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The Upcoming Academic Year at HSE University

And the safety measures in place on campus

© Daniil Prokofyev / HSE University

The new regulations outlined in ‘On the Organization of Studies for the 2021/2022 Academic Year’ detail the anti-COVID measures to be implemented in the new academic year.

This information is outdated. On August 17, HSE University Life published updated information on the start of the new academic year.

Existing HSE University safety policies—including social distancing and mask mandate— will continue to apply. On-site classes will be limited to fifty students at a time.

The regulations also include provisions for ‘at-risk’ students, ie those aged 18 and older who have not had COVID in the last six months, have not been vaccinated (with a Russian or foreign vaccine), and do not have a medical exemption from vaccination.

Students in this group may only attend on-site classes in small groups (of no more than 15 people per classroom) for courses that cannot be taught remotely (such as those requiring lab equipment or licensed software). Such students will be offered remote instruction for all other classes, and are not permitted to enter HSE University buildings or venues.

Updated July 13: Students in the 'at-risk' category may attend on-site classes only after providing a negative PCR test taken within the last three days.

The university will be arranging vaccinations for first-year students arriving on campus. This means that students applying to HSE University this summer can come to Moscow and obtain all the necessary vaccination certificates on campus.

Updated July 13: First-year students in the 'at-risk' category may attend on-site classes until September 30, 2021. 

Students under the age of 18 (and therefore unable to get a COVID vaccine) may attend classes as usual. One month before their 18th birthday, they will be sent a reminder about the need to get vaccinated once they are of age.

All first-year students (with or without vaccination certificates) may move into dorms and rental apartments. HSE University will be organizing a vaccination drive in September for students aged 18 and over who are unvaccinated. Younger students will be eligible for vaccination once they turn 18.

I turn 18 after September 1. When do I need to get vaccinated?

Each student decides when they get vaccinated. From October 1, first-year students aged 18 and over who have not provided the university with information about their vaccination or medical exemption will be included in the ‘at-risk’ category and will not be allowed to enter university buildings. Example: a student turns 18 on October 1. They arrange to have their first shot on October 10 and the second on October 31. In this case, the student’s access pass will be blocked from October 1–31 and they may only study remotely. If the student updates their vaccination information in their personal account after receiving the second shot on October 31, they will be able to return to in-person classes at the university from November 1.

Can I use the results of an IgG antibody test taken within the last six months as proof of prior infection?

No, but they can be used to obtain a medical exemption note for a specified period from a regional state clinic. The university accepts official notes issued by state clinics.

Can vaccinated students choose to continue studying online?

Students not included in the ‘at-risk’ category can submit a request for an individual remote-learning curriculum. The final decision will be made by your academic supervisor. Your request may be rejected if it cannot be fulfilled (eg, if you are the only student to request distance learning and all other students are able to study in person). In this case, you can request an exceptional leave of absence, stating the reason why you are unable to continue studying at present. You may return from your leave of absence early if the pandemic situation improves before your leave is over.

Can I take a PCR test at HSE University in order to attend classes that can’t be held online?

Yes, you can take a PCR test at the university for the purposes of attending classes.

Will the timetable change depending on the study format? Is it possible to have an online class and an on-campus class on the same day?

The timetable will change depending on the circumstances of your academic programme. Online and in-person classes may be scheduled for the same day, but with a break of at least two academic hours between them. This will not happen more than once in the same day.

Can students vaccinated with foreign-made vaccines attend in-person classes?

Yes, provided that you upload a scan of your vaccine certificate to your personal account.

Can I upload a scan of a paper vaccine certificate to my account if I don’t have an electronic one? (if vaccinated in a foreign country)

Yes, you can.

Are there any requirements for booster vaccinations? If a student was vaccinated in January 2021, how long can they attend classes without restrictions?

There are currently no requirements for booster vaccinations. The university will announce any amendments to this policy if the situation changes.

Will unvaccinated students still be unable to attend in-person classes if the pandemic situation improves?

HSE University regulations are based on the guidance of the chief medical officer, the Government of Moscow and the local governments of the cities where our other campuses are located. When the pandemic situation improves and new recommendations are issued, the university will re-examine the rules of entry for university buildings. It currently unknown what changes may be made.

July 06, 2021