Higher School of Economics (Moscow) announces a competition of the three-year projects for the creation of international laboratories. The competition runs from April 19, 2021 to July 30, 2021.

The objectives of the Competition

  • Formation, support and development of research areas and international level schools at the HSE;
  • Support of existing and formation of new research teams at the HSE with the involvement of leading foreign scientists;
  • Involvement in the work of the HSE international laboratories the young scientists of the University who gain experience of participation in international research projects and form an appropriate academic culture at the beginning of their research career.

Priority topics

  • Personality development and human capital;
  • Inequality reducing and social stability;
  • Economic growth and economic development policies;
  • Scientific and technological development and digital transformation of the economy and society;
  • Effective business;
  • Effective state;
  • Security of man, society and the state;
  • Measurement and analysis in social and economic sciences;
  • Neuroscience and high-tech healthcare;
  • Big data and applied artificial intelligence.

Competition Participants

  • research teams of the Higher School of Economics (Moscow), which will be jointly led by leading foreign researchers who occupy leading positions in a certain field of science (hereinafter referred to as leading scientists), and leading Russian scientists (hereinafter referred to as IL (International Laboratory) heads).
  • Leading scientist and head of IL have the right to participate in one scientific project that won the Competition.


According to the results of the Competition results, the winners are allocated funding for scientific research for the period from 01/01/2022 to 12/31/2024.

The amount of funding for each project supported by the results of the Competition should not exceed annually in 2022-2024 13 million rubles:

  • up to 10 (ten) million roubles shall be allocated for research implementation (salaries of the IL head and the project manager, including contributions to extra-budgetary funds);
  • up to 3 (three) million roubles - for HSE University’s academic staff mobility, as well as the organization of visits of international scholars and specialists, who are not employed at HSE University, for the purpose of conducting joint research, holding conferences, summer schools, ongoing seminars and continuing professional development training, etc., and the purchasing of necessary equipment and software.

What are the requirements for the research?

What are the Leading scientist hiring conditions?

What are the obligations for the Leading scientist during the project period?

What are the obligations for the Head of IL?

What are the requirements for the research team of the IL?

What are Project Manager duties at the IL?

What are a Project Manager employment conditions?

What are Project reporting requirements?

Could the Project be extended after 3-year period?

Who bears the expenses associated with participation in the Competition?

How to prepare and to apply to the Competition?

What forms the application must contain?

What does the application package contain?

How the applications will be examined?

What are the established criteria for the applications examination?

When the results of the competition will be announced?

What are the further actions of the applicant in case of winning the Competition?


If you have any questions, please contact labs@hse.ru.