Sports in Moscow

Whether it’s hot summer or dark winter, Moscow offers plenty of opportunities for sports. Each season has a lot to offer, and many activities are available throughout the year.

See below: winter sports in Moscow; all seasons sports in Moscow.


Every summer, more and more free exercise classes are being held in Moscow’s parks.

Yoga in parks

Every summer, the Yoga Journal organizes free yoga classes in over 20 Moscow parks. If it rains, the classes are held in parks equipped with tents: Vorobievy Gory, Goncharovsky, Fili, Izmailovsky, and Vorontsovsky. If the outdoor temperature falls below 18° C, classes are cancelled.

For the updated schedule, please check the journal’s website (in Russian). To see the exact location of yoga classes in the park, click the link on the park name. Don’t forget to take your mat with you.

Fitness in parks

List of locations

Hermitage Garden

3 Karetny Ryad Ulitsa; 10 mins walk from Pushkinskaya metro station

Free training sessions with resistance bands by RAKAMAKAFIT. Every Sunday, from 1 to 2 pm, on the grass to the left of the central entrance to the garden.

Kuzminki Park

15 mins walk from Kuzminki metro station

Running by Run Is Life school. Dynamic warm-up, correct running techniques, and cooldown. Mondays at 6 pm, on the grass near the skate park. The coach is Elena Glazkova, a world-class athlete in track and field. Register:

Fitness dancing by JeeFox. Mondays and Thursdays at 7 pm, on the main square of the park, near the stage. Plus flexing, energetic music, and healthy eating advice. Register:

Sadovniki Park

58A Andropova Prospekt; 15 mins walk from Kashirskaya metro station

Kundalini yoga practice for beginners. Wednesdays at 10 am, near the main stage. Register:

Severnoye Tushino

56 Svobody Ulitsa; 20 mins walk from Skhodnenskaya metro station

Stretching, Wednesdays at 6.30 pm, near the Bear figure. Instructor Anna Barsukova. Register by phone: 8(926)567-95-65.

Usadba Vorontsovo

3 Vorontsovsky Park; 20 mins walk from Novye Cheremushki metro station

Breathing exercises. Saturdays at noon, near the main stage. Free admission.

Boxing exercises. Saturdays at 10 am, near the workout area on Severnaya Alleya. Free admission.

Track and field. Tuesdays at 8 pm, near the workout area on Severnaya Alleya. Register by phone: 8(495)5802678.

Izmaylovsky Park

10-min walk from Sokolinaya Gora MCC station

Aerobics. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 6 pm; Saturdays and Sundays at 5 pm. Solnechnaya stage, near Chess and Checkers Pavilion. Free admission.

All seasons

The weather in Central Russia can be unpredictable, and during spring and autumn it may be particularly difficult to choose an outdoor sports activity. But one of the advantages of Moscow is that it offers not only plenty of fitness centres (see the list of gyms around HSE Guesthouse Buildings) and indoor swimming pools, but also other interesting indoor activities that combine both sport and entertainment at the same time and are open all year round.

Roller skating rinks

List of roller skating rinks

Roll Hall

The oldest and the most popular indoor roller skating rink in Moscow. Skates for rent, instructors, children’s roller skating school, sports equipment mall, entertainment centre (Q-zar, billiards, bowling, restaurant and bar). The temperature inside is always about 23°C. Square: 1,500 sq.m. One of the advantages of this rink is that the ceiling is very high, so there is a feeling of space inside.

Address: 3 Kholodilny Pereulok, Tulskaya metro station. See on the map

Open: Monday-Friday: midday – 11 pm; Saturday-Sunday and national holidays: 10 am – 11 pm

Prices: Entrance 300 – 400 roubles; skates for hire 340 – 400 roubles per hour

See also: website (in Russian)

Roller Arena

This facility is aimed at more serious roller skaters. It is part of a roller skating school, but open skating is also available. Equipment for tricks: quarter-pipes, double rail, slalom tracks. Trampoline. Square: 1,200 sq.m.

Address: 7 2nd Khoroshevsky Proezd, Building 1A. 15 mins walk from Begovaya metro station. Map (in Russian).

Open: Monday-Friday: 5 pm – 11 pm

Prices: 500 roubles (including the rental price).

See also: website (in Russian)

Rock climbing walls

To practice rock climbing with a rope, you need either an experienced partner or an instructor. If you want to practice alone, choose a bouldering hall, where you don’t need a harness: the walls are not high and the floor is equipped with soft mats.

