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Address: 11 Pokrovsky Bulvar, Pokrovka Complex, room T507
I. Ivashkovskaya
S. E. Pekarski
G. Makarova
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Ekaterina Krivtsova

  • Ekaterina Krivtsova has been at HSE University since 2019.


  • Organizing the educational process in the master's degree programmes of Corporate Finance and Master of Business Analytics
  • Forming the directives on the study process in SED
  • Coordinating the final state certification of alumni
  • Preparing the diploma-drafts
  • Maintaining of the data base

  • Maintaining a schedule

  • Document flow support
  • Monitoring the students' ongoing assessment, the academic failure's elimination
  • Educational agreement's support


  • 2005

    Russian State University for the Humanities

  • 1995

    University of California

Continuing education / Professional retraining / Internships / Study abroad experience

2016 - 2018 Russian State university of the Humanities, Institute of History and Archives / Universitet Nicholas Copernicus University UMK (Torun, Poland)

Master's programme «Historical Comparative and Transitology: Russia - Poland».

Courses and trainings:

2010 - "Automated curriculum development system as part of the educational standard." - Moscow State Industrial University

2019 - "Entrepreneurial thinking and support for student entrepreneurial projects." - National Research University Higher School of Economics

Employment history

August 2018 – May 2019
Moscow Institute of Technology (MIT) – Moscow Open Institute of Technology) mti.edu.ru /
Leading specialist of the Distance Learning Department.
• Recording of webinars, editing of webinars.
• Contractual work (webinar providers, teachers).
• Teacher training, control of grading for participation in webinars for students in the SDO (distance learning system).
•Support of webinars on projects: MIT-Lingvo and MIT-Cisco.

November 2016 – March 2017
Lecture's producing "Nikolskaya, 15".
Participation in the launch of the lecture hall and bookstore project at the Historical and Archival Institute of RSUH. The first phase of the project has been implemented.

September 2013 — March 2016
Directorate of Educational Programs in the field of culture and Art
(under the Department of Culture of Moscow) www.dopcult.com http://metodcabinet.ru
Specialist of the educational department
• Contractual work with students of advanced training courses
• Organization of the material and technical side of the course
• Attracting teachers to the course in accordance with the approved concept
• Support of courses (for musicians, teachers of musical disciplines, administration of art schools)
• Participation in the festival projects of the Directorate
• Coordination of public lectures

May 2009 — August 2012
Moscow Business School mbschool.ru
Webinar Project Manager
1. 2009-2010 Organization of the "webinars" direction.
• Search and training of teachers in webinar broadcasting skills, working together with them to adapt their material to online specifics
• Formation of the webinar schedule: definition of webinar topics. Rotation of webinars for different time zones.
• Organization of webinars for the sales department. Support of official webinars.
• Webinar support (moderation), definition of standards for recording and editing webinars. Archiving of webinars.
Results: by April 2010, the number of webinars was 80 webinars per month, on average 5-6 per day, compared with 5 webinars per month in June 2009.
Increasing student loyalty, attracting new clients to MBA programs.
2. 2010-2011. Development of webinars for the needs of each of the MBS training departments.
•Formation of a schedule of webinars for the tasks of the MBA-live project. (The project is closed).
• Conducting webinar conferences and "webinar marathons".
1 subordinate employee.
3. 2011-2012. Development of a new line of webinars in the disciplines of MIT (Moscow Institute of Technology).
• Teacher training, control of grading for participation in webinars for students in the SDO (distance learning system).
•Support of webinars on projects: MIT-Lingvo and MIT-Cisco.
• Recording of webinars, editing of webinars.
• Contractual work (webinar providers, teachers).
2 subordinate employees.
For more information about the specifics of the work, follow the link: http://webinarism.ru/?p=614

February 2007 — March 2009
Private Consulting Group
Leading Career and Professional Development Consultant
http://www.vip-career.ru /
• Consulting on career determination, optimization of job search. Developing relationships with regular customers, monitoring the effectiveness of consultations.
• Recruitment: closing vacancies in the direction of "marketing", "FMCG sales".
Achievements: Clients in the present are employees of companies: PricewaterhouseCoopers, KPMG, CB RosEvroBank, GC Vannbok, GC Cheryomushki, NewOne Production, GC Legprommarket, etc.
November 2006 — February 2007
Wacky Bear Factory (Moscow) — Retail
HR consultant
Retail Network Development Project (toys)
• Search for sales staff.
• Training of employees in sales standards, standards for children's parties. During the specified period, two stores were opened. The project is currently closed.

August 2006 — November 2006
CJSC "Pharmacies 36,6" (Moscow)
Training Manager
Retail chain, division: Moscow and Moscow region
• Conducting trainings for new employees "Quality of service (Sales stages)".
• Participation in the pharmacy staff certification project (~650 pharmacies), data processing.
• Experience working with job descriptions.

June 2005 — August 2006
CJSC "Professional Audit Consultations" (Moscow)
Psychologist of the Management Consulting Department
www.profaudit.ru :Audit, consulting. Outsourcing of HR services, Conducting trainings
• Assistant business coach during internal and external trainings
• Other functions: recruitment for the company and the company's clients.
• Participation in HR outsourcing projects. Execution of personnel records management operations.

December 2003 — June 2005
State School No.199 Psychologist