Weekend Event Route: Golden Turtle Festival, Diaghilev Exhibition, and Japanese Multimedia Exhibition

To brighten up the first snowy week of the year, we have compiled an event route through some cultural events in Moscow this weekend.

Golden Turtle Festival

Last chance to visit! Open until November 22, 2022

The Golden Turtle Festival is an international wildlife festival and eco-educational project that has been held since 2006.It is now the largest creative international wildlife contest and interactive exhibition.

The Golden Turtle’s key event is the international photography, painting and design competition. In addition to showcasing the world's best wildlife photographers, it hosts lectures and meetings with scientists and travellers.After visiting the exhibition, it is recommended to visit the festival’s ‘Living Space’, which includes classrooms, concert venues, and video installations dedicated to the beauty, fragility and versatility of wildlife. This weekend, there will be screenings of films about wildlife, animals, ecology, master classes and excursions.

Address: Krymsky Val, 10 (Western wing of the New Tretyakov Gallery)

Ticket: 350–450 roubles

Working hours: 10 am–6 pm: Tue, Wed, Sun; 10 am–9 pm: Thu, Fri, Sat.

‘Diaghilev. The Dress Rehearsal’ Exhibition

Open until February 5, 2023

Having shown Russian ballet to the world, Diaghilev became an important figure in the cultural history of the 20th century. To mark the 150th anniversary of this innovator’s birth, the Tretyakov Gallery presents an exhibition of Sergey Diaghilev’s legacy.

Visitors can seesketches, costumes, sets and photographs of Diaghilev's ballet performances, as well as new items donated to the museum's collection in recent years. The Tretyakov Gallery owns one of the most impressive collections related to the front and hidden sides of the Ballets Russes. The new exhibition includes 13 stage costumes created by Alexander Golovin, Leon Bakst, Natalia Goncharova, and Nicholas Roerich, as well as over 200 graphic works, rare archive photos, and files from the Tretyakov Gallery’s manuscript department and Mikhail Larionov’s ballet library. These unique items are being presented to a general audience for the first time.

Address: Krymsky Val, 10 (New Tretyakov Gallery)

Ticket: 350 roubles

Working hours: 10 am–6 pm: Tue, Wed, Sun; 10 am–9 pm: Thu, Fri, Sat.

Multimedia exhibition ‘Art of Japan: From Hokusai to the Present’

Open until December 30, 2022

If you’re interested in Japanese culture, do not miss the new multimedia exhibition ‘Japanese Art: From Hokusai to the Present’, which opened last month at the Artplay Media Digital Art Centre. The exhibition presents large-screen images of masterpieces by Katsushika Hokusai, female portraits by the last ‘ukiyo-e’ artist Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, and landscape engravings by Imao Keinen.

Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), meaning ‘pictures of the changing world’, appeared in Japan in the 17th–19th centuries. They reflect Japanese urban culture with its complex hierarchy, a special language of allegories, allusions, and symbols, its own mythology, a specific spirit of freedom and special aesthetics. Ukiyo-e was a form of engraving that glorified Japanese art in European countries, since it was central to Westerners' perception of Japanese art in the late nineteenth century—especially the landscape paintings of Hokusai and Hiroshige. It brought ‘Japonisme’ into European painting and decorative arts, influencing the Impressionists, Post-Impressionists and Art Nouveau masters. And yet, for most, Japanese art remained a curiosity: the paintings seemed like unfinished sketches, the scrolls looked like wallpaper, and the engravings looked like caricatures. And even today, many aspects of Japanese art are not fully understood by Western audiences.

At the multimedia exhibition in Artplay Media, the traditional genres of Ukiyo-e will come to life in front of the viewers: the landscapes, flowers, birds, and humans.

Address: Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10

Ticket: 550–750 roubles

Working hours: 11 am–9 pm Mon–Thu, Sun; 11 am–10 pm: Fri, Sat.

Text by Lý Trang, second-year master’s student of Critical Media Studies, intern at the HSE University English website team