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About the Programme


What kind of education do I get?

Degree of Master of Psychology (Master of Science in Psychology), the diploma of HSE.

What are the aims of the programme?

The aims of this programme are to give students the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully apply psychology in the world of business. The qualification awarded is at Masters Level in Business Psychology.
Students successfully completing the course will be able to practice as Business Psychologists. Their role will be to help companies solve internal organisational problems and/or help develop solutions for issues involving the marketing and branding of company products or services.
This may seem a wide area to cover, but businesses and markets are made-up of people, and people think, feel and behave according to their psychology, which is universal! By developing a more thorough knowledge of how business people and consumers make decisions, it is possible for Business Psychologists to identify ways of influencing behaviour within organisations and markets.
The modern ways of doing business are increasingly taking into account the ‘psychological approach’ where an understanding (and an ability to influence) such phenomena as “customer experience”, “employee wellness” and “implicit attitudes” is accepted as a vital contribution to long-term organisational success.
Business Psychology contributes to the understanding about the central core of a business, and how it might be influenced. Its concerns are human relationships (between managers and employees & between Brands and consumers). It shows how these relationships can be established and strengthened; how they can be influenced by motivations and personality and the all- important role of emotion. 

How the education process is goes?

The programme implements a practice-based learning. Forms of teaching: lectures, seminars, workshops, trainings, coaching sessions, and others. All classes are interactive. Students are involved in real projects, they create the solutions for business and get the feedback from experts. The best experts are invited for teaching. It creates a platform for professional communication, where you can share experiences, and develop innovative solutions for business.
Due to the personal and professional preferences, students have an opportunity to specialize in the field of business consulting, coaching, organizational consulting, recruitment and training, marketing research, analysis of consumer behavior and others.
We use e-learning to support student’s work on the projects.
The programme is delivered over 2 years. It is designed with 3 inter-connecting streams, which cover Business & Organisational Psychology, Marketing & Consumer Psychology, and Research & Consultancy Skills.


Stream 1 Business and Organisational PsychologyStream 2 Marketing and Consumer PsychologyStream 3 Research and Consultancy Skills
Introduction to Business Psychology. Personality in business. Activity and competence. Success in business.Value MarketingIntroduction to menu of popular measuring instruments e.g. NEO5, MBTI etc.
Leadership, Motivation and Decision MakingConsumer’s psychology instruments.Quantitative data collection, analysis and interpretation. Advantages and limitations
Organisational Culture, Stress, P/E FitAttitudes, IATIntroduction to SPSS software.
Organisational Learning and CreativityThe Consumer EnvironmentQualitative techniques
Emotions in OrganisationsAdvertising PsychologyVisual Research Techniques
Organisational/Group Behaviour: interventions and changeBrandingUse of workshops and games.
Selection and DevelopmentCoping strategiesPresentations


Why the BP Programme is Unique?

·       Practical and theoretically inclusive: The course is interdisciplinary, drawing on contemporary psychological, managerial and marketing theory & practice.
·       International Contacts: The programme collaborates and is supported by Birkbeck College (University of London) and the University of Westminster (London). There are also staff and student exchanges between several other UK Universities and Colleges.
·      Opportunities for UK traineeships: students may be eligible to attend UK-university certificate and diploma courses. Short placements with UK companies may also be available for suitable applicants.
·       External Recognition: The programme is recognized by partners university and organizations in UK.
·      Safe-environment for professional and personal development: the programme is delivered by experienced academics and business psychologists using a mixture of interactive seminars and workshops. Students have the opportunity to experiment with their presentation techniques, workshop leadership skills and team behaviour (how to win friends and influence people)!
·       Assessment strategies: the assessment strategy on the course emphasises the development of the students’ practical skills rather than rely solely on written examinations. 

Who is this Programme for?

The programme is designed for Active People who search for the opportunities, have a desire to build teams and implement projects.
This programme is people who are always ready to evolve, to seek, to create.
We focus primarily on energetic, creative and successful people. After all, they can overcome the rigidity, to externalize their knowledge into innovation.
This is the main criterion for our students, teachers and partners recruitment.
We are waiting for the following students:
        Graduates who are planning to make a career in business psychology, management, entrepreneurship, etc.
·        Entrepreneurs and Managers
·        Business consultants, trainers, coaches, who desire to refresh and apply their skills in a new context
·        Practical psychologists and counsellors who want to learn coaching in HR management
·        HR-directors and HR professionals
·        Professionals working in private and state enterprises who are interested in applying a new profession
·        And all the rest who are interested in a high quality education in business psychology

Programme Benefits

The programme provides comprehensive training. Students study to consider business as a whole phenomenon, a system of three factors: market (consumer behavior), organization (human resources, management decisions) and individual (individual counseling and coaching).
We will help you:
·        To understand the psychological background of business processes, use the psychological techniques in management of business processes
·        To build your own track of professional development
·        To gain experience in the implementation of research, diagnostic and consulting projects at the level of tactical and strategic goals of the company
·        To master the modern business technologies: team building and development, decision-making, organizational development facilitation, to develop critical and system thinking.
·        To develop skills for managing organizational changes, including individual executive coaching, as well as the creation and development of organizational culture in the company
·        To master the skills and technologies of creation and development of an effective organizational culture in the company
·        To master the psychological methods of consumer behavior analysis, marketing research, brand formation, etc.
More over after graduating you’ll join to Association for business psychologist in Russia - an interdisciplinary platform for exchanging ideas and experience in dealing with psychological challenges in business.
Graduates of the programme get various positions in business organizations: consultants, specialists on organizational development, personnel manager, business coach, training manager et al.
Graduates become high qualified professionals in the field of effective decision-making, facilitation of group processes and organizational change, optimization of external and internal organizational communication, the study of consumer behavior and marketing research

How to apply?

If you have bachelor's degree in any field, you can apply the Master’s Programme in Business Psychology at the Higher School of Economics.

The selection is based on the portfolio competition.

The application process opens on the June,1 each year for entry the following September.

For further information please contact us: bpsymaster@hse.rubpsymaster@gmail.com