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Neuroeconomics Group

Group Leader - Vasily Klucharev


Our international team investigates the brain mechanisms of decision making, social influence and persuasive communication. We study neural mechanism of valuation, risk taking, cognitive dissonance and social aspects of decision making.

Our group particularly focuses on neurobiological mechanisms of social influence. People are exposed to hundreds of persuasive messages per day in one form or another: from TV commercials to scientific publications. Social influence on our decisions has been a focus of extensive psychological research but has been nearly ignored by neuroscience. Understanding the neuronal mechanisms of effective social influence will help to uncover mechanisms of decision making in various social contexts. 
We investigate a broad range of fundamental and applied  problems in decision making and social influence, including neuroscience of persuasion, cognitive dissonance, neuronal plasticity caused by economic outcomes, neurobiology of trust and risk taking, neuroscience of temporal discounting and neuro-law in collaboration with Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives Ecole Normale SupérieureCenter for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience, Aarhus University and Moscow MEG Centre.


Key personnel 

Senior Staff 
Vasily Klucharev, PhD 

Group Leader 
Head of the School of Psychology (Faculty of Social Sciences,  HSE)
Anna Shestakova, PhDPrincipal Investigator
Director of the Centre for Cognition & Decision Making
PhD students 
Marco Colosio, MScResearch project: "Disrupting the pMFC through cathodal tDCS to reduce postdecisional spread of alternatives" and "Methodological studies of  control conditions for the Free Choice paradigm in the framework of the Cognitive Dissonance investigation."
Zachary Yaple, MScResearch project: Neural mechanisms of risking-taking: EEG study.
Mario Martinez-Saito, MScResearch project: Neurobiological mechanisms of collective decisions
Alexey Gorin, MScResearch project: Neurodynamics of Decision-Making
Oksana Zinchenko, MscResearch project: Neurobiological mechanisms of social punishment
Egor LevchenkoMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Andrey KislovMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Maria NikonovaMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Anush RevazyanMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Elena RyibinaMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Mohammad FarschiMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Kiril BurenkovMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Vitaliy KluchnikovMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Polina DerrMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Daria KolotilovaMaster's Program "Cognitive sciences and technologies"
Ivan DutovBachelor Student
Olga SaveloBachelor Student


Representative international publications

  1. Hytonen, K.A., Baltussen, G., Assem, M.J. van den, Klucharev, V.A., Sanfey, A.G. & Smidts, A. (2014). Path Dependence in Risky Choice: Affective and Deliberative Processes in Brain and Behavior. Journal of Economic Behaviorand Organization (Accepted for publication).
  2. Shestakova A., Rieskamp J., Tugin S., Ossadtchi, Krutitskaya J. and Klucharev V. Electrophysiological precursors of social conformity.  Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci. 2013 Oct;8(7):756-63. doi: 10.1093/scan/nss064. Epub 2012 Jun 7.
  3. Klucharev, V., Munneke, M.A., Smidts, A., and Fernandez, G. (2011). Downregulation of the posterior medial frontal cortex prevents social conformity. J Neurosci 31, 11934-11940.
  4. Klucharev, V., Hytonen, K., Rijpkema, M., Smidts, A., and Fernandez, G. (2009). Reinforcement learning signal predicts social conformity. Neuron 61, 140-151.
  5. Klucharev, V., Smidts, A., and Fernandez, G. (2008). Brain mechanisms of persuasion: how 'expert power' modulates memory and attitudes. Soc Cogn Affect Neurosci 3, 353–366.

Representative publications in Russian

  1. Ключарев В.А., Зубарев В.П., Шестакова А.Н. (2014) Нейробиологические механизмы социального влияния. Экспериментальная психология. Принята к публикации в 2014
  2. Ключарев В.А., Шмидс А., Шестакова А.Н. (2011) Нейроэкономика: нейробиология принятия решений. Экспериментальная психология. 2011. №2. – C. 14-35 


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