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Dismissal from HSE University

In what instances may a student be subject to dismissal from HSE University?

A student shall be dismissed from HSE University in the following instances:

  • upon the completion of his/her studies (completion of studies);
  • prior to the completion of his/her studies, as per the following grounds:

Dismissal upon one’s own request, e.g., transfer to another academic institution;

Due to circumstances, which are beyond a student’s or the University’s control, including the following instances:

  •  deportation of an international student;
  •  if a student has been remanded in custody or is serving a sentence in a correctional facility;  
  •  due to other circumstances affecting the student, thus preventing further studies at HSE University.

Upon HSE University’s own initiative:

  • if a disciplinary sanction in the form of dismissal has been imposed on a student;
  • if a student fails to complete a degree programme and the respective curriculum with due diligence (i.e., poor academic performance);
  •  if an agreement for the provision of paid educational services has not been properly fulfilled.

In what instances may a student be dismissed due to his/her failure to complete a degree programme in good faith?

  • if a student simultaneously has three or more failed curriculum elements (e.g., courses, internships, term papers, obligatory projects, research seminars, etc.), following the assignment of final grades for the  two modules of the same semester;
  • if a student has one or two outstanding academic failures after the close of the retake period, or if the student has refused a proposed individual curriculum, which has been specially developed to enable him/her to repeat a course/parts of courses; 
  • if a student has failed to pass Final State Certification (FSC) on time and without valid reasons: if he/she has received an unsatisfactory grade for a state examination or a thesis defence, has not appeared at a state examination without a valid reason, or has not been allowed to progress to the thesis defence stage (if a student has failed to submit a thesis by the set deadline without a valid reason). 

Is HSE University obligated to notify students that a directive for their dismissal is being drawn up?

The University only sends notifications about pending dismissal directives to fee-paying students.  

Can a student be dismissed during sick leave, academic leave, maternity leave or leave to take care of a child until he/she is three years of age?

During such periods, dismissal from HSE University as a disciplinary sanction is not permitted.

Can a student be dismissed during a vacation period?

During vacation periods, students may be dismissed owing to their failure to complete a curriculum in good faith (i.e., poor academic performance).

What is the timeframe for a student’s dismissal on his/her own request?

Students shall be dismissed from HSE University within 10 days after the submission of their applications for dismissal of their own accord. 


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