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Regular version of the site

HSE Study Center is located in the most picturesque part of New Moscow, only 40 km from the MKAD ring road, on Kaluzhskoe Shosse.

The Centre is set in picturesque surroundings on the edge of an old-growth forest and boasts spacious premises that are fully equipped for both educational and extracurricular events, and for leisure activities ranging from sports to intellectual games. WiFi is available across the site.

The Study Center comprises two connected but separate buildings: one main block, one public block.

Five out of six floors of the main building offer hotel-style accommodation consisting of fully equipped standard rooms and suites for single or double accommodation. The rooms include bathrooms, TV sets, and fridges. On the sixth floor there are study facilities that include a variety of air-conditioned rooms:

  • Lecture classrooms for 40-60 students;
  • Presentation and workshop rooms;
  • Computer classrooms with unlimited internet access.

The public building includes:

  • A canteen that seats 150 and offers three varied meals daily;
  • A bar with capacity for 50 people, which can host various events;
  • A fully equipped 170-seat conference hall.

How to get there

Public transport

You can use public transport to get to the HSE Study Center:

Tyoply Stan metro station (take the exit closer to the end of the train, and then the second exit on the left).

Buses 508 and 503 or minibus 508 (bus stops are 30-40 m from the underground/metro exit, near Prints Plaza mall; a waterfall fountain is on the right of the bus stops).

Travel time: from 1 h to 1 h 15 m by bus; 50-60 m by minibus (not including traffic jams).

Get off at the Voronovo 2 stop, and order a minibus from the HSE Study Center Voronovo in advance (you can order a minibus for a certain time, or when you arrive at the bus stop, by calling +7 (495) 840-89-90).

Bus schedule


No 503 (Tyoply Stan metro – Kamenka, weekdays)


No 503 (Kamenka – Tyoply Stan metro, weekdays)


No 503 (Tyoply Stan metro – Kamenka, weekends)

No 503 (Kamenka – Tyoply Stan metro, weekends)


No 508 (Tyoply Stan metro – Voronovo, weekdays)

No 508 (Voronovo – Tyoply Stan metro, weekdays)

No 508 (Tyoply Stan metro – Voronovo, weekends)

No 508 (Voronovo – Tyoply Stan metro, weekends)

By car

GPS coordinates:

Latitude: 55°18′54.13″N (55.315035)

Longitude: 37°7′25.77″E (37.123825)

Drive along Kaluzhskoe Shosse from the MKAD ring road to Voronovo village; turn right at the first traffic lights when you see the road sign; drive 2.8 km, then turn left when you see the road sign.




(495) 531-00-10




(495) 840-89-90




Alexander Litvinenko

Head of the Center

(495) 840-89-84


Viktor Mikhailov

Deputy Head of the Center

(495) 840-89-88


Marina Kazachkova

Housekeeping manager

 (495) 840-89-85