaya St., ground floor, room 27


(495) 624-17-49