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Aleksandr Vysokovsky

October 23, 1948 — December 22, 2014

On December 22, 2014, Alexander Vysokovsky, Dean of the HSE Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning, died unexpectedly, aged 66.

Author of over 60 research papers on architecture and urban planning, Candidate of Sciences in Architecture, and HSE Professor, Alexander Vysokovsky was an outstanding expert in urban planning.

Alexander Vysokovsky was born in 1948 in Rostov-on-Don. In 1971 he graduated from Rostov Institute of Civil Engineering, majoring in architecture. All his further work was related to organizing urban space and city communities, and during his career he implemented over 50 projects, including large-scale improvements to the Moscow region.

Alexander Vysokovsky chaired the Russian Union of Architects Council on Spatial and Urban Planning and was part of international juries for several Moscow development projects.

He is author of seven books and over 60 academic articles on architecture and urban planning, which have been published in Russian, English, and Swedish.

In 2011 Alexander Vysokovsky together with Prof. Nadezhda Kosareva founded the HSE Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning, and following that, Alexander Vysokovsky’s main focus was training experts in urban planning. As of today, the School headed by its Dean has run two master’s courses for experts in urban planning.

Prof. Vysokovsky’s colleagues would like to express their deep condolences to his family and friends.

Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2015, 2012



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Vysokovsky A. 1986. "Prognosis of Historical Cities Spatial Development". Moscow. Information Center for Architecture and Urban Planning".

Alexander Vysokovsky. 1995. Stillborn Environments: The New Soviet Town of the 1960s and Urban Life in Russia Today. Woodrow Wilson International Center, Washington DC (English).

Vysokovsky A. Will Domesticity Return? Chapter in book: William C. Brumfield, Blair A. Ruble (editors). 1993. "Russian Housing In The Modern Age". Woodrow Wilson Center Press and Cambridge University Press. (English).

A.Vysokovsky. Stadsmiljö: begrepp, värderingar, planeringsstrategi // Tidskrift för Arkitekturforskning, Volym 4, # 1, 1991 (Swedish).

Personal Grant

1992 - The Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies of Woodrow Wilson  Center, Washington DC


Main international contracts

2005 – present time, USAID, Chemonics Int., “Kyrgyzstan Land Market Development and Tajikistan Land Tenure Reform Project”, Short-term consultant, Team leader of Implementation of zoning system in Kyrgyz Republic.

2006 – Chemonics Int., Prepared the analytical report for USAID: “Tajikistan: Zoning Implementation Assessment Report”.

2005  USAID, Moscow. “Seminars in four cities Khabarovsk, Ekaterinburg, Perm’, Kaliningrad: Implementetion of legal zoning system in Russian cities”

2000-2005  USAID, Chemonics Int., Kyrgys Land Reform project, Short-term consultant, Team leader of Implementation of zoning system in Kyrgyz Republic. Zoning Ordinance and Land Use in 12 cities, National law.2000-2001 Eurasia Foundation, Moscow Office, Director of project: “Methods for economic growth in crisis conditions.

1999  - Eurasia Foundation, Washington DC, Grant W98-0094, Co-Director of project: “Land Use and Real Property Development Reform in Nine Russian Cities”

1998-1999 Land Use Project (USAID). Team Leader. Zoning regulation system for Khabarovsk city.

1997– 1998 Land Use Project (USAID). Team Leader. Zoning regulation system for Samara and Kazan.

1996 - Consulting services on program "Construction Finance - Assistance to Developers” in Tver, Ryazan and Nizhniy Novgorod presented to PADCO and The Urban Institute, Moscow Office.

1994-1995 -Consulting services on program "Demonstration Project of Land Auctions in Tver and Nizhniy Novgorod" presented to The Urban Institute (Washington DC), Moscow Office.

1994 - Consulting services for Abt Associates Inc. on gathering data for Voucher Housing Program for Demobilized Russian Military Officers1994 - Consulting services for "Arthur Andersen and Partners" on program "Technical Assistance in The Area of Land Registration".

1994 - Consulting services for World Bank program "Construction Finance Component" for Russian cities presented to World Bank office in Moscow.

1993-1994 - Consulting services on the recent Real Estate Market Situation in Moscow presented to the US Urban Institute, Washington DC, Moscow Office.

1993- Consulting services on program "Land Allocation in Russian Cities" presented to the US Urban Institute, Washington DC, Moscow Department.

1993 - Consulting services for PADCO (Planning and Development Collaborative International), Washington DC, - US Aid for Resettlement of Retired officers Program;

1992-1993- Consulting services for Scottish Enterprise and Cairns - CEC International on urban development and investment policies, made for Zelenograd.

