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Religion in Moscow

As the capital of a large cosmopolitan country, Moscow has accommodated people from different countries and of different religions throughout its history. While Christianity takes a leading place in the religious life of the city, presided over by the Russian Orthodox Church, there has always been a place for other beliefs. There are more than 900 religious organizations, 40 different religious denominations and 150 socio-religious and cultural-religious organizations officially registered in Moscow. Alongside about 500 associations and organisations, 711 churches and 9 monasteries belonging to the Orthodox Church, there are also Catholic and Lutheran churches, Buddhist centres, Mosques and Synagogues. There are also kosher and halal food stores.

Orthodox Churches

Church of St. Catherine the Great Martyr In-the-fields

Official website (In Russian and English): http://www.st-catherine.ru/

60/2 Bolshaya Ordynka Street, Tretyakovskaya Metro station

Services are held in Church Slavonic and English. In addition, it offers Holy Scripture lessons, and English classes. The Church has an extensive library of books and video materials in Russian and English available for parishioners.

Catholic Churches

The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

27/13, Malaya Gruzniskaya Street, Krasnopresnenskaya / Barrikadnaya Metro station. Phone: +7(499) 252 39 11

Official website (in Russian): http://www.catedra.ru

Built in the Gothic style, this cathedral is one of the most well-known in Moscow, and has one of the largest church organs in Russia. Religious services are held in Russian and Polish, and on weekends also in Latin, French, English and Spanish.

This catherdral offers concerts of organ, brass and classic music. For more information: http://artbene.ru/


The church in honor of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected for more than twenty years: from 1899 to 1911. It was conceived as a branch of the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul: by the end of the XIX century. In Moscow there were already about thirty thousand Catholics, and there were not enough churches. The grand opening of the church took place on December 21, 1911.

In 1938, the temple was closed, its facade was disfigured and the organ destroyed. The priest of the temple was shot, after he tried to challenge the government's decision.

In 1990, the priest Tadeusz Pikus held the first mass on the steps of the temple. A year later the temple was officially handed over to the parish. The restoration of the temple began, and on December 12, 1999 it was solemnly consecrated - from this moment the church received the status of a cathedral.

In 2005, in the cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, an organ appeared again - a gift from Basel's Lutheran Cathedral.

Worship services

In Polish: on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays - at 18:00, on Sundays - at 8:30

In Ukrainian (Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Rite): on Sundays at 10:00 (in the chapel next to the cathedral)

In Korean: on Sundays at 10:00 (in the chapel in the crypt)

In French and English: on Sundays at 12:15 (in the chapel in the crypt)

In Spanish: on Sundays at 2:30 pm

 In English: on Sundays at 15:00 (in the chapel in the crypt)

In Armenian (Liturgy of the Armenian Rite): on Sundays at 15:30

In Latin: according to the new form of the Roman rite, adopted at the Second Vatican Council in 1962 (Novus Ordo), on Saturdays at 18:00; on the extraordinary, or pre-reform form of the Roman rite on the second and fourth Sundays of the month, at 17:00 (in the chapel in the crypt)

The Church of Saint Louis of France (la Paroisse Saint Louis des Français à Moscou)

12A, Malaya Lubyanka Street, Lubyanka / Kitay-Gorod Metro station. Tel: +7 (495) 625 46 65

Official website (in French, Russian, and English): http://eglise.ru/

This is the other of the two catholic churches in Moscow. The parish was founded in 1789, and provides services in French, English, Italian, Vietnamese and Latin. The Cathedral holds the Liturgical Committee, liturgy of the Word for children, and African chants.


The day after the capture of the Bastille, July 15, 1789, French vice-consul Conder de Boss appealed to Catherine II for permission to build a French church in Moscow. Construction stretched for several decades - mainly because there was not enough money. But on November 24, 1835 the church was solemnly consecrated in the presence of all the important persons of the city.

After the revolution, the divine services in the church of St. Louis did not stop. Masses were still conducted here, but they were carried out under strict supervision first by the Cheka, and then by the KGB, whose headquarters were located in the neighborhood.

In 1991 the church was returned to the French Catholic Church.

Worship services

In French: on Wednesdays at 8:00 and at 20:30 (worship of the Holy Gifts), on Saturdays at 18:00, on Sundays at 10:30

In English: on Sundays at 9:30

In Italian: on Sundays at 1:30 pm

In Lithuanian: on Sundays at 17:00

In Vietnamese: on Sundays at 19:30

In Latin: on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays at 8:00

The Catholic Church of Saint Olga

6 Kirova Proezd, Lyublino Metro station. Tel: (495) 351 64 13


By 2000, the two existing Catholic churches were not enough, and it was decided to found the third temple, the place for which was chosen not in the center, but on the outskirts of Moscow. In 2003, the parish of St. Olga was given a building of the Palace of Culture, which was converted to the needs of the church. Work in the temple is still ongoing, but in parallel, it accepts the faithful.

