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HSE Staff Members Receive Acknowledgement Medals

© Mikhail Dmitriev/ HSE University

Following a directive of the Rector, 32 HSE staff members have been awarded Acknowledgement Medals for their professional achievements and devotion to work. The award ceremony was held for the first time at the HSE Cultural Centre on Pokrovsky Boulevard.

HSE Rector Yaroslav Kuzminov, who personally presented the awards, thanked his colleagues. ‘I want to thank you all. It’s surprising to learn that a very young person has been working at the HSE for 10, sometimes 15, or even 20 years. The most important thing is that you not notice the passage of time and not count the days, so that we all feel good at work. It does not matter how old a person is, it is important that he or she is ready to learn new things, grow, and reach new heights.’ The Rector also noted that HSE is distinguished by ‘an atmosphere of academic freedom and academic respect for each other’. He recalled the important objective of the higher education institution. ‘Our country has a very short history of political life, a very short history of civic activity and a very short history of politeness on the streets. The University must compensate for all this, and teach people.’ According to the Rector, the most important thing is that people at the university not impose their ideas on anyone, but only inform them and try to convince them. ‘When you start imposing something without explanation, you turn into an old supervisor. None of us want to be the one, we all want to be young and cool.’

Staff Members Awarded the Acknowledgement Medal for 20 Years of Successful Work

  • Svetlana Barsukova, Professor, Department of Economic Sociology
  • Ilya Voskoboynikov, Leading Research Fellow, Laboratory for Research in Inflation and Growth
  • Tatyana Danilenko, First Category Specialist for Educational and Methodical Work, Undergraduate Programmes Curriculum Support, Faculty of Economic Sciences 
  • Sergey Danilov, Professor, School of General and Interdisciplinary Legal Studies
  • Elena Elkina, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Department of English Language for Social Sciences
  • Olga Kuzina, Professor, Department of Economic Sociology
  • Andrey Subochev, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Staff Members Awarded the Acknowledgement Medal for 15 years of Successful Work

  • Vladimir Zuev, Professor, Department of Trade Policy
  • Aleksandr Kozyrin, Professor, School of Public Law
  • Irina Lesovskaya, Manager, Faculty of Business and Management
  • Nikolay Pakhomov, Driver, Office of Transport Support
  • Yulia Sokolova, Leading Economist, Centre for Fundamental Studies

Staff Members Awarded the Acknowledgement Medal for 10 Years of Successful Work

  • Alexander Alexeev, Head, Training Equipment Unit
  • Anastasia Afanasyeva, Leading Economist, Central Resource Planning Unit
  • Tatyana Gordeeva, Analyst, Office for Building Operation and Maintenance (Pokrovka)
  • Anna Grishina, Deputy Director, Centre for Fundamental Studies
  • Ivan Gruzdev, Director, Internal Monitoring and Student Academic Development
  • Margarita Gurskaya, Deputy Vice Rector
  • Zhanna Zayonchkovskaya, Leading Expert, Centre for Qualitative Social Policy Research
  • Ekaterina Zakharova, Deputy Head, Analytical Unit, Finance and Planning Office 
  • Anastasia Isaeva, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Fundamental and Consulting Personology
  • Olga Klochko, Associate Professor, School of World Economy
  • Ekaterina Klochkova, Head, Finance Planning Unit, Institute for Public Administration and Governance
  • Maria Kozlova, Chief Research Fellow, International Laboratory for Social Integration Research
  • Mikhail Mironyuk, First Deputy Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Evgenia Nesterenko, Deputy Head, Degree Programmes Development Office
  • Evgeny Osin, Associate Professor, School of Psychology
  • Maria Pavlova, Deputy Head, Central Resource Planning Unit
  • Natalia Puchinyan, Head, BookVyshka University Book Shop
  • Viacheslav Sirotin, Professor, Department of Statistics and Data Analysis
  • Elena Titova, Manager, Centre for Leadership and Volunteer Work
  • Tatyana Tsygankova, Teaching and Learning Specialist, Department of Foreign Languages

The next awarding ceremony will be held on February 21, 2020

Photos by Mikhail Dmitriev 

February 12, 2020