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About the program

The Master's program "World Economy" is based on an understanding of the main trends, problems and prospects of the world economy and is designed to provide systematic knowledge about the nature of the development of the world economy as an interconnected system of interacting national economies, international organizations and transnational structures in the world arena.

The program combines the tasks of in-depth fundamental education, the development of research skills and the formation of competencies required for highly qualified employees of government and commercial structures: leaders and analysts in the field of international financial markets, experts in assessing the impact of the digital revolution and scientific and technological changes on economic growth, specialists in the field of subsoil management and regulation of energy markets, as well as researchers and teachers in the field of the world economy and international economic relations.

For each specialization, in addition to training in compulsory, adaptation and special (including optional) disciplines, research seminars are organized that combine the accumulation of expert and analytical skills with the educational process and the development of practical tools.

Classes are held in the evening, beginning at 16:40 and 18:10 (UTC/GMT+3)

Students of the master’s program “World Economy” can choose one of three areas of specialization

“International finance”

“Digital economy and technological megatrends”

“World energy sector”

Employment of graduates

Russian and international energy and oil and gas companies and their subsidiaries:

1. LUKOIL Overseas

2. "SIBUR"

3. Tatneft

4. Gazprom

5. Gazprom Neft

6. Gazprom VNIIGAZ


Non-profit organizations (foundations, councils, chambers of commerce, etc.)

1. State structures, ministries and departments related to the organization and regulation of foreign economic activity, regulation of nature and subsoil use: The Ministry of Finance of Russia;

2. Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia

3. Ministry of Energy of Russia, etc.


Structural divisions of local self-government bodies

1. Analytical and consulting centers

2. Research structures