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8(910) 459-9330
Address: Shabolovka, 26 suite 5216
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L. S. Zasimova
O. A. Zamulin
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Oxana P. Budjko

  • Oxana P. Budjko has been at HSE since 2014.



Moscow Institute of Radiotechnology, Electronics and Automation

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania: 

The CFO: Becoming a Strategic Partner program, 2011

JSTOR Celebration & Training Workshop: 

Two Day Seminar, Moscow, Russia, 2004

American Institute of Business and Economics (AIBEc, Moscow):

Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, 2001

The International Affairs Network, International Management Development InstituteGraduate School of Public and International Affairs, University of Pittsburg: 

Grant Proposal Writing and Development Strategy Workshop, Prague, Czech Republic, 1995

Moscow Institute of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automaton (Moscow State Technical University):  

English Language Scientific and Technical Translation Degree, 1987

Photo Exhibition Opens at Shabolovka Campus

Twelve photographs of Moscow landmarks and skyline made in summer by the faculty of eocnomic sciences intern from Hong Kong Johnson Chow Chun Shing are on display at Shabolvoka. Participants of the Autumn School "Modern trends in decision theory" were invited to gala opening and were the first guests of the exhibition. The Faculty of Economic Sciences' Dean, Oleg Zamulin welcomed the guests, and, together with the International Laboratory of Decision Choice and Analysis Head Professor  F.T.Aleskerov cut the ribbon to open the exhibition

Hong Kong Student Recalls His First Month in Moscow

In early June, Johnson Chun Shing Chow, a native of Hong Kong, arrived in Moscow to study Russian, complete an internship and learn more about Russian culture. Prior to arriving, he envisioned the city as the heart of Russia, filled with Soviet-era memories like the Kremlin, monuments and military museums. Although he had studied Russian culture and language for some time, his initial few weeks did prove to be an adjustment.

HSE University Welcomes Delegation from National Economics University, Hanoi

On July 2 — 3, HSE University hosted a delegation from the National Economics University (Hanoi, Vietnam) in Moscow and St. Petersburg. HSE and NEU signed a  cooperation agreement, which covers a range of areas, including the development of academic exchange programmes for students and staff, joint research projects, as well as joint cultural and recruiting events.

‘Everything Was New and Amazing Here in Russia’

A group of 37 students from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology visited HSE’s Faculty of Economic Sciences in January 2018. The visit was part of a study trip to Russia organized by HKUST Global Business Program. The students visited Dobrolyubov Public Library, New Economic School, SKOLKOVO School of Management, as well as offices of Novartis Pharma, Yandex, and Moscow Stock Exchange. At HSE they met with Russian and international students who told them about the university and introduced them to Russian culture and traditions, dispelling some of the most popular myths about Russia.

International Admission 2018

Starting from 15 November international students can apply online to study at HSE and Faculty of Economic Sciences. Deadline for full scholarship application is February 28, 2018

Demand for Russian Language Classes Grows

Fifteen American students have come to HSE to study Russian as a foreign language as part of ‘USA in Russia’ study abroad programme developed by the University of South Alabama in partnership with HSE since 2014. Every other year, Nicholas Gossett, Assistant Professor of Russian and Applied Linguistics, brings a group of students to Moscow to study the Russian language as well as attend lectures and seminars on Russian culture, history, business, and other subjects. The goal is for students to not only improve their knowledge of the Russian language but to also make life-long connections in Russia which will help them in the academic, professional, and personal life.