Russia’s based  Some Projects

2003-2005 Nizhniy Novgorod City Administration (client) Project co-director. “Economics Development Analysis, Zoning ordinance and City land use”.

2004 Mirnyi Region Administration (Yakutia-Sakha Republic) (client). Project director. Mirnyi city: Zoning ordinance and land use plan.

2002-2003 Niagan City Administration, (client). Project director. Zoning ordinanceand City land use.

2001-2002 Niagan City Administration, (client). Project director. «Social and economical development plan for Niagan city”.

2000-2003 Stock Company “Diamonds Russia - Sakha” (client). Project director.  The General plans of Ikhal and project of town limits.

2001 Khanty - Mansisk City Administration (Khanty – Mansisk Administrative Region), (client). Project director. “The Program and Implementation plan for city culture improving”.

2000 - Nizhnivartovsk City Administration (Khanty – Mansisk Administrative Region), (client). Project director. “The Program and Implementation plan for city culture improving”.

2000 - Gubkinskiy Town Administration (client) Project director. Consulting on the Strategic planning for the town development.

2000 - National Collegium of Appraisers (Client). The Seminar for intrepreners on real estate taxations.

1999-2000- The Foundation of Institute of Urban Economics (Client). Economic and Budget Analysis and Zoning regulation for Khabarovsk City (Team Leader).

1999 - The Government of Yaroslavl Oblast’ (client), Project Director, Technical Assistance for the International Forum “ Development of a Cultural Tourism in Central Russia”.

1998 - The Government of Yaroslavl Oblast’ (client), Project Director, “The Invest Project: “Network of  Small Hotels in Historical Cities of Yaroslavl Oblast”.

1997 - Consulting services for City Administration of Petrozavodsk (Karelia, Russia).

1996 - Consulting services on Academy for Urban Environment, Moscow.

1996 - Stock Company “Rostselmash”, Rostov-on-Don, (client). The Implementation of Control and Management of Real Estate Asset.

1995,1997 - Stock Company “Diamonds Russia - Sakha” (client), Project director. Project for change of Mirniy city boundaries and land taxation.

1993-1994 - Penza City Administration, (client), Project director.  Program of urban land  development and urban land  valuation.

1993-1994- The Urban Institute, Washington DC, USA (client). Project director. "Housing Data Collection and Market Analyzes in Russian Cities". Leader of The Transactions Survey for Tver and Rostov-on-Don.

1993 - Mirnyi City Administration (client) Project director. "Directions of City Development Program".

1992-1993- Kimry and Kaluga City Administrations and Ministry of Culture (clients) Project director. "Conception and Program of City Culture Development".

1991-1993- Zelenograd Region Prefecture (client). Project director. "The Conception and Socioeconomic Construction and Development of the City of Zelenograd"

‘My Entire Two Years of Studying at HSE University Were Very Happy’

Maria Melnikova, a graduate of the HSE Vysokovsky Graduate School of Urbanism Master’s programme inUrban Development and Spatial Planning, has written a book entitled Not Just Prefabs: The German Experience of Working with Mass Housing Neighbourhoods. She describes how Germany investigates and solves problems of housing in the city suburbs. Maria spoke with the HSE News Service about her interest in this topic, what she thinks about urban renewal and what she does in Berlin.

Bishkek 2040 Design Project by HSE Students

HSE students Olga Talovskaya, Aleksandr Ryzhkov, Nadezhda Hort, Alevtina Baynakova  (2013 selection) made a plan for the urban development of Bishkek (the capital of Kirghizia) in 2040. The project was a public competition entry to redesign the city for the 50th anniversary of Kirghiz independence.

Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia: 'Be in love with your country, but also love other cultures'

On November 11, the HSE hosted an open lecture by Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia. He talked about the upcoming international exhibition Expo 2015, which will take place in Milan from May-October next year, and about the transformations underway in Milan as an urban environment. He extended an invitation to HSE to take part in Expo Milano 2015, saying that Milan was 'ready to offer a forum for interesting projects' proposed by leading universities.

A large-scale Moscow with large-scale contradictions

On 17 May the Higher School of Economics held its first joint workshop – the HSE and Research and Design Institute for the General Plan of Moscow: A New Moscow in the Context of Conurbation: Priorities and Development Prospects.

‘I Respect Guerilla Actions’

Ksenia Mokrushina, graduate of the HSE Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs, MA of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), told us about her experience of study, work and teaching in urban planning.

‘The Expansion of The University Sets Some New Limitations And New Development Tasks’

On November 25th the Academic Council of the Higher School of Economics summarized the university’s work over the last year.

Certified Urban Planners will be Trained in Russia

A Graduate School of Urban Studies and Planning has been launched at the HSE. The new department will be the first in Russia to train experts in urban spatial planning.