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Bachelor 2021/2022

Theory of the First Foreign Language - 3 (Stylistics and Grammar)

Area of studies: Linguistics
When: 4 year, 1-3 module
Mode of studies: offline
Open to: students of one campus
Instructors: Патрикеева Ирина Сергеевна, Широкова Светлана Юрьевна, Yulia Aleshina, Ksenia Chermoshentseva, Ekaterina Molchanova, Sergey Ryabchun, Elena Sidorkina, Elena Styrina
Language: English
ECTS credits: 3
Contact hours: 56

Course Syllabus


The aim of the course of Theoretical Grammar of the English Language is to present a theoretical description of its grammatical system, i.e. to scientifically analyze and define its grammatical categories and study the mechanisms of grammatical formation of utterances out of words in the process of speech making. The course “Stylistics” is aimed to develop awareness of the system of expressive resources and stylistic devices of the English language in line with the effects achieved. Students develop their text skills viewing the text as a unity of semantic, functional, structural and stylistic elements. Within the format of the course, linguistic and style-forming characteristics of texts belonging to different functional styles are analyzed. The course contains novel elements - juxtaposition of style and discourse analyses; narrotological analysis of emotive prose.Acquired theoretical knowledge and practical skills should be applied in the process of writing the graduation paper.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Present an introduction to the problems of up-to-date linguistic study of English on a systemic basis
  • Give the students a grounding of basic theories, methodology and scientific approaches to the problems of theoretical aspects of English Grammar
  • Teach the students to analize speech phenomena and find successful solution of the problems
  • Train the students for skill-based communication. end of the course “Theoretical Grammar”, students get an idea of Theoretical Grammence, language as a system, grammatical structure of the English language, grammaories, morphology and syntax
  • to help students form an integrated view of the system of expressive resources of the language, their mechanisms and functions in different kinds of texts
  • to lay theoretic foundations for conducting research in linguostylistcs through teaching specialist terminology and familiarizing students with the most relevant research methods
  • to develop text interpretation skills based on the pragmatic functions of the text
  • to teach students to differentiate stylistically coloured units with regard to their appropriateness
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • • to acquire the mechanisms of grammatical formation of utterances out of the words in the process of speech making
  • • to be able to critically assess the views held by various authors (institutional and individual)
  • • To be able to distinguish stylistic devices and expressive means at all language levels
  • • to be able to identify the major perspectives in the field of Theoretical Grammar
  • • To be able to provide thorough stylistic analysis of fiction texts
  • • to gain insights into the inner structure of the sentence and expose the mechanism of its functioning.
  • • To get acquainted with key research in the field
  • • to get an idea of grammatical structure of the English language and syntax
  • • to get an idea of grammatical structure of the English language, grammatical categories and morphology
  • • To get an idea of Linguistic Stylistics as a science
  • • to get an idea of Theoretical Grammar as a science and language as a system
  • • To master text interpretation skills
  • • To obtain sufficient knowledge and tools to distinguish and analyse different functional styles
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Grammar section 1
  • Grammar section 2
  • Grammar section 3
  • Grammar section 4
  • Grammar section 5
  • Grammar section 7
  • Grammar section 6
  • Stylistics Section 1. Objects of Stylistics. Stylistic Classification of the English Vocabulary
  • Stylistics Section 2. Expressive Means and Stylistic Devices.
  • Stylistics Section 3. Functional Stylistics
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Сlasswork (Grammar)
    Classwork involves active class participation, extended responses, relevant comments, and valid contributions to conversations and discussions.
  • non-blocking Portfolio (Grammar)
  • non-blocking Exam (Grammar+Stylistics)
  • non-blocking Test (Stylistics)
    “Test” (max. 10 points) assesses the knowledge of terminology and the ability to recognize stylistic devices and identify functional styles and their basic characteristics.
  • non-blocking Attendance+Active Participation (Stylistics)
  • non-blocking Project (Stylistics)
    “Project” (max. 10 points) refers to individual research into a certain issue (nature and functions of stylistic devices).
  • non-blocking Тест (Grammar)
  • non-blocking Homework Grammar
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • 2021/2022 2nd module
    0.25 * Homework Grammar + 0.25 * Portfolio (Grammar) + 0.25 * Тест (Grammar) + 0.25 * Сlasswork (Grammar)
  • 2021/2022 3rd module
    0.25 * Project (Stylistics) + 0.3 * Exam (Grammar+Stylistics) + 0.25 * Test (Stylistics) + 0.2 * Attendance+Active Participation (Stylistics)


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