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Green Technologies, Festival for School Children and a Reconstructed Play

The winners of the Student Project Contest have been announced

Daniil Prokofyev

On June 4, the finalists of the Spring Student Project Contest defended their projects. This is the second time the presentation has been held remotely. Here, HSE Life gives you a guide to the projects that will be implemented at HSE during 2020.

EcoLab - Green Economy Laboratory

495,456 ROUBLES

This is a joint project between Green HSE and the HSE University. The project focuses on developing a community of residents who share the guiding principles of responsible consumption and waste sorting.

In 2020, communities will be organised at HSE building on Pokrovsky Boulevard and the ‘Pokrovsky Quarter’ school in the Basmanny district of Moscow. The organizers plan to develop an eco-education programme, an eco-poster contest, and a marathon ‘Points for waste sorting’ with the eco-technology centre producing designer eco-souvenirs from recycled resources collected during the marathon, as well as eco-festivals.

TEDxHSESaintPetersburg Conference: Culture of Everything

445,000 ROUBLES

This student project from HSE University in St. Petersburg will take place for the second time.

The conference focuses on the following areas:

  • Culture of thinking;
  • Culture of progress;
  • Culture of place;
  • Market culture.

The following speakers will participate in the 2020 conference: Tatyana Felgenhauer, Yulia Kuleshova, Roman Bakunin, Alexander Afanasiev and others. You can follow the project on Vkontakte and Instagram.

TEDxHSESaintPetersburg was the third winner in the ‘Urban projects’ category, which was added to the contest programme this year. Previously, the EcoLab and Muzvyshka projects were successful in this category.  

Daniil Prokofyev

VI School Festival ‘Smart Little Crow Tournament'

281,000 ROUBLES

This autumn the ‘Smart Little Crow' tournament will be held for the sixth time. ‘Smart Little Crow' is a two-day event that consists of four team disciplines: ‘What? Where? When?’ quizzes, ‘Brain Ring’, ‘Erudite Quartet’, and ‘Media Games’ (non-traditional games with the use of photo, audio and video materials).

The HSE Association of Intellectual Clubs holds three large festivals intended for different audiences each year: ‘Smart Crow’ for adult professional teams, ‘HSE Fest’ for student teams and ‘Smart Little Crow’ for schoolchildren. Following the decision made by the Council of the Student Initiative Support Fund, in 2021 these three projects will be made corporate, with no need to defend them annually in the contest. Moscow HSE Run from Ingroup STS and HSE Outreach trips to orphanages have already received this type of support.

Daniil Prokofyev


300,000 ROUBLES

STorm is an activity for first-year students. The trip organizers, HSE Training School, aim to help first-year students adapt and learn more about HSE university extracurricular life.

Students participate in team building activities, develop projects in various fields including volunteering, event management, tourism and sports, media and creativity. STorm helps participants understand what opportunities for development are available, as well showing that the university is one big family.

Festival of literature and art ‘Blank page’

108,000 ROUBLES

‘Blank page’ is a youth literature and art festival, dedicated to World Book Day.

The festival will help the participants to learn more about both modern and classical literature. Guests will immerse themsleves into the literary and artistic world through discussions, games, masterclasses, and lectures. You can keep up to date with festival news on the social network pages of the festival organizer, ‘PROchtenie’ (PROreading) student organization.

Daniil Prokofyev


52,509 ROUBLES

HSE Run is a cultural and historical quiz that introduces HSE students and applicants to the sights of the city. The project, which has been running for 10 years in Moscow and 2 years in Saint Petersburg keeps on developing, and will now also be held in Nizhny Novgorod for the first time.

Active School

300,000 ROUBLES

Active School is a trip organized for HSE first-year students, who travel to a camp in the Moscow region and spend three busy days there.

The first Active School was held by Ingroup STS in 2001. Since then, the project has undergone many changes. This year is the 20th anniversary of Active School, which presents university extracurricular life to new first-year students.

Daniil Prokofyev

HSE Contemporary Dances Classes

162,000 ROUBLES

The project will help to launch a dance studio at HSE University in St. Petersburg. Modern dance styles such as contemporary and modern will be taught there.

Thanks to this financial support, the organizers of HSE Contemporary Dances Classes hope to create dancewear for classes and costumes for performances at both Russian and international competitions.

Theatre lecture

225,000 ROUBLES

The project was initiated by the Project Laboratory for Studies of Yury Lyubimov’s Work and the Director’s Theatre of the 20th and 21st centuries.

The project will reconstruct the play ‘Save Your Faces’, which is based on the poems of A. Voznesensky. The performance was created by the Taganka Theatre, performed only three times, and then banned. The play will be based on Voznesensky’s poetic text found in the archives. Documents illustrating the claims made by the censoring committee will also be highlighted.

The script of the performance will be based on exclusive archival materials discovered by the project’s laboratory staff, as well as on etude interpretations of Voznesensky’s poems created by HSE students. Darya Denisenko, theatre director and student of Y. P. Lyubimov, will help students to prepare for this performance.

June 05