Parishioners of the temple are Russian, Byelorussians, Ukrainians, Poles, Spaniards, Italians, etc.

Worship services

Only in Russian: on weekdays at 19:00, on Saturdays at 8:30, on Sundays - at 11:30 and at 18:30

Lutheran Churches

Evangelical-Lutheran Stt. Peter-and-Paul's Cathedral

7/10 Starosadsky per., Kitay-Gorod Metro Station. Tel .: +7 (495) 628-53-36

Official website (in Russian, English, and German): http://www.lutherancathedral.ru/

Services are held in Russian and German, and in French in the chapel near the cathedral. There are special services for children. The Cathedral also holds organ music concerts on Sundays.


In 1817, the community bought the Lopukhins' estate near Pokrovka Street in Kosmodamiansky Lane (since 1922 - Starosadsky Lane). June 15, 1818 in the presence of the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm III, the Church of Sts. Peter and Paul. With the money of the King of Prussia, as well as the Emperor Alexander I, who granted a loan of 40,000 rubles, of which the community needed only 33,000 rubles to pay, the reconstruction of the house bought for the church, the erection of the dome and the cross began.

Worship services

In Russian: Thursday (in the chapel) at 19.00, Sunday at 11.30

In French: Sunday at 14:00

Evangelical-Lutheran church of the Sacred Trinity

7 Nalichnaya Street, Elektrozavodskaya, Aviamotornaya Metro station

Located at Vvedenskoe cemetery.

Anglican church

St. Andrew’s Anglican Church

8 Voznesenskiy per., Pushkinskaya/Tverskaya, Arbatskaya Metro stations. Tel.:+7 (495) 629 9889

Official website (in English): http://mpcrussia.org/

Moscow Protestant Chaplaincy is an international, multidenominational Christian church which has been serving the English-speaking community of Moscow since 1962. Worship services are held on Sundays in English. There is also MPC Social Services – a non-religious charity working in close cooperation with International Women’s Club of Moscow, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), German Embassy Charity Committee. It offers a number of various programmes including a Parish Centre, Medical Advice Centre, and Children’s Education Club. For more information visit http://mpcss.org/


The history of the Anglican community in Moscow begins in 1553, when Tsar Ivan the Terrible allowed British merchants to conduct worship services in accordance with their religion.

The first Anglican church appeared on January 13, 1885, when a solemn divine service took place, at which Bishop Jonathan Titcomb, who had arrived from London, officially consecrated the church in honor of St. Andrew the patron saint of Scotland, since the Scots were the overwhelming majority in the English community in Moscow.

During the Soviet Union, the church housed the recording studio Melodia, which was engaged in the recording and production of records - the acoustics of the church hall was appreciated, all the leading musicians were recorded there.

Only after the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Moscow in 1994, Russian President Boris Yeltsin returned the church building to the Anglican community.

Worship services

Only in English: Sunday one at 8.30 and one at 11:00


Moscow Choral Synagogue

12 Bolshoy Spasogolinischevsky per., Kitay-Gorod Metro station

Official website (in Russian and English): http://centralsynagogue.ru/?lang=en

The Synagogue is the oldest in Moscow, has been operating since 1887, and nowadays is the centre of Jewish community life, housing the Chief rabbi of Russia, and the Rabbinical Court of the CIS and Baltic states. Beside Sabbath services it offers Mikvah, a Sofer centre, and a Kashrut department. It works with Jewish schools in Moscow, providing education in Hebrew and English; Torah centres. There is also a kosher store and a restaurant, ‘Rimon’.

Synagogue in Maryina Roscha

5 A 2nd Vysheslavtsev per., Maryina Roscha Metro station

Official website (in Russian): http://www.mjcc.ru/

This is located in the building of the Moscow Jewish Community Centre, which also houses the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS, and the Chief Rabbinate of Russia. It has an extensive library, an art gallery, a concert hall, clubs, and the kosher restaurant ‘Shtatl’.

Synagogue on Bolshaya Bronnaya

6 build. 3, Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, Tverskaya Metro station

Official website (in Russian): www.bronnaya.ru

Nowadays this synagogue is a religious centre, with not only religious services, but also lessons for men and women, and a children’s Sabbath school. There is also a kosher store and café, and a museum with an extensive exhibition on the history of Moscow Jewry.

Synagogue in Otradnoe

16B Signalnyy pr-d, Otradnoe, Vladykino Metro stations

This is a part of the Religious and educational complex of 3 religions in Otradnoe. It holds daily services, and Torah lessons. There is a library, a kosher store and a café.