List of rock climbing centres


The biggest rock climbing centre in Moscow. Height: 13.5 m; length: about 64 m; maximum overhang: 8.5 m. RockTopia – a unique wall based on casts from real rocks in Bulgaria. It looks and feels like natural stone. Bouldering hall. Equipment for rent; instructors; children’s school of rock climbing; changing rooms, showers, equipment shop. For security reasons, oyu may be asked to provide an ID document (passport or a drivers’ license)

Address: 19 Bumazhny Proezd, Building 1. By foot from Savelovskaya metro station. Map.

Open: Monday-Friday 8 am – 10.30 pm; Saturday-Sunday 10 am – 10.30 pm

Prices: entrance 350 – 500 roubles (instructor and equipment not included).

See also: website (in Russian)


Mainly oriented towards bouldering. Surface: over 400 sq.m. Over 50 trails. Equipment for rent; instructors; changing rooms, showers, equipment shop. Moonboard, gym, yoga, stretching, functional training.

Address: 4 Letnikovskaya Ulitsa, Building 2. Paveletskaya metro station. Map.

Open: Monday, Friday 3 pm – 10.45 pm; Tuesday – Thursday 8 am – 10.45 pm; Saturday, Sunday 10 am – 10 pm

Prices: entrance 300 – 420 roubles (instructor and equipment not included).

See also: website (in Russian)


The biggest bouldering hall in Moscow. Surface: 600 sq.m. Gym, changing rooms, showers.

Address: 22 Prospekt Andropova. Kolomenskaya metro station. Map.

Open: Monday-Friday 3 pm – 11 pm; Saturday, Sunday 10 am – 11 pm

Prices: 250 – 400 roubles (instructor and equipment not included).

See also: website (in Russian).


Although the biggest karting centres are open-air, you can capture the feeling of car racing in a few warm and dry venues.

List of karting centres

Forza Karting

Square: 3700 sq.m. Track length: 600 m with a bridge. Digital timing system. Q-zar. Reservation is required: call 7 (495) 580 6356; 7 (495) 640 3302.

Address: 32 Volgogradsky Prospekt, Korpus 4. Volgogradsky Prospekt metro station. Map.

Open: Monday 5 pm – 2 am; Tuesday – Friday 2 pm – 2 am; Saturday, Sunday midday – 2 am (reservation is required; the centre may be closed for corporate events).

Prices: 450 – 1100 roubles per 10 minutes (depending on the day and the type of the kart).

See also: website (in Russian).

Le Mans Karting

Square: 3500 sq.m. Track length: 550 m. Digital timing system. Reservation is required: call +7 (495) 50-50-227.

Address: 54 Molodogvardeiskaya Ulitsa, Building 5. Map.

Open: Monday – Thursday 2 pm – midnight; Friday – Saturday 2 pm – 2 am; Sunday 2 pm – midnight (reservation is required; the centre may be closed for corporate events).

Prices: 550 – 750 roubles per 10 minutes.

See also: website (in Russian).

Silver Rain Karting in Sokolniki

Track length: 450 m. Reservation is required: call +7 (495)728-56-02 .

Address: 5 Mitkovsky Proezd, Building 1. Sokolniki metro station (go through the park). Map.

Open: Monday-Friday 3 pm – 2 am; Saturday-Sunday 11 am – 2 am (reservation is required; the centre may be closed for corporate events).

Prices: 650 – 700 roubles per 10 minutes.

See also: website (in Russian).

Arena GP

Square: 5000 sq.m. Track length: 510 m. Digital timing system. Reservation is required: call +7 (495) 540-57-63.

Address: 10 Bumazhny Proezd, Building 1, 4th floor. Savelovlskaya metro station. Map.

Open: Monday-Thursday 4 pm – midnight; Friday 4 pm – 2 am; Saturday midday – 2 am; Sunday midday – midnight (reservation is required; the centre may be closed for corporate events).

Prices: 600 – 800 roubles per 10 minutes. Mini race: 1400 – 1800 roubles.

See also: website (in Russian).

Indoor skating rinks

Some sports lovers go to indoor skating rinks not only during low season, but even in winter: the weather is always good there, and, since they are located in purpose-built stadiums, the ice is of very good quality.

List of indoor ice skating rinks


Address: 16 Krylatskaya Ulitsa. Krylatskoe metro station. Map.

