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  • Extracurricular Activities for Sсhool Students in Cities and Towns: the Role of the Socio-economic Status of the Family

Educational Programme
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Mariia Strelnikova
Extracurricular Activities for Sсhool Students in Cities and Towns: the Role of the Socio-economic Status of the Family
(Bachelor’s programme)
The topic of my work is Extracurricular Activities for School Students in Cities and Towns: the Role of the Socio-economic Status of the Family. Even though the topic of extracurricular activities is developed thanks to both foreign and domestic researchers, the influence of the territory on the use of socio-economic status, in the context of the choice of extracurricular activities, is a topic that develops.

The purpose of this work is to answer the question: can the environment set the framework for the choice of extracurricular activities for children from families of different socio-economic status? To study this question, I am going to test several hypotheses. One of the main ideas of which is that resources and opportunities in different localities mediate strategies for choosing out-of-class activities in families with the same SES. For example, it is interesting to look at how families with low SES will behave in a wide variety of leisure activities and vice versa, in very limited conditions. Will they be equally involved in leisure, choose the same number of occupations, will the competitive environment of large cities force families with low SES to act differently? So, I tried to answer these questions.

This work is structured as follows: the first part is a literary analysis, which describes the main theories and concepts of SES in the context of education and extracurricular activities and examines research on the possibilities of different territories. The empirical part of the study, which describes the research methods, and then, the analysis of the data itself by constructing regressions, conducting statistical tests, etc. The results of the analysis confirm the idea that cities and towns set the framework for the choice of classes, that the role of socio-economic status in the choice of children's extra-curricular activities becomes different among the same status. The resources and infrastructure of different cities influence how families within one SES level will have their own resources. Another observation was that the effects of GPA in different cities may vary. Moreover, the growth of the average assessment in different cities can depend not only on the SES, but also on the “net” effects of the lessons themselves.

The volume of this work is 75 pages, considering the title page, introduction and applications. The total number of tables in the work is 18, illustrations - 14. The number of literary sources - 51.

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