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Degree Programmes

Education at HSE University

At the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE University), a diverse array of academic programmes is offered, catering to various levels of higher education, including undergraduate (bachelor's), specialist, postgraduate (master's), and doctoral studies. These programmes stand out for their breadth and depth, covering not just the university's renowned socio-economic fields but also extending into the realms of humanities, engineering, and computer sciences. This comprehensive approach ensures a broad and inclusive educational spectrum, meeting the diverse needs and interests of students.

Faculties and Educational Programmes (EPs)

Within the HSE University, students primarily engage with two critical components of their academic journey: their faculty (or corresponding structural division) and their educational programme. The university has formulated Regulations for Faculties, detailing their operational scope and defining their principal objective as “providing high-calibre training for students, postgraduate students, and attendees, alongside the pursuit of scientific research and project work...”. Educational programmes are systematically aligned with specific faculties, with the number of programmes per faculty varying considerably – from just a handful to several dozen, depending on the size and scope of the faculty. The governance and evolution of each educational programme are outlined in the Regulations of the Main Educational Programme (in Russian), ensuring clarity and consistency in the educational process.

Educational Standard, Curriculum, and Learning Pathways

Aligned with Article 11 of the Federal Law "On Education in the Russian Federation," HSE University has pioneered the development of its own educational standards (in Russian), marking a significant stride in academic autonomy and excellence.

Between 2020 and 2022, HSE University rolled out a groundbreaking new set of educational standards, encompassing all tiers of higher education – from bachelor’s degrees to specialist and master's programmes.

These innovative standards provide students with flexibility in shaping their educational journey. Options range from completing single or multiple programmes, blending elements from diverse programmes, to fully customising their learning paths to meet individual aspirations and needs.

Students at HSE University can choose from one of three distinct learning trajectories within each Educational Programme (EP):

  1. A General Trajectory offers a selection of programme elements from an array of choices or a comprehensive suite of compulsory courses that impart deep, fundamental knowledge in the chosen field of study.
  2. An Applied Trajectory, focusing heavily on practical training in collaboration with leading companies, organisations, or HSE University's own structural divisions.
  3. A Research Trajectory, revolving around the development of an individual research project under the guidance of an academic advisor, with affiliation to one of HSE University's postgraduate schools.

Every degree programme at HSE University is designed around these standards, culminating in a curriculum obligatory for all enrolled students. This curriculum strikes a perfect balance between mandatory subjects and a suite of electives, encompassing programme-specific courses, university-wide electives, minors for undergraduates, MAGOLEGO courses in master's programmes, and various online courses. This approach allows students to personalise their educational experience to their preferences and objectives.

Upon successfully completing the prescribed curriculum and the final state certification (FSC), students are awarded a state-standard diploma and an HSE University diploma. If a student undertakes an additional educational programme and clears the corresponding state final assessment, they are eligible for multiple state-standard diplomas. In contrast, students who craft their own educational trajectories are exclusively awarded the HSE University diploma.

Further insights into the learning pathways available in undergraduate programmes, starting from the 2020 enrolment year, can be explored in greater detail here.

EPs' Management

The genesis of an educational programme at HSE University can originate from any university employee or collective. These initiatives undergo a thorough review process as stipulated by the Regulations, and upon successfully clearing all phases, the programme is ratified by the Academic Council of HSE University.

Each higher education programme boasts a dedicated management system, operating on both academic and administrative fronts. The academic helm of the programme is entrusted to the academic supervisor and the programme's academic council, responsible for the development of curricula, methodological frameworks, quality assurance in education, and the selection of coursework and final project themes, among other duties (detailed in Section No. 4 of the Regulations of the Main Educational Programme (in Russian)).

The study office adeptly handles all administrative facets of programme implementation, governed by the Regulations on the Study Offices. Students are encouraged to consult the staff for any organisational queries or support required during their academic tenure.

Information about EPs

Comprehensive information about any of HSE University's degree programmes is readily accessible on their respective websites. Each programme’s website is curated to serve the informational needs of diverse audiences, including prospective students and their parents, current students, and representatives from external organisations overseeing educational activities.

The website for each educational programme features essential sections, such as:

  • "About" – offering in-depth insights about the programme and its collaborative partners to all user groups.
  • "For Prospective Students" – providing crucial enrolment information for applicants, e.g., https://www.hse.ru/en/ba/ami/admission/ 
  • "For Students" – a hub for students to access information related to the educational process and overall student life, including announcements, timetables, ratings, elements of practical training, and the programme’s elective block.
  • "Documents" – a resource where users can review the educational standard and the programme’s curriculum.
  • "Courses" – a section where students can acquaint themselves with the course curricula and the respective instructors.

Additionally, the website lists contact details for the programme's academic supervisor and the Educational Office, who are always ready to address queries and provide guidance related to the programme.


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