The Memory Synagogue

53 Kutuzovskiy pr-t, Park Pobedy Metro station

This is a unique memorial to the victims of the Holocaust in Victory Park.


The Cathedral Mosque

7 Vypolzov per., Prospekt Mira Metro station

Official website (in Russian): http://www.mihrab.ru/

Built in 1904, this is the largest and one of the oldest mosques in Moscow, which has recently been reconstructed. It is the symbol of the Moscow Muslim community, and also houses the Council of Muftis.

Historical Moscow Mosque

28 build. 1,2, Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street, Novokusnetskaya Metro station

Official website (in Russian): http://manar.ru/

This is the oldest functioning mosque in Moscow, founded in the early 19th century. The Mosque also offers Islamic basics, and an Arabic language courses; there is a library and a halal store.

Moscow Memorial Mosque

2-B Minskaya Street, Poklonnaya Hill, Park Pobedy Metro station

This Mosque was built in memory of the Muslims who died during the Great Patriotic War. Facilities include auxiliary and utility premises, imams' rooms and study classes, located under the prayer hall of the Mosque.

Yardyam Mosque

8 Khachaturyana Street, Otradnoe Metro station

Official website: http://www.rom-yardyam.ru/

This Mosque is part of the Religious and educational complex in Otradnoe. It holds daily services, sermons on Fridays, and provides lessons of Arabic and Tatar languages, the Quran, the basics of Islam and history. The Mosque also houses a Charity Fund for the Tatar Spiritual Heritage Development "Khilyal", and there is a halal café and store.

Buddhist Temple

Moscow’s two Buddhist temples, symbolizing Russia’s religious diversity and promoting friendly interconfessional and interethnic relations, are expected to be built by 2017. A memorial temple to commemorate Buddhist soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War will be erected on Poklonnaya Gora. Its foundation was laid in November 2014. The other temple will be built in Otradnoe, with a meditation hall, library and cinema as well as a five-metre Buddha statue. The temple will offer its visitors Tibetan medicine and acupuncture treatment.

Currently there is a Tibetan Culture and Information Centre in Moscow.

The official website (in Russian) is http://www.savetibet.ru/ This is the official representation of H.H. the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan Government-in-Exile based in Dharamsala, which was opened in Moscow in 1993 and registered by the Department of Justice of Russian Federation. It offers lectures and classes on Buddhist philosophy and the Tibetan language, provides cultural exchange, and arranges concerts, festivals and meetings of Tibetan culture.

Kosher food stores

Beside kosher food stores located at or near Moscow’s Synagogues, there are also the following stores:

Pardes store

19 build. 9, Obraztsova Street, Maryina Roscha Metro station

Located close to the International Jewish Community of Moscow.

Elyon , kosher store at Ramensky Meat Plant

18 Oktyabrskaya Street, Maryina Roscha Metro Station

Pardes Store on Facebook

Supervised by the Chief Rabbinate’s Department of Kashrut,

Fermer Bazar

15 build. 1, Tsvetnoy bul., Tsvetnoy Bulvar Metro station, Tsvetnoy Shopping Centre, 5th floor

Kosher Gurme store

15 Novosuschevskaya Street,

Kosher Gurme on Facebook

Kosher food, Gizunt company

Website (in Russian and Hebrew): http://gizunt.ru/

Kosher restaurants and cafes

Jerusalem restaurant

6 Bolshaya Bronnaya Street,

On the top floor of Bolshaya Bronnaya Synagogue.

Jerusalem Restaurant on Facebook

Alef café

11 build. 1A, Obraztsova Street, Maryina Roscha Metro station, at the Jewish Museum & Tolerance Center

Kosher dairy restaurant.

Halal stores


 7 Vypolzov per., Prospekt Mira Metro station



3 build. 2 Gospitalny val., Elektrozavodskaya, Semyonovskaya Metro station



29/49 Orekhovyy bulvar, Domodedovskaya, Krasnogvardeyskaya Metro station


Poleznyy Domik

25-27 Bolshaya Tatarskaya Street, Novokuznetskaya Metro station


Halal restaurants and cafes

Kazan restaurant

9B Sugnalnyy pr-d, Vladykino Metro station


Miradj restaurant

33 Budennogo pr-t., Semenovskaya Metro station


Azyk restaurant

7 Vypolzov per., Prospekt Mira Metro station, near the Cathedral Mosque

Saltenas café chain

12 build. 2, Entuziastov shosse, Aviamotornaya Metro station, Gorod TC

2 Kievskogo vokzala pl., Kievskaya Metro station, Evropeyskiy TEC

8B Krasnopresnenskaya nab., Delovoy Tsentr, Vystavochnaya Metro stations, Afimall City TEC

Tajj Mahal restaurant

6/2 Arbat Street, Arbatskaya Metro station

2 Novoslobodskaya Street, Novoslobodskaya Metro station