How to get there: bus 829 from Krylatskoe metro station or bus 229 from Molodezhnaya metro station. Dvorets Ledovogo Sporta stop. 5-7 mins by bus from the metro.

Check the schedule of sessions in advance!

Prices: 400 roubles per session (2 hours). Skates for hire: 300 roubles per session. Deposit of 2000 roubles.

See also: website (in Russian).


Address: 3 Khodynsky Bulvar. Map.

How to get there: bus 84, minibus 18M from Dinamo metro station; or bus 48, minibus 18M from Polezhaevskaya metro station; or minibus 244M from Begovaya metro station. Ledovy Dvorets stop.

Check the schedule of sessions in advance!

Prices: 160 roubles per session. Skates for hire: 150 roubles per hour. Deposit of 2000 roubles.

Vertical wind tunnels

Vertical wind tunnels are an opportunity to safely experience skydiving without actually going up in the sky. The air in the tunnel moves upwards at approximately 195 km/h (120 mph), the speed of a falling human body. The ‘indoor skydiver’ floats in the wind tunnel, replicating the sensations experienced during freefall.

List of vertical wind tunnels


Address: MKAD, 71 km (outer side). Planernaya metro station. How to get there.

Open: Tuesday-Friday 1 pm – midnight; Saturday-Sunday 11 am – midnight

Prices: 2 mins – 2000-2300 roubles; 6 mins – 5300-6000 roubles; 15 mins – 9500-10500 roubles (instructor not included).

See also: website (in English).

Free Zone

This vertical wind tunnel is located outside of the city and can only be accessed by car.

Address: 59 km of Simpheropolskoe shosse (M2 Moscow-Crimea highway, right-hand side, 39 km from Moscow MKAD Ring Road), Chekhovskiy area, Moscow region.

Open: 9 am – 9 pm

Prices: 2 mins – 1400-1700 roubles; 4 mins 2600-3100 roubles; 15 mins 8200 – 10000 roubles (other options are available).

See also: website (in English).

SNEJ.COM is a unique all-season skiing and snowboarding slope located very close to Moscow in Krasnogorsk. The temperature at this facility is always between -5 and -7 °C. Vertical drop: 65 m. Trail length: 365 m. Slope width: 60 m. Changing rooms, equipment hire, shops, cafes, skating rink, fitness centre.

How to get there

Address: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk, 4 Krasnogorsky Bulvar. Map.

How to get there: from Tushinskaya metro station take minibus 856 (7.30 am – 11 pm) or buses 541, 542, 549, 568. From Strogino metro station take minibus 857 (7.30 am – 10.30 pm). Snezhkom bus stop.

Open: 10 am – 12 am daily.

Prices: 30 trips – 750-1250 roubles; 1 hour – 400-600 roubles (equipment and instructors not included).

See also: website (in Russian).


Curling is a relatively new activity in Moscow, but it is gaining popularity. To play you’ll need two teams of four people each. Choose a club, make a reservation, and – ‘sweeeeeeeep’!

List of curling clubs

Moscow Curling Club

Reservation: +7 495 989-64-95 or

Address: 24 Pravdy Ulitsa, Building 2. Entrance from 5th Ulitsa Yamskogo Polya, across the street from Building 9. Belorusskaya or Savelovskaya metro stations. Map on Google.

Open: 10 am – 11 pm daily.

Prices: 9000 roubles per one curling sheet per hour (basic instruction and equipment included).

See also: website (in Russian).

Curling Club

Reservation: + 7 495-343-57-69, + 7 495-399-21-12,

Address: 13 Voronezhskaya Ulitsa. Domodedovskaya or Zyablikovo metro stations. Map.

Open: 10 am – until the last guest

Prices: one curling sheet per hour: Mon-Fri 5000 roubles; Sat-Sun 5990 roubles; instructor 1000 roubles per hour.

See also: website (in Russian).

New League

Reservation: +7 964 580-44-66,

Address: 56 Sushevsky Val, Festivalny Park. Maryina Rosha metro station.

Price: 8000 roubles per one curling sheet per hour (basic instruction and equipment included).

See also: website (in Russian).



