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Bachelor’s Programme


4 years
Full-time programme
147 000 –
490 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2023
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers available
Instruction in Russian with some courses in English


On July 5th, at HSE University’s Centre of Cultures, the first graduates of the Bachelor’s programme in Chemistry were awarded their diplomas. The programme was created in 2019 with the support of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Studying at the new faculty, the young researchers have achieved impressive scientific results, with 21 graduates publishing 46 co-authored articles in international scientific journals.
July 11
The service is available to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral students of HSE University-Moscow
April 03
Till March 26, 2023 HSE students will have an opportunity to assess the quality of their teachers’ work.
March 06
On March 12, HSE University will hold a university-wide Open Day for prospective students of bachelor’s and specialist programmes. The event will be held in the Pokrovka Building and will feature presentations by faculties and campuses, a talk by the Admissions Office, activities from student organisations, a tour of the university’s historical buildings and much more. Those interested in attending must register in advance.
February 13
In 2023, the first Master's programme 'Chemistry of Molecular Systems and Materials' at the HSE Faculty of Chemistry will enrol students. Half of the study time will be devoted to research projects in the field of modern fundamental and applied research on the topics studied at five institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Dmitrii Roitershtein, Academic Supervisor of the programme and Associate Professor at the Joint Department of Organic Chemistry with the RAS Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, spoke about the programme to the HSE News Service.
December 01, 2022
Till December 20, 2022 HSE students will have an opportunity to assess the quality of their teachers’ work.
November 30, 2022
Till October 23, 2022 HSE students will have an opportunity to assess the quality of their teachers’ work.
October 03, 2022
The start of a new academic year is an excellent time to plan the next steps in your academic career. On September 1, HSE University announced the start of its annual Student Research Paper Competition (SRPC-2022). Participation is open to students of Russian and international universities and to 2022 graduates. Last year, a total of 2,196 papers were submitted to the SRPC, of which 435 were from external participants.
September 01, 2022
In their paper published in Science in 2021, a DeepMind team showed how neural networks can be used to describe electron interactions in chemical systems more accurately than existing methods. A team of researchers from Skoltech, the Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, HSE University, Yandex, and Kyungpook National University show in their comment in Science that DeepMind AI’s ability to generalise the behaviour of such systems does not follow from the published results and requires revisiting, the Skoltech website says.
August 17, 2022
The new reality presents a number of issues for international students—particularly those joining HSE University in 2022. What changes will there be in the university’s education system? What will happen if a student is unable to come to Moscow by September 1? What is the university doing to help international students adapt? Vice Rector Ivan Prostakov spoke to the HSE News Service to answer these questions and more.
July 14, 2022
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