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Address: Moscow, Usacheva,6
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SPIN-RSCI: 4352-2542
ORCID: 0000-0002-4441-9343
ResearcherID: M-5297-2015
Scopus AuthorID: 56631546700
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B. L. Feigin
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Boris Bychkov

  • Boris Bychkov has been at HSE since 2011.


  • 2008

    Lomonosov Moscow State University, mechanics and mathemtics

  • Doctoral programme
    Higher School of Economics

Awards and Accomplishments

Best Teacher – 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015

Young Faculty Support Program (Group of Young Academic Professionals)
Category "New Researchers" (2016)

Courses (2019/2020)

Courses (2018/2019)

Courses (2017/2018)

Courses (2016/2017)


Simons foundation grant, 2014

RFBR grant 13-01-00383

RFBR grant 12-01-31233


  • 2018
    Центр интегрируемых систем (Ярославль). Presentation: Алгебра для производящих рядов двойных чисел Гурвица
  • Интегрируемые системы и нелинейная динамика (Ярославль). Presentation: Полиномиальные инварианты графов и линейные иерархии
  • 2017
    Quantum information and topological recursion (Москва). Presentation: Degrees of strata of Hurwitz spaces
  • Summer School in Enumerative Geometry (Триест). Presentation: Degrees of strata of Hurwitz spaces
  • Kezenoi-am 2017 (Грозный). Presentation: Quasi-polynomiality of Bousquet-Melou-Schaeffer numbers
  • Several Complex Variables (Красноярск). Presentation: Degrees of strata of Hurwitz spaces
  • 2016

    Classical and quantum integrable systems and supersymmetry (Тянцзинь). Presentation: Degrees of the strata of Hurwitz spaces

  • 2015
    Пятая школа-конференция по алгебраической геометрии и комплексному анализу для молодых математиков России (Коряжма, Архангельская область). Presentation: Степени когомологических классов на стратах дискриминанта пространства Гурвица
  • 2014
    Primitive forms and related subjects (柏市 (Kashiwa)). Presentation: On the number of coverings of the sphere ramified over given points
  • Graduate workshop on Moduli of curves (Stony Brook). Presentation: On the geomtery of decompositionof the cyclic permutation into the product of a given number of permutations
  • 2010
    International Workshop "Classical and quantum integrable systems and supersymmetry" (Тяньцзинь). Presentation: Degrees of the stratum of Hurwitz spaces


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