Robert Falk at New Tretyakov Gallery

For everyone in snowy Moscow who misses real-life exhibitions, classical art, and sunny landscapes.

Robert Falk at New Tretyakov Gallery

Maria Besova

Robert Falk (1886–1958) is a classic Russian artist, one of the leaders of the Jack of Diamonds avant-garde association, and an iconic figure in the arts of the Thaw period.

The exhibition presents the artist’s entire creative trajectory, from his early impressionist works of 1905–1909 to his works of the 1950s. The exposition features more than 250 graphic and pictorial works.

Falk’s role in the history of the Russian art is special, due to his role as a ‘mediator’ between European and Russian art of 1910s–1920s on the one hand, and his developing non-conformistic ‘Thaw’ art on the other. For many Soviet informal artists, he was the classical artist who mediated their connection with artistic traditions.

In addition to the Tretyakov Gallery, major Moscow and regional museums, museums of Armenia and the Czech Republic, as well as a number of private collections and foundations, participate in the exhibition.

Location: New Tretyakov, Halls 39–42, 10, Krymsky Val

Due to COVID-19 limitations, we recommend buying tickets online in advance!

Open until May 23, 2021.