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University Mascot

Since 1996, HSE’s official mascot has been the crow. The first illustration was created by artist Anna Arenstein and over the years many different designs have been introduced. You can find the crow on HSE souvenirs and awards and sometimes even in the streets of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Saint Petersburg, or Perm.

Annual Ceremonies

HSE University has its own traditions and annual events, which allow everyone to enjoy the University’s atmosphere and spirit, despite the fact they are held predominantly in Russian.


Since 2013, HSE University has held themed graduation parties at different venues around Moscow. From caps and gowns to speeches and concerts, it is a classic graduation ceremony that is followed by a massive party for all graduates.

HSE Graduation Parties

The HSE Day

The first HSE Day was held in September 2012 to celebrate HSE University’s twentieth anniversary. Held in Moscow’s iconic Gorky Park, the annual event marks the beginning of the academic year and combines Freshman Day with an alumni reunion and faculty open houses. While the specific programme changes every year, HSE Day introduces new students and guests to the university through music, sports, lectures, seminars, games, and competitions. HSE University students and faculty are actively involved in organizing the event and many activities are led in English. Over the years, HSE Day has become a tradition not only for members of the university but also from the greater Moscow community.

Golden HSE

HSE’s main prize was first awarded in 2001. The prize categories have changed over the years but always recognize the best teachers, researchers, and graduates, as well as people who have made significant contributions to the university’s development. Winners are determined by a vote of a jury and receive a golden crow statuette.

Usually, the Prize is awarded in the following categories:

  • University Teaching Successawarded to HSE lecturers for outstanding teaching achievements, exciting lectures and seminars, useful courses and comprehensible textbooks, an attentive and objective attitude towards students, as well as actively supporting colleagues in boosting the quality of teaching at the University
  • Achievement in Researchawarded to teachers, research associates, and postgraduate students of HSE and its branches for outstanding research findings obtained through their work at the University
  • Alumni Successawarded to HSE alumni for outstanding achievements in research and teaching, as well as for developing successful careers in community work, public administration or business
  • Contribution to the Development of HSEawarded to HSE employees whose work has resulted in improvements to the University’s reputation, as well as its visible development
  • Golden Personawarded to administrative staff at HSE study offices and other subdivisions for their initiative, friendly interactions with colleagues and students, and active sharing of experience among the University’s staff
  • Best Expert: awarded to HSE researchers for expert analysis and publications, which have sparked major public interest or promoted serious changes in public, municipal, or corporate policies
  • School Teaching Success: awarded to teachers of the HSE Lyceum and cross-school HSE Lyceum for outstanding success in teaching, using innovative teaching techniques, and creativity in teaching
  • Silver Nestlingawarded to current HSE students, doctoral students and schoolchildren of the HSE Lyceum and lyceum classes for outstanding achievements in studies and research, interesting papers, a proactive attitude, and achievements in self-development

HSE University Honour Awards

In late 2010, new university awards were introduced for HSE University staff members who had made outstanding contributions to the development of education, research, organization, infrastructure, reputation and international relations at the Higher School of Economics.  Applications to award a Gold Honour Award and Honour Award 1st and 2nd Class can be initiated by HSE University administration; by academic councils of faculties, campuses, and departments (except for campuses and faculties and their departments); by student assemblies representing a faculty or a particular class year, by the HSE Student Chamber, and by student councils of an HSE faculty or campus. The final decision on awards is taken by the HSE Academic Council following a vote of its members.

Iron Egg

What came first, the chicken or the egg? In the spirit of this eternal question, since 2004, HSE University has awarded prizes for the best student projects and achievements in different areas, including sports, charity, and volunteer work.

HSE Alumni Awards

Since 2007, the HSE University Alumni Association has awarded prizes for outstanding achievements in different professional spheres. All members of the HSE community – students, alumni, and staff – can vote for candidates on the HSE Family website.

There are several categories of HSE Alumni Awards:

  • Public Service:awarded for achievements in public service
  • Corporate Business:awarded for achievements at corporations and major companies
  • Fourth Estate:awarded for achievements in media communications and public relations
  • Private Business:awarded to founders and owners of private businesses
  • Philanthropy:awarded for significant contributions to the development of charity and social impact projects
  • Beautiful Debut:awarded to young alumni (within 5 years of graduation) who have made outstanding achievements in any of the categories above