Internship Module

To develop practical skills and competencies students have an internship module in the global companies successfully operating in Russia (216 hours).

The general objectives of the internship module:

  • Getting acquainted with the Company, its fields of activities, products, and business management;
  • Introduction to the business processes of the Company,
  • Obtaining knowledge about cross-cultural Russian - German company management features;
  • Understand the peculiarities of the process of cross-cultural management  and be able to use cross-cultural differences in the company’ management;
  • Develop skill in communication, team-building, motivation leadership and negotiation in order to allow students to reflect upon their own attitudes and behaviour;
  • Obtaining knowledge and observation of the conducting marketing research, performing tasks relevant employees of the Company;
  • Acquire the cultural sensitivity necessary for successful managers in European and international context;
  • Learn the practical applicability of foreign experience in cross-cultural management.
  • Develop specific technical skills.


Internship placements Fall 2021 (PDF, 179 Кб)