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Degree Programmes

Content, development, approval, start-up, presentation, implementation and termination of degree programmes at HSE are governed by the Regulations for Degree Programmes.

Each degree programme  is a set of core educational characteristics, administrative and teaching provisions and assessment methods, as well as assessment and teaching materials. HSE may offer several different degree programmes within one field of study/major. 

Each Degree Programme has

  • separate entrance competition
  • one common level of education and field of study/major
  • a common curriculum and academic calendar
  • an Academic Supervisor and a Programme Office, and sometimes an Academic Council as well.

Types of Degree Programmes:

1.    By level of education 

  • undergraduate programmes 
  • master's programmes    
  • doctoral programmes

2.   By conceptual domain, degree programmes may pertain to one field of study or be interdisciplinary (i.e. cover concepts from adjacent fields of study).

3.   By the start of implementation, degree programmes may be subdivided into new ones (that have no alumni yet) and those that already have alumni.

4.     By compliance with different quality standards:

  • accredited programmes (possess one or several of the following: state, public, or professional and public accreditation),
  • certified programmes (hold certificates of conformity issued by various domestic and/or international professional organisations and certification bodies),
  • programmes that hold internal compliance/quality assurance documents (results of domestic or international independent expert review, reports by supervisory councils, governing boards, etc.).

5.   In terms of the use of e-learning and distance learning technologies degree programmes may be

  • without any e-learning and distance learning technologies,
  • with e-learning and distance learning technologies, 
  • implemented only through e-learning and distance learning technologies.

6.    By place of instruction:

  • Programmes taught at one HSE campus only,
  • Intercampus programmes (taught at two or more HSE campuses simultaneously),
  • Joint programmes (implemented by HSE jointly with other organisations, including foreign ones).

Educational standards for each field of study can be accessed in the Educational Standards section [in Russian]. Degree programmes offered by HSE are listed in the "Education" section, and course syllabuses are in the Course Guide in English (only for English-taught courses) and the Course Guide in Russian (for both Russian and English-taught courses).


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