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This programme aims to train expert psychologists for work in businesses including profit making companies, firms and other institutions aimed at production of goods and services. In international practice such experts are called business psychologists.
The main subject area of theoretical and practical education within the course is related to the psychology of business – a modern branch of psychology which is at the cross-section of organizational and social psychology, labour psychology and psychology of personality, as well as economics, sociology and management. Much attention is paid to the problems of economic psychology related to the study of economic conscience of personality and society as well as the psychology of entrepreneurship and consumer behaviour psychology.

2 years
Full-time Programme
320 000 RUB/year
Tuition Fee in 2018
Russian government and HSE scholarships and tuition fee waivers not applicable
Instruction in Russian


Dr Kathryn Waddington, PhD, Chartered Psychologist

We are untroducing  the scientific supervisor of the master's programme "Business Psychology"

Solar energy of the participants of the seminar "Coaching in business: international experience" in rainy London.

Following the annual workshop in London

Professional "digest": stress, mental burnout, self-regulation

Three program teachers organized a spessial lesson -  each teacher briefly stated its part of the topic.

Dr Warren Thorngate, emeritus professor of psychology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada

We are introducing the scientific supervisor of the master's programme "Business Psychology"

How can HR technology affect the level of employee happiness?

Answer for this and many other questions were searched by the students of our programme together with Ksenia Babat. Based on the results of the workshop "Experience in iimplementation of advanced HR technologies in General Electric"

Business psychology: a psychoanalytic approach to working with a person and a group

On February 17, a workshop on the use of psychoanalytic technologies in business was held for the students of the master's programme.

Skribing and graphic facilitation as a tools of a business psychologist

Working with a flipchart is easy, and in order to use visual images, you do not need to be an artist at all! This was confirmed by the students of the master's program this Monday at the master class on scribing and visual facilitation.

From a business-psychological game to understanding the secrets of effective business

Following the presentation and the workshop of our program at the Winter School of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Higher School of Economics

From Aristotle to Stanislavsky ... From the discipline of speech to the discipline of thought

How to manage your voice and first impression? How can I tell you to be heard? How to expand the zone of understanding and trust? Answers to these and many other questions related to the problem of effective communication in the society were learned by the students during the workshop of Valeria Ustinova "Acting techniques in negotiations. The attention grabbing phase. "

Christmas meetings of business psychologists

From business psychology to the heart of business partners from China. Master Programme  Business Psychology is keeping pace with the trends of modern business.