Skating rinks

You can skate in Moscow all year round, but the most enjoyable and atmospheric skating rinks are outdoors and open in winter. The ice can be either natural or artificial (this can stay frozen even when the temperature is above zero). Most of them include a changing room, skates for rent, a café with snacks and hot drinks, lighting in the evening, and some music playing. Most of the rinks work in sessions with breaks, during which the ice is renovated. If you want the best and the smoothest ice, come at the beginning of a session. Here is just a small selection of the many skating rinks in Moscow.

As part of COVID prevention policies, visitors to all skating rinks in Moscow must register and/or purchase online tickets in advance. The number of slots in each rink is limited, so we recommend planning your skating beforehand.

List of skating rinks

Red Square (GUM)

A small and crowded rink, but with a perfect location in the very heart of Moscow and a view of the Kremlin. Open from December 1 till March 10, every day, from 10 am till midnight. Capacity: 450 people. Skates for rent available.

Address: Red Square

Price: 600 – 1,100 roubles per session

See detailed schedule of sessions and price list.

Gorky Park

One of the most popular skating rinks in Moscow, every year it becomes bigger and better. This is not just an ice rink – the ice covers large spaces and pathways in Gorky Park, so you can also skate between trees and buildings, on an ice path with a low wooden fence. The rink is especially popular at night, when the ornate lighting in Gorky Park is on. Separate children’s skating rink, skates for rent (the rent is free, only a deposit is needed), hockey pitch. A food court with an open fire to get warm! Artificial ice. If there is a queue at the main entrance to the rink, try another one – there is usually more than one entrance point.

Sessions: 10 am – noon; 1 pm – 3 pm; 5 pm – 8 pm; 9 pm – 11 pm

Address: Gorky Park, central entrance. Park Gorkogo or Oktyabrskaya metro stations.

Price: 300 – 900 roubles

See detailed schedule and price list.


Traditionally, the central area in Sokolniki Park is turned into a skating rink during the winter. The quality of ice could be better, but entrance is free, and if you are looking just to spend a nice time in a winter park, this might be a good choice. Size: about 20,000 sq.m. Skates for rent available.

Address: Sokolniki Park, central entrance, Big Circle. Sokolniki metro station.

Sessions: 10 am – noon; 1 pm – 3 pm; 6 pm – 8 pm; 9 pm – 11 pm

Price: free of charge.

Preliminary registration on is required. More information (in Russian).


The skating rink on VDNKH is one of the most popular spots in Moscow every winter. Its square is about 21,000 sq.m. Skate with a view of the beautiful monumental buildings of Stalinist architecture.

Sessions: 11 am – 3 pm; 5 pm – 11 pm. Entrance time is indicated on the ticket. The entrance number is also indicated on the ticket!

Address: VDNKH, central entrance, the rink is between the two biggest fountains. VDNKH metro station.

Price: 350 – 850 roubles.

Visitors must buy tickets in advance (click on the entrance number and see available time slots).

Hermitage Garden (Sad Ermitazh)

This small rink located in downtown Moscow is traditionally popular among Muscovites. Size: 4,000 sq.m. Capacity: 2,000 people.

Address: 3 Karetny Ryad Ulitsa, building 7. Tverskaya, Pushkinskaya, or Chekhovskaya metro stations.

Price: 150 – 350 roubles.

Visitors must buy tickets in advance.

Yuzhny Polyus in Luzhniki

This skating rink is not as popular as the rinks in the main parks, so it is less crowded. But the ice is good, even though it is natural, and is conveniently located close to a metro station.


Weekdays: 4 pm – 6.30 pm; 7.30 pm – 10 pm. Closed on Mondays.

Weekends and holidays: 1 pm – 3.30 pm; 4.30 pm – 7 pm; 8 pm – 10.30 pm.

Address: Luzhniki sports complex. Vorobievy Gory metro station.

Price: 400 – 600 roubles

Visitors must buy tickets in advance. 

How to get there.

Tagansky Park

One of Moscow's largest skating rinks with artificial ice.

Sessions: 10 am – noon; 1 pm –3 pm; 8 pm – 11 pm; 5 pm – 8 pm; 9 pm – 11 pm.

Price: free of charge. Preliminary registration is required.

How to get there.


Alpine skiing & snowboarding

Although there are no actual mountains in Moscow, or in the Moscow region, many hills are used for alpine skiing and snowboarding. The most popular ones are located in the Moscow region, about 70 km from the city (Volen, Yakhroma, Sorochany). But there are some slopes within the city limits, and they can be reached by metro. All the slopes listed below are equipped with snow making machines and lighting.

