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Master of Business Analytics
Master’s Programme

Master of Business Analytics

2 years
eLearning programme
832 000 –
1 280 000 ​RUB for the entire period of study
Instruction in English
Video by Academic Director

About Master of Business Analytics programme

Our Master of Business Analytics programme is among the first in the world to offer to the global audience cutting-edge concepts and methods of business analytics and strategic reporting that are aligned with the new principles of regenerative economy and finance, inclusive capitalism and enhanced value creation for financial and non-financial stakeholders.

The programme offers new competencies that employers all over the world seek to compete in knowledge economy and to achieve the sustainability goals of countries and business in uncertain times such as these.

We offer two applied specializations (subject to student’s choice)

Value based business analytics
You will dive into the new field of business analysis through incorporating non-financial capitals into valuation and modeling long term stakeholder’s value creation, value-based budgeting and metrics for company and internal divisions, integrated risk management policies and compliance with stakeholder’s value creation goals.
Strategic business reporting and assurance
You will gain proficiency in preparation of financial and non-financial statements for companies, internal divisions and boards of directors; value reporting, ESG reporting, integrated reporting, audit and internal control, as well as assurance of non-financial data.

Benefits of pursuing a Master of Business Analytics

  • Online format and advanced Coursera platform
  • Project-based approach to real life cases
  • Live Virtual Labs with international experts of World Intellectual Capital Network, Integrated reporting associations, global ESG experts
  • Curriculum designed in collaboration with professional associations: AICPA-CIMA, ACCA
  • Business experts from global consultancy companies, investment banks and industry experts (i.e., PWC, Goldman Sachs, Lincoln International).

This programme will be a good fit for you, if you are:

At early stage of the career in finance and accounting

Looking for re-skilling, promotion and/or switching career track

Life-long learner (full/part time)

An interview with Professor Irina Ivashkovskaya

Head of the School of Finance at HSE and Academic Supervisor of the Master of Business Analytics program for Coursera Blog



Interwies with industry experts Ilya Ivaninskiy (Partner in BCG) and Maksim Lapin (CFO in Moscow exchange)

How does the Master of Business Analytics programme prepare you to be a leader in finance?

The programme provides students with:
  • new framework to identify the strategies for value creation for financial and multiple non-financial stakeholders
  • a new evidence in measuring the value of knowledge intensive businesses and intellectual capital (human capital, clients or relational capital, and organizational capital)
  • new methods to achieve connectivity between non-financial capitals and future financial performance
  • new methods for achieving connectivity between non-financial capitals, their effectiveness, and future financial performance
  • new tools and best practices in integrated thinking in managerial decisions and strategic oversight of boards of directors
  • a new methodology for company’s risk management and value-based compliance
  • a new evidence in auditing strategies and assurance of non-financial reports

Graduates will be prepared for careers in:

Business analytics for financial management

Business analytics for value-based compliance

Business analytics for strategic consulting

Accounting and reporting (financial and non-financial)

Our off-line graduates from Degree programmes in Finance are employed by the following companies

International companies

Russian companies


We offer you core courses to build sound background in finance and accounting and their applications and applied specializations with 5-6 electives, 2 applied research projects based on real-world problems under supervision by industry experts and Virtual Labs with international experts. You will have access to global databases (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ, Van Dijk) and to world-wide finance and accounting journals and books for developing your solutions to cases, projects and course assignments.

Core Courses

Elective courses

Virtual Labs

During your studies

Lectures are pre-recorded (accessible at your own pace)

Seminars are live (held regularly in the form of webinars weekly)

Virtual Labs and project workshops with global industry experts

Access to the international databases (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Capital IQ, Van Dijk) and e-library resources

24/7 assistance

Be supported by our team, assistants and instructors. Use the networks developed by the HSE School of Finance throughout the world. Interact with fellow students from diverse backgrounds through course discussion forums and social networks.

We hold online open houses, webinars, and admissions consultations

Sign up for announcements of our events so you won't miss a thing.

