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+7 (495) 772-95-90
Address: 16 Potapovsky Pereulok, Building 10, room 404
SPIN-RSCI: 1432-6440
ORCID: 0000-0002-3438-2786
ResearcherID: K-5540-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 57188866467
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N. Anisimov
T. Timkova
I. Korshunov
E. Nakhaeva
Панина О. А.
M. Zembatov
S. Zhuchkova
T. Chaplina
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Evgeniy Terentev

  • Evgeniy Terentev has been at HSE University since 2012.

Education and Degrees

  • 2016

    Candidate of Sciences* (PhD)

  • 2012

    Master's in Sociology
    HSE University

  • 2010

    Degree in Sociology
    HSE University

* Candidate of Sciences
According to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED) 2011, Candidate of Sciences belongs to ISCED level 8 - "doctoral or equivalent", together with PhD, DPhil, D.Lit, D.Sc, LL.D, Doctorate or similar. Candidate of Sciences allows its holders to reach the level of the Associate Professor.

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Courses (2017/2018)

Methods of Online Research (Postgraduate course’s programme; 1 year, 1 semester)Rus













  • 2015
    Международная конференция "Пересматривая профессионализм: вызовы и реформы социального государства" (Москва). Presentation: Изучение бюджетов времени академических профессионалов: методическая рефлексия
  • 2014
    Память в культуре / культура памяти (Москва). Presentation: Переименование советских топонимов в Санкт-Петербурге: политики памяти и индустрия наследия
  • VI конференция СОЦИОЛОГИЯ В ДЕЙСТВИИ (Санкт-Петербург). Presentation: Суд идет: дискурс преподавателей об отсеве студентов
  • European Sociological Association, Research Network 21 “Quantitative Methods” midterm conference: Modes, Measurement, Modelling: Achieving Equivalence in Quantitative Research (Мангейм). Presentation: The Impact of Visual Design and Response Formats on Data Quality in Web Survey
  • 2013
    Street Art in the Changing City: Theoretical Perspectives (Москва). Presentation: Rethinking the “City as text” metaphor in urban studies and cultural geography
  • ESA 11th Conference: Crisis, Critique and Change (Turin). Presentation: Rethinking the metaphor of “Text” in the study of commemorative place-naming

Timetable for today

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Evgeniy Terentev: ‘The Project Aims to Give People Various Tools for Personal Fulfilment and Betterment’ 

Every day, new technologies and institutional solutions appear that expand people’s opportunities. Which technologies are effective at this, and which have yet to be created to meet the challenges of the modern era? How do people choose technologies and how can the choice become a conscious one? HSE University’s strategic project Success and Self-Sustainability of the Individual in a Changing World aims to answer these questions and more.

‘A Great Academic Holiday’: XIII International Conference on Higher Education Held at HSE University

The event’s main theme is ‘New Educational Outcomes for Well-being and Success’. This year, the XIII International Conference on Higher Education was held together with the Second All-Russian Conference on Individual Educational Trajectories. For three days, researchers discussed the latest challenges in education, including the field of strengthening Russia's technological sovereignty.

Doctoral Students Need the Support of Not Only Their Academic Supervisor, but Also of Other Faculty Staff

To successfully defend a doctoral dissertation, PhD candidates need not only the support of their academic supervisor and close friends and relatives, but also system-wide assistance from the university department or faculty where they study. However, HSE University researchers have found that such support can take different forms and that each has a different effect on how confident a student feels in their ability to successfully defend their dissertation. The results of their study were published in the journal Higher Education Quarterly.

‘We Want to Become the HSE Development Institute’

Evgeniy Terentev on his plans as the new head of the Institute of Education

‘Teachers’ Day 2021 Inspires to Search for New Solutions’

A two-day seminar called ‘Teaching and Studying in the Time of Digital Transformation—Modern Approaches and Practices’ was held on Teachers’ Day 2021 as part of the Teach for HSE project. Speakers and participants shared ideas and insights that had emerged during the recent period of remote and hybrid teaching, discussing issues of digital etiquette, psychological aspects of online teaching, and new trajectories and opportunities for teachers’ professional growth.

What Are the Chances Online Education Will Help You Successfully Change Careers? HSE Researchers Measure the Effectiveness of Yandex.Practicum

Experts from the Institute of Education of HSE University examined the effectiveness of five courses of one of the largest Russian online education services, Yandex.Practicum. The study showed that 71.1% of graduates found employment, and more than half of them became employed within two months after graduation.

IOE Ramps up R&D Partnership with Kazakhstan

The HSE Institute of Education and Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University have recently entered into a cooperation to advance research and development across an array of domains in education.

How COVID-19 Has Affected Experiences of University Students

On April 19, this year’s third session of the Observatory for Higher Education Transformations will host an open expert discussion titled, ‘Experiences of University Students during the Pandemic.’

Academic Dishonesty: Fear and Justifications

Why Russian undergraduates cheat and how they rationalise it for themselves and others

IOE Joins Forces with Lingnan University

A cooperation agreement has recently been signed between the HSE Institute of Education and Lingnan University (Hong Kong). The parties have pledged to embark on a large-scope agenda in scholarship and networking, with a special focus on exploring cross-national perspectives in tertiary education and advancing academic exchange.

New publication in the journal of Higher Education 

The research article 'National barriers to the completion of doctoral programs at Russian universities' by Natalia Maloshonok and Evgeniy Terentev has been published in the International Journal of Higher Education Research. Congratulations to our colleagues.

An Article by Centre of Sociology of Higher Education Researchers Published in Top Academic Journal

Computers in Human Behavior journal (quartile 1 in Psychology category, Scopus), owned by world-leading publishing company Elsevier, features a new article by researchers at the IoE Centre of Sociology of Higher Education.