List of skiing & snowboarding centres


Conveniently located close to Nagornaya metro station, this alpine skiing facility is one of the biggest, best equipped and most popular in the city. More than ten ski-lifts and trails. Vertical drop: up to 55 m. Trail length: up to 320 m. Skiing school, equipment for rent, changing rooms, café, skating rink, parking lot and a big skiing and snowboarding gear shop available.

Price: 30 – 60 roubles per trip (per lift)

Open: Tues – Sun 9.00 am – 11.00 pm; Mon 2.00 pm – 11.00 pm

Address: 7 Elektrolitny Proezd, Korpus 7 (see the map)

See also: scheme of the complex; website.

Vorobievy Gory

This complex is located in a picturesque area near the Moscow University campus. Vertical drop: up to 45 m. Trail length: up to 230 m. The slopes belong to a ski school and are only partially available to the public. The situation for the 2014/2015 season is not yet clear.

Address: Vorobievy Gory. Take public transport from Oktyabrskaya, Leninsky Prospekt, or Kievskaya metro station, get off at ‘Smotrovaya Ploshadka’ stop on Kosygina Ulitsa. Or go by foot from Vorobievy Gory metro station (take the exit nearest to the front of the train when traveling from the city centre).


The slope is located in Fili Park, on the bank of the Moskva river. Vertical drop: up to 50 m. Trail length: up to 290 m. Two ski-lifts, one baby lift. Attention: this slope is for skiers only; snowboarding is prohibited. Skiing school, changing rooms, parking lot available.

Address: 24 Rublevskoe Shosse, Korpus 5. By foot from Molodezhnaya metro station.

Lata Track in Krylatskoe

The park on Krylatskoe Hills has been traditionally popular among sports lovers. It includes a bicycle track built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics and other sports facilities, such as a rowing canal and an ice skating centre. In winter it also includes a skiing slope. Vertical drop: up to 55 m. Trail length: up to 300 m. 5 ski-lifts. Includes a snowboarding park (hills and ramps), snowboarding school, equipment for rent, and a tubing trail and lift.

Price: 30 – 50 roubles per trip.

Address: 1 Krylatskaya Ulitsa. 15-20 min by foot from Krylatskoe or Molodezhnaya metro stations. Exit to Krylatskie Holmy Ulitsa. Or: Sokol or Oktyabrskoe Pole metro stations, take bus 691 or trolleybus 19, get off at ‘Krylatsky Most’ stop.

See also: scheme of the complex.


An artificially created hill in the south of Moscow. Vertical drop: 40 m. Trail length: 200 m. Two ski-lifts, three trails (including one training trail with a baby lift), a snowboarding park. Skiing school, equipment for rent, cloakroom, café.

Price: 30 – 50 roubles per trip.

Address: Sevastopolsky Prospekt, near Vladenie 66. From Yasenevo metro station take trolleybus 85 or minibus 85, get off at ‘Sportkompleks Uzkoe’ stop (about 45 min from metro).

See also: more information, photos and detailed prices; location on the map.

Burton in Gorky Park

This place is for jibbing snowboarders only. It includes artificial hills, rails and other jibs. Instructors, equipment for rent. Free entrance.

Open: Tue – Fri 11.00 am – 9.30 pm. Service break: 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Sat – Sun 10.00 am – 10.30 pm. Service break: 4.00 – 5.00 pm

More information available on the website.

Tubing& sledding

While in Russia, do as the Russians do! Try sledding down the snow slopes, it’s fun! Use free slopes in many parks, or choose a specially equipped tubing trail with a lift. If you choose the first option, you might want to buy a device for sledding – it may be a simple plastic seat or a big inflatable tyre (‘tube’) – you’ll find a selection in shops selling sports equipment. There are tube rentals near some of the slopes.

List of slopes

Rostokino Aqueduct

An 18th-century aqueduct not far from VDNKH. In winter the big slope next to it is turned into a sledding area. Tubes for rent are usually available.

The area is open. A tube for rent costs 200 roubles an hour.

Address: Proezd Kadomtseva, Vladenie 1, Stroenie 4. See on the map. Take public transport from VDNKH metro station, get off at ‘Akveduk’ stop.

See also: about the aqueduct.

The Gorka

Sokolniki Park is an interesting place to visit regardless of sporting activity. One of the oldest recreational areas in Moscow, it is undergoing a new cycle of development, and every year something new appears there. In 2013 a big artificial slope for snow tubing opened in the park. Vertical drop: 13.5 m. Trail length: 200 m.

Opens in December.

Address: The Gorka, 3rd Luchevoy Prosek. On the left from the Ice Skating Rink (Каток Лёд). Sokolniki Park, central entrance. Sokolniki metro station.

See photos of the place.

Lata Track in Krylatskoe

A tubing trail and lift are part of this skiing and snowboarding centre on Krylatskoe Hills.

Address: 1 Krylatskaya Ulitsa. 15-20 min by foot from Krylatskoe or Molodezhnaya metro stations. Exit to Krylatskie Holmy Ulitsa. Or: Sokol or Oktyabrskoe Pole metro stations, take bus 691 or trolleybus 19, get off at ‘Krylatsky Most’ stop.

See also: scheme of the complex.

Novodevichy Monastery

This is not a specially equipped area, but for centuries it has been used for sledding by Muscovites. The slopes are located between the magnificent Novodevichy Monastery and the pond next to it.

Address: 1 Novodevichy Proezd. By foot from Sportivnaya metro station.


Another historical place that turns into a sledding area every winter. The slope area alongside Moskva river is huge and includes both equipped trails and open free slopes.

Open: daily, 12.00 pm – 7.00 pm

Price for tubing: 150 roubles/30 mins

Address: Kolomenskoe Museum and Nature Reserve, 39 Andropova Prospekt. Moskva river bank. Kolomenskaya metro station.

50-Letia Oktyabrya Park (Парк 50-летия Октября)

This park with a difficult name is located in the South-West of Moscow. In 2013 a special tubing trail was opened there. The structure is a wooden ramp with a slippery coating, which allows using the slope all the year round. Vertical drop: 25 m. Trail length: 100 m. A tube lift is included.

Open: daily 11.00 am – 10.00 pm

Price: 300 roubles/30 mins; 500 roubles/1 hour

Address: 50-Letia Oktyabrya Park, Udaltsova Ulitsa, Prospekt Vernadskogo metro station.



Cross-country skiing

In a city like Moscow, even cross-country skiing is possible and, furthermore, quite popular. You’ll find ski tracks in every park and green area of the city. Both tracks for classical technique and prepared pistes for skating technique are available. Big parks offer skiing equipment for rent at a very reasonable price. Entrance to the pistes is free.

List of pistes

Serebryany Bor

There are many ski tracks in this park. The trail in the wood is rather rugged, so if you want an easier trip, you might want to try skiing on the frozen Moskva River around the Serebryany Bor peninsula. The ice on the river is perfectly horizontal. But only try this option after a sufficient period of consistent sub-zero temperature. Skiing equipment for rent is available.

Address of the ski rental service: close to the building 10 Tamanskaya Ulitsa. Take trolleybus 20, 65, or 86 from Polezhaevskaya metro station. Get off at ‘Serebryany Bor’ stop.

Bitsa Park

Three tracks, 5 km long each, for classical and for skating technique.

Address: Bitsevsky Park metro station. Scheme of the pistes; how to get there.

Bitsa Recreational Area

Tracks: 3, 5, 10, 12.5,15 km. Warm changing room; parking lot; first aid post; ski rental service.

Address: Bitsevsky Park or Yasenevo metro stations. Scheme of the pistes; how to get there; contacts.


Tracks: 3, 5, 7.5, 10 km; 1 km (lighted). Warm changing rooms; skiing gear for rent.

Address: Avangard Stadium, 33 Shosse Entuziastov. Shosse Entuziastov metro station, take bus 214, 237, 702, trolleybus 30, 68, or tram 24, 34, 36, 37, get off at ‘Kinoteatr Slava’ stop. Scheme of the pistes; how to get there.


Track: 5 km, prepared for skating technique.

Address: by foot from Kuzminki metro station. Scheme of the pistes; how to get there.

Fili Park

Amateurs prepare a ski track in Fili Park every winter. You can start anywhere, for example from the central entrance or from the ski rental service.

Address of the ski rental service: 22 Bolshaya Filevskaya Ulitsa, Vl. 13. Bagrationovskaya metro station.


Photos: Maria Nikitina; Olga Podobed; GUM; Roll Hall; Roller Arena; Big Wall; Skalatoria; RockZona; Forza Karting; Le Mans Karting; Silver Rain Karting; Arena GP; FreeZone;; Moscow Culring Club.