Admissions Criteria

Bachelor degree

(in different areas of studies)


Portfolio may include (but not limited to) following achievements:
  • motivational letter
  • any evidence of English proficiency (HSE exam is available);
  • certificate of completion relevant online courses;
  • professional certificates (or progress) issued by ACCA, CIMA, AICPA;
  • documentation of honours earned during your undergraduate studies;
  • authored publications, including those in related fields based on past experience;

for more details, please click here

For more information on enrollment, visit the How to Apply page.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Depending on your citizenship, we will offer you 20-35% scholarships to waive your tuition fee. It will be equal to 256 000 RUB per year (under 20 %) or 448 000 RUB (under 35 %). To check your eligibility and enquire for more details, please, contact us via email: mbanalytics@hse.ru.

Important Dates

  • Application


    *for international applicants is now open and due by August 15, 2022
    *for Russian applicants will starts on February 1 and due by August 19, 2022

  • Contract Signing


    August 28, 2022

  • Education Starts


    September 1, 2022

  • Getting a Diploma


    July, 2024

Programme Experts

Irina Ivashkovskaya

Professor, Head of the School of finance, Head of Corporate Finance Research Center, Academic Director of Master of Business Analytics, National representative of Russia at European Academy of Management Board

Anna Vysotskaya

PhD, Associate professor, School of Finance, Executive Director of Master of Business Analytics, National representative of Russia at European Accounting Association

Pavel Malyshev

PhD, Associate professor at School of Finance, expertise in financial markets, asset pricing

Sergey A. Kuzubov

PhD, Аssociate professor at School of Finance, expertise in financial and non-financial reporting

Svetlana Grigorieva

PhD, associate рrofessor at School of Finance, expertise in valuation

Elena Y. Makeeva

PhD, Associate Professor, Vice-Head of the School of Finance, business expertise in treasury management in medium scale companies

Oksana Soboleva

Senior Lecturer, School of Finance, business expertise in LUKOIL Overseas accounting department

Ivan I. Rodionov

Professor, School of Finance, former member and chair of the Board of directors in large scale Russian companies, business expertise in venture capital and digital start-ups

Yury Dranev

PhD, Associate Professor, School of Finance, Leading Research Fellow, Head of Quantitative Modelling Unit, Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge, HSE University

Business experts

Stefano Zambon

Professor of Accounting and Business Economics, Ferrara University (Italy); Secretary General for WICI Italy/OIBR Foundation

Guler Aras

Professor of Finance and Accounting, Yildiz Technical University, (Istanbul); Founding Chair, Integrated Reporting Network Turkey; Founding Director of YTU Center for Finance, Governance and Sustainability

Laura Girella

Senior Technical and Research Manager, International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) and Researcher in Business Economics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia

Maksim Lapin

CFO, Moscow exchange

Nataliya Serdyukova

PhD, leading specialist in LUKOIL Oil Company

Elena Dubovitskaya

PhD, director of the Corporate Governance Center in PricewaterhouseCoopers

Artem Anilov

PhD, School of Finance, business expertise in investment policies, LUKOIL Oil Company (senior manager)

Dmitry Tikhomirov

PhD, associate professor at School of Finance, senior managing director in VEB.RF

Sergei Grishunin

PhD, Senior lecturer at School of Finance, managing director in National Rating Agency

Ilya Partin

PhD, Investment director, Brayne family office

Ilya Silaev

Head of digital, investing company BKS

Pavel Lvutin

MSc., CFA, Manager, Financial Consulting Department at IBS

Ilya Shumov

Executive Director in the CIB division of Russian Agricultural Bank (RosselkhozBank)

Olga Ivantsova

Investor Relations chief officer at Rostelecom


What kind of career guidance and support will I receive in the programme?

Who is in the programme’s professional network?

Can I apply to the programme if I am not sure my GPA meets the requirements?

Can I try some of the courses before applying?

Are the classes live or there are self-paced courses with recorded video-lectures?

Does this degree diploma somehow differ from the on-campus degrees that your students follow? Will there be any mentioning of Coursera or e-learning on the diploma document?

What is the learning model?