Best Teachers of HSE University 2019

The vote for HSE University's Best Teachers 2019 is over.

Students submitted their scores online via the LMS module ‘Rate your Courses’, together with the compulsory Teaching Quality Assessment. After completing the assessment form, the students were prompted to select the two best lecturers and workshop supervisors. ICEF and HSE-NES students voted in their own system.

HSE graduates can also vote. As part of the annual autumn Alumni Monitoring, a link to which was sent to the class of 2018, alumni could indicate the names of three teachers whose work and support impressed them the most during their studies at HSE University. The results of this survey were taken into account when analysing the results of the vote..

Best Academic Supervisors, who were determined according to the results of the 2018 Student Research Paper Competition, are also among the winners. The research advisers of all students, who were winners and took 1-3 places in the competition, received the status of 'best teachers'.

Voting results — 2019