This Month's Highlight is Art Night in Moscow

Art Night takes place in Moscow and across Russia on November 3–6. This year's events are in honour of National Unity Day. If you haven't decided yet where to go on Art Night, this selection is sure to help you make your choice.

This Month's Highlight is Art Night in Moscow

Please be aware that there may be queues at the most popular museums with free admission (based on previous years' experience).

State Museum of V.V. Mayakovsky

November 4

This museum is dedicated to the diversity of the poet Vladimir Mayakovsky's creative legacy. Visitors can explore the flat on Bolshaya Presnya where the Mayakovsky family lived from August 1913 to May 1915, as well as the Mayakovsky Memorial Apartment in Studenetsky Lane, which has been preserved and inaccessible to visitors for about half a century.

One can visit the room of the poet's mother Alexandra Alekseevna, his sisters Lyudmila and Olga, as well as Vladimir's own room. The purpose of the detailed reconstruction of a residential flat from the second half of the twentieth century is to fully immerse visitors in the authentic atmosphere and tell them about the historical and socio-cultural realities of the Mayakovsky family's life

Address: 6 Studenetsky Pereulok, Block 20

              36 Krasnaya Presnya, Building 1, Block 24

Opening hours: 6 pm – 11 pm

NB: last entry one hour before closing time

Tickets: Free of charge.

Entrance is free. You do not need to register in advance or book tickets online.

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts

November 4

As part of Art Night, entrance to the museum's main building is free of charge. The permanent exhibition in the main building showcases foreign art from various countries and eras, from ancient times to the early 19th century. This is an extensive collection of toned plaster casts of works of antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as well as a collection of original paintings, sculptures, graphics and decorative and applied art.

Address: 12 Volkhonka Ulitsa

Opening hours: 7 pm – 11 pm

Tickets: Free of charge. Tickets are currently sold out, but keep an eye on the website for updates. Tickets can only be purchased via the website.

The State Museum of Oriental Art

November 4

Several guided tours will take place at the Museum of Oriental Art as part of Art Night. Through storytelling and questions, visitors can learn more about the East and see some of the museum's exhibits in a new light.

8:00 pm—creative meeting with Aana Zvereva, curator of the exhibition and People's Artist of Yakutia, in the halls of the ‘The World of a Northern Woman’ exhibition.

8:30 pm—excursion ‘Woman in the Traditional Culture of Japan’ in the halls of the permanent ‘Art of Japan’ exhibition.

7:00 pm—guided tour of the 'Moscow Qurans' exhibition. The exhibition showcases 40 unique copies of the Muslim Holy Book dating from the 10th to 19th centuries from various collections.

Address: 12A Nikitsky Boulevard

Opening hours: 7 pm – 12 am

NB: To participate in the programme, please bring your smartphone and headphones.

Tickets: Free of charge. Advance registration is not required. The QR code for the route will be available at the museum on the day of the event.­­

State Darwin Museum 

November 4

Art Night 2022 offers a unique chance to explore the themes of prehistoric and contemporary art, dive into the 115-year history of the Darwin Museum and see the rarest and most valuable pieces from its collection.

Visitors will learn about the technologies used by primitive artists, the hidden meanings in cave paintings, and how scientists find and unravel ancient images.

The programme includes quizzes (at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm), primitive-style painting workshops, amazing exhibits and special effects video tours (at 6:40 pm, 8:40 pm and 9:40 pm)

Address: 57 Vavilova

Opening hours: 6 pm – 11 pm

Tickets: 100—200 Rub

Tickets can be purchased online on the website (in Russian), or at the museum’s ticket office.

Burganov's House – Moscow State Museum

November 4

Guests of Burganov’s House are invited to take a free guided tour of the museum and the surrounding area. Visitors will see the unique sculptural and architectural ensemble created by Alexander Nikolayevich Burganov from his creative workshop. In addition to sculptures by Burganov, viewers will also have a chance to enjoy his graphic works and their surprising, paradoxical images. The museum exhibition traces Burganov’s entire creative path, from the austere style of realistic Soviet painting to avant-garde surrealism.

Address: 15 Bolshoy Afanasievsky lane, bldg. 9

Opening hours: guided tour starts at 6 pm

Tickets: Free of charge

No registration required

Zaryadye Hall

November 4

Audiences will be able to experience a night-time concert at Zaryadye Hall for the first time.

Conductor Vladimir Fedoseyev, People's Artist of the USSR, and soloists Maxim Perebeinos and Igor Morozov of the Helikon Opera will perform a programme of masterpieces by Russian composers, including Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, Borodin and others.

Address: 6 Varvarka, Bldg. 4

Opening hours: 10 pm

Tickets can be purchased online at the website (in Russian).

State Central Film Museum

  1. Screening of the feature film Nostalgia (directed by Mario Martons, Italy, 2022).

The plot revolves around Felice returning to his native district of Naples after forty years away to remember his youth.

Address: 5/10 Karetnyi Ryad, Bldng. 2

Opening hours: 4 November at 18:30 (Please note that the times vary from one day to the next)

Tickets: 200 RUB

Tickets can be purchased on the website (in Russian) or at the museum.

  1. ‘Secrets of the Film Technician’ guided tour.

On this tour, participants will learn about the main tasks and features of a projectionist’s work, the structure of the cinema and projection room, the different types of film, how to load it into the film projector, and much more.

Address: 119 Prospekt Mira, Pavilion 36.

Opening hours: only 4 November at 2 pm

Tickets: 350 RUB

Text by Irina Zavyalova, first-year master's student at the School of Foreign Languages, intern at the HSE University English website team