Life in Moscow

Things to Do in Moscow:

Used by more than nine million passengers on weekdays, the Moscow metro can be described as busy and overcrowded (especially at rush hours), but a very convenient and fast means of transport. It is so familiar to Moscow dwellers that they can easily forget how marvellous it is.
March 31
Whether you are a history and culture enthusiast or simply curious about the ancient art of Russia, do not miss this opportunity to visit the exhibitions dedicated to the Land of Vladimir and Suzdal and the history of warrior saints in Russian art. These exhibitions will take you on a journey through time from the 9th to the 20th centuries.

March 24
Many people love the circus—it can be magical, joyful, and spectacular. You can see unthinkable things, such as gravity-defying tightrope walkers or tamers kissing a lion unscathed! Almost every big city has its own circus, and Moscow is no exception—its circuses have a long history and are well-known all around the world.
March 17
Let Tsaritsyno Park be your winter spot as this snowy season comes to an end. Here, the hustle and bustle of Moscow give way to silence and calmness, beautiful neo-Gothic buildings, fountains and happy faces.
March 14
On March 7, the HSE Art Gallery hosted the opening of ‘Design Futures: Synesthesia’, an exhibition featuring works by students of product and jewellery design at the HSE Art and Design School. The event runs from March 9–May 7.
March 10
Different and distinct, these two exhibitions represent two fundamental views on life: the scientific and the artistic. You can choose whichever appeals most to you, or visit both for a better understanding of how we understand the world